Guess this makes it official

If the great Stephen Glover of the Daily Wail says so, then it must be so.  Four days after this blog highlighted a low profile and barely noticed story in the finance pages of the Failygraph that referenced the myth of public spending cuts, the Great Glover has weighed in.

Of course it would be churlish to criticise him for being only four days behind, after all he is very important and busy and highly paid and says he has been saying this for months.  So perhaps we should point to the fact this blog, in the slipstream of the excellent Richard North at EU Referendum, was exploding the myth of public spending cuts as far back as October 2010.

It’s nice someone in the media has noticed and used their powerful pulpit to preach the ‘news’.  But it would be better if they were using their time and vast resources to explode these myths first instead of trailing in the wake of the far less important and resource-free blogs.  At least Glover offers some value by reminding his readers to ignore the BBC and Labour.  That is always sound advice.

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  1. 2 Edward. 19/05/2012 at 1:50 pm

    Smoke and mirrors AM, there was little to no chance of ever making real cuts by this sad coagulation.
    With the BoE stabbing savers in the back and helping the profligate, with banks protecting 100’s of 000s of zombie business loans/mortgages [how bad is it really?] banks still holding ‘other’ billions in liabilities. BoE, using the ‘we don’t know what it does but we think we like it” QE – which basically supports our casino banks, all of it taxpayer liability and – “too big to fail” yet again.

    Osborne, is sitting on his hands [hoping for the best] and inflating the deficit away. I think, it is a good job the bond markets have the EZ to concentrate on, for, if they turned their attention to Britain – we’d be in serious trouble and then boy George would have to cut the overspending. We’re living some sort of charmed life at the minute, but many are hurting and the omens are black, we need severe retrenchment and now but all we get is ‘noise’ from Dave. Oh the irony – Dave, the adolescent know nothing ‘Eurosceptic’ proselytising the EU on; ‘get your act together and “form an economic union!” I wonder what the German taxpayers think of that?

    All the time, the EU bleeds us dry – if it were not for British funding, the EU would shudder and the Germans would have to dig deep [therefore the pressure is always on the British treasury] – it [the EU] is the millstone we must remove – it is all one way – we pay more and then they order us to pay more. Then Dave tells us that – “we’re better off in the EU” – anti logic or stupidity – you choose.
    The EU is simply put: a re-distribution network from wealthier nations to poorer states. Now, it’s time to cut the channel umbilical cord, let the Germans pay if they love the EU so much, we’ve had enough, time for the Western Soviet to bite the dust.

  2. 3 Jonathan Stuart-Brown 19/05/2012 at 4:13 pm

    We need to help the government see where they can make real cuts and also where they should not.
    They should not cut 20% of frontline police in most parts of the UK (which they are) while increasing the numbers in Whitehall/Westminster/West London.
    They should now axe the ASA completely. It clearly has so little real vital work (compared to the police) that it has time to persecute Cranmer.
    The ASA has a most detailed website, and search facility. Best of success though if you seek to find its annual budget of public money. This is NOT well advertised.
    Please do -literally- pray for Cranmer who has had a very rough week.
    Please lobby to axe the ASA, long since infiltrated to serve a different agenda to the one its fine founders intended, because it might make other oppressive infiltrated quangos about persecuting and bullying even very mild free speech and very moderate political debate.

  3. 4 john in cheshire 21/05/2012 at 4:59 pm

    Good on you for highlighting this. But, of course, for those who wanted to know, it has been clear since 2010 that we are not reducing our deficit, and we are therefore not reducing our debt. I really want to believe that the conservative party are working towards a sensible solution to our problems, but in my heart of hearts, I don’t think they are. If you really wanted to solve the problem, you’d do the hard things as soon as you assumed power; stop borrowing, stop spending and raise interest rates. Sack half of the civil and public servants, abolish final salary pensions for our servants, when we can’t afford them for ourselves. Let banks go under, bring recalcitrant politicians to justice for what they have done; privatise the bbc; begin to withdraw from the EU. But the coalition did none of these things. It’s just business as usual. And therefore, when the onslaught occurs, I’ll have no symmpathy for any of them. They can all swing in the breeze.

  4. 5 Moggsy 22/05/2012 at 7:20 am

    I noticed there have been blogs touching on this and related aspects for ages. How come the MSM is so far behind?

    I figure they could be cutting edge if they just checked out a few blogs, double checked the facts and reported on the same stuff. What are they getting paid for?

  5. 6 james higham 25/05/2012 at 7:34 pm

    Yes, it’s been getting a bit of a run around the sphere – says a lot about the Tories in their iDave form.

  6. 7 Lynne 09/06/2012 at 9:57 am

    Congrats on the new addition to the Mind family. Let’s hope he takes after his dad. :D

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