How the Nobel Peace Prize was stolen by EU’s colleague

For a construct that has stolen power from 27 countries, a mere matter of stealing a Nobel Peace Prize is a very minor affair.

So writes friend of this blog, Richard North on EU Referendum.  For in looking closer at the events surrounding the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU, it is now coming to light that underhand methods were used by the prize committee chairman, Thorbjørn Jagland, to force through the EU as the recipient of the award.  Jagland, as we explained previously, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe – and a fully committed and paid member of the cabal whose aim is to ensure EU governance over Europe.

The totally impartial and completely agenda-free Chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee who decided the EU should win the 2012 prize

Jagland, it transpires, called the committee to vote on the award only when one of its members who was firmly against such an idea – Ågot Valle, former deputy leader of the “No to EU” campaign – was on sick leave.  The rationale being the committee is supposed to make every effort to achieve unanimity so as to avoid controversy.

Previous attempts to deliver this award to the EU have failed despite repeated nominations by the EUphiles, who were desperate to have some form of endorsement of their uttlery misleading rewrite of historical fact that the EU was responsible for peace and democracy across Europe since World War II.  There is no irony in the fact the EU could only have the award delivered by their ‘colleague’ by way of the kind of anti-democratic and underhand manoeuverings which characterises the construct.  North goes on to put further context around the background to this award:

Thus in a country where 80 percent of ordinary people are against the EU, we find a committee where everybody is in favour of the EU.

If ever there was anything that typified the chasm of a disconnect between the establishment and the people, and the depth of the contempt shown for the people, this is it.  Unsurprising therefore that the overwhelming reaction to this self-given award has been scorn, mockery and anger.  This has resulted in a ‘shitstorm’ that has EU cheerleaders desperately lashing out and in pathetic pre-pubescent rage describing the EU as ‘Europe’ to suggest opposition to the stateless supreme government is opposition to a whole continent.

4 Responses to “How the Nobel Peace Prize was stolen by EU’s colleague”

  1. 1 EU Hypocrisy 14/10/2012 at 10:56 am

    Norway hails EU Nobel win but won’t join bloc

    “The Nobel Committee’s choice of the European Union for this year’s prize for its role in securing six decades of peace and stability in Europe may come as a surprise to many since it comes at a time when the bloc is wracked by the deep eurocrisis.

    But it is especially controversial in Norway, which has rejected membership in the union in two referendums, in 1972 and 1994, and where more than three quarters of the population are currently opposed to joining, according to recent polls.

    Both the ruling centre-left and the opposition right are divided on the matter.”

  2. 2 EU Hypocrisy 14/10/2012 at 10:57 am

  3. 3 officialaccountabilityCharlotte Peters Rock 14/10/2012 at 12:16 pm

    It is interesting – but very depressing – to see that The Union of Overt Corrupted States (UOCS).. seems to be taking over where the previous Socialist Republic, next door, collapsed under its own weight. And it is indulging in brain-grab from Sweden

    Of course, those who swim about in the gravy of UOCS, having researched their history, probably realise that their own gravy-swimming will flourish.. and it is probably only after their long, corrupt lifetime that any collapse is likely.. since everything they do is done so slowly.

    So they laud each other, and dish out ‘smarty’ medals and ‘rubbish’ awards, much as this government dishes out increasingly worthless medals to increasingly worthless people who happen to have climbed the greasy pole.

    Those who do any good in the community are really better off turning down any award, so they are not lumped in with such people as this.

    Alfred Nobel – after whom this award is named – made dynamite.

    What a pity he is not still with us. I believe he might have something to say.

  4. 4 Brian H 17/10/2012 at 11:53 am

    Every time the cabal attempts to give itself legitimacy by co-opting some historically respected institution, all it achieves is to immediately degrade that institution to its own level, rendering the hoped for boost null and void.

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