The problem with having taken a leave of absence from the blog is catching up on stories that are days old and presenting them as timely.

No matter, this little weather related story that emerged last week is worth covering nearly a week on. It comes in a blog post by our good friends down at the Met Office, reporting average temperatures across the UK in September were 0.7C below the 30-year average.

Of course, it’s weather not climate. However it goes without saying that if this was an increase of 0.7C it would have been a lead item on BBC News and in the Guardian, and cited worldwide as another indicator of the forthcoming thermogeddon. If I blinked and missed it then I take it back.  But, being a fall in temperature, it seems to have been relegated to being a one sentence footnote swept smoothly to the margins as the focus is put firmly on there having been more rain and more sunshine. The message is clear, nothing to see here… move along.

The provisional figures for the whole of September are in and, overall, the UK received 112.4mm of rain which is 117% of the long-term average. The wettest period of the month fell between the 23rd and 26th but with a very dry start to the month, the UK ended up 29th wettest in the national record that goes back to 1910.

The UK was also a little sunnier than usual, with 144.2 hours of sunshine, making it the 10th sunniest September on record. Meanwhile, the average temperature was 11.9°C which is 0.7°C below the 30-year average.


2 Responses to “Scorchio!”

  1. 1 martinbrumby 07/10/2012 at 10:00 am

    Come on, AM!

    You know perfectly well that cold is an infallible proof of cAGW!

    Just like wet / dry / floods / drought / fog / clear skies / windy / calm / dark / daytime / bright / dull / tsunamis / volcanoes / hurricanes / tornados / earthquakes / a bit nippy this morning / (and even – very occasionally) Phew! Wattascorcher!

    This is post normal science, you know!

    (Glad you are back in production!)

  2. 2 Jim 07/10/2012 at 10:51 am

    Keep up at the back! Its Climate Change now!

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