The incompetence of Justine Greening

20121003-132824.jpgWith the late night announcement that the West Coast Mainline franchise award to First Group will be scrapped, the tender process re-run and the hard pressed taxpayer will needlessly fork over at least £40m to the companies who previously bid to refund their bid costs, there seems too little focus on the Minister who approved the flawed acceptance of the First Group bid, Justine Greening.

Greening was the Minister who described the process as ‘robust’ and readied the Department of Transport to defend its decision in court against Virgin. Yet now she has been shunted over to International Development to fritter away billions of pounds of faux largesse overseas, hardly anyone in the media is aggressively taking her to task for her role in the incompetent shambles that took place on her watch.

The fact the problems came to light only when the DoT were preparing their case for court shows the absence of proper scrutiny before the award to First Group was made.

Now while some people may argue it would be unfair to tag Greening rather than the drne civil servants reporting to her for these appalling errors of accounting, it is worth adding some more recent context.

Having taken her seat at International Development, Greening announced she was launching a root and branch audit of the department’s spending on consultants. When questioned about this by the media she stated that she is an accountant by trade and this is the approach she always takes.

That being the case, where was her forensic analysis of the accepted First Group bid before she signed off on the tender? Perhaps what we saw was more of the closed mind decision making that marked her nonsensical support of HS2 and rejection of urgently needed runway capacity at Heathrow.

If this is any indication of Greening’s credentials then God alone knows what rings will be run around her in the forthcoming audit by the mandarins whose sole mission in life is sending our money overseas to alleviate supposed poverty, such as India’s need to maintain a space programme.

Perhaps in the Conservative portion of the government being a Cameron loyalist is more important than having any sense or ability.


7 Responses to “The incompetence of Justine Greening”

  1. 1 John Payne 03/10/2012 at 4:36 pm

    This is a prime example of politician’s incompetence in running the Country they are all talk. David Cameron’s judgement is certainly in question when one looks back since he has been in office. From his friends at news international, his appointment of Andy Coulson, Andrew Mitchell MP swearing at police, Andrew Lansley who has turned the NHS upside down. Cameron not only appointed them but defended their position. By the time we have another election Cameron will have destroyed Great Britain’s institutions and the Conservative Party.

  2. 2 GoodnightVienna (@CallingEngland) 03/10/2012 at 5:39 pm

    JP, above, says that Cameron, his Ministers and Conservative MPs are incompetent and he has a point. What I feel is that they are ALL totally incompetent – from those who say, ‘I’m against the EU and have been for the past thirty-five years’ to those who say, ‘It wasn’t me; it’s the fault of the last Minister’.

    The sad fact is that they are all worthless shills. I’ve seen enough in my lifetime to persuade me that what we have now is not a democracy: the system is corrupted. As for Greening, she couldn’t run the local Bunnykins Creche.

  3. 3 Conspiracy Thierry 03/10/2012 at 6:04 pm

    The MSM are not saying anything about Greening, hoping she will spill the beans about Mitchells antics at the overseas givaway dept.

  4. 4 james higham 03/10/2012 at 7:31 pm

    Another parachutee.

  5. 5 sadbutmadlad 03/10/2012 at 8:59 pm

    SRoC has some insight into why tendering and bidding for government contracts is usually bad.

  6. 6 Furor Teutonicus 03/10/2012 at 10:30 pm

    XX forthcoming audit by the mandarins XX

    So. Anyone think they will find the couple of million paid into party funds by one of the bidders, to get the Government to “rethink”?

  7. 7 PeterMG 05/10/2012 at 12:31 pm

    This incompetent behaviour will continue until a mechanism can be found that holds those who make these mistakes to account. If you run a small business and over stretch in a foolish way your business fails and you end up in court. If you run a large corporate they give you lots of money to retire or go away and make it conditional on keeping quiet. Oh and often it our money they give away Its called Crony Capitalism. Our civil service needs to be held accountable just as any worker in the private sector is.

    Politicians must be made to answer questions of a technical nature correctly. I have questioned the wisdom of electrifying the Great West route, that I use every day. I don’t see a single benefit that we will get out of this waste of money given that it will only cover a third of the routes. A more stupid project you could never think of. Yet all the rail romantics are there to support it and as it is not tearing up any more countryside it gets very little publicity.

    And nor does rail tracks loss of 450 million of tax payers money playing the market in derivatives. Why do they need to borrow in anything other than pounds???? perhaps if you listen to this chap you will understand how people justify doing these things but it still does not make it right. And why does a mere 40 million get more publicity than 10 times that amount.

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