Sadiq Khan MP and a lesson in historical ignorance

From the Daily Wail

A left-wing MP has claimed that new immigrants know more about the nation’s heritage than many Britons.

Labour justice spokesman Sadiq Khan said that it  ‘frustrated’ him to see newcomers obliged to sit citizenship tests when many people ‘know b***** all’ about British history.

Mr Khan, the son of Pakistani immigrants and MP for Tooting in South London, said he met many people who have gone through the citizenship ceremony who  feel ‘so excited and enthused’.

But he added: ‘Then I’ll be canvassing in my area and there’ll be people who have lived in the same home for three or four or five generations who know b***** all about our country, about our heritage.

‘It frustrates me that you’ve got new citizens who have an obligation to learn about our country but we aren’t doing enough to make sure everyone shares that knowledge.’

It is hypocritical of Khan to protest in this way.  For many years Khan and his socialist ilk have strived to demonise the history of this country and teach only a slanted and pejorative version of our past.  They have consistently cited our imperial and colonialist history as something of which this country should be ashamed and therefore should be swept under the carpet – denying younsgters the chance to learn with balance some of the positives of what we also contributed to the world in those days.

The socialist airbrushing of our past has been reflected in the history syllabus in state schools as the focus switched from teaching historic facts about our country and its place in the world to indoctrinating youngsters with the kind of marxist nonsense spewed forth by the likes of the arch-apologist for communist inspired genocide, Eric Hobsbawm.

19 Responses to “Sadiq Khan MP and a lesson in historical ignorance”

  1. 1 maureen gannon 27/10/2012 at 8:36 pm

    An obnoxious little man, as you said it was his goverment that has deprived the indigenous people of this country their history, it was they that roduced the dubming down of our educational system , words fail me ….

  2. 2 Brian H 28/10/2012 at 12:41 am

    Indeed they do! Hell, you even spelled “dumbing” as “dubming”. What has eddimication come to?


  3. 3 Paul 28/10/2012 at 2:19 am

    The only things the ‘citizenship’ test to which he alludes asks of immigrants are related to what benefits are available and ….. immigration. With the inevitable question about Islam. I failed and am more British than he will ever be.

  4. 4 maureen gannon 28/10/2012 at 4:43 am

    Sorry Brian . type in speed mode when angry lolol ,
    Believe me I am old enough to have seen this once green and pleasant land turned into a regionalised divided country by theorising, self seeking politicos who have forgotten that they are elected to serve. and sneer at the very people who have welcomed them here.

  5. 5 martinbrumby 28/10/2012 at 6:34 am

    Of course Khan is absolutely correct in criticising to deeply ignorant majority of Society, far more interested in the latest juicy scandal, sport or the antics of nonebrities than they are in history or culture.

    And you, AM, are absolutely correct in pointing out the inaction (at best) of our fearless political leaders, or indeed the active promotion of this situation.

    But it is instructive to consider Karl Marx’s comments (from Wiki):-

    “In The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon (1852), Marx gives this description of the lumpenproletariat:
    Alongside decayed roués with dubious means of subsistence and of dubious origin, alongside ruined and adventurous offshoots of the bourgeoisie, were vagabonds, discharged soldiers, discharged jailbirds, escaped galley slaves, swindlers, mountebanks, lazzaroni, pickpockets, tricksters, gamblers, maquereaux [pimps], brothel keepers, porters, literati, organ grinders, ragpickers, knife grinders, tinkers, beggars — in short, the whole indefinite, disintegrated mass, thrown hither and thither, which the French call la bohème.”

    That sound like a description of the denizens of Westminster and Brussels who lord over us, including Sadiq Khan MP and his chums!

  6. 6 Edward. 28/10/2012 at 9:10 am

    The day I set store in what a clown like Khan thinks, Hell will have frozen over.

  7. 7 Pat 28/10/2012 at 10:04 am

    As far as he goes Mr. Khan is quite right, immigrants taking the citizenship test are required to show some knowledge of the country before becoming citizens, natives are not- and it shows. One could argue about the contents of the citizenship test (as I would) but the principal remains. And no Paul, the majority of questions, at least on the sample paper, are not all or mostly to do with benefits. Rather they focus on the works of government- speed limits, how many members in various assemblies, who officially records the proceedings of parliament, what is a by-election etc.
    I think that in thirteen years of compulsory education it should be easy to teach everyone this stuff- and also sufficient understanding of History,law and constitution to enable people know where these things came from.
    A simple requirement that one had to pass a test on these lines before receiving a passport, the vote, etc. would do wonders for the general knowledge of the population- and give kids an incentive to pay attention in school. Indeed we should allow anyone a passport and the rest once they have passed the test- that would give those who hate school an incentive to learn something. It would seem sensible to include a test in both verbal and written English, and maybe maths as well. I would suggest a low standard competitive exam, such that 90% of 16 year olds pass.
    With this in place, immigrants would simply have to pass the same test as everyone else.

  8. 8 Bill 28/10/2012 at 11:17 am

    I did make a comment in the DM stating that as an Englishman born in England i do not have to take the test .

  9. 9 john in cheshire 28/10/2012 at 2:04 pm

    I wish Mr Khan would bugger off back to Pakistan.

  10. 10 Edward. 28/10/2012 at 5:08 pm

    No need John, lots of Khans can do all the buggering they want, here in Britain.

  11. 11 Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' Kingdom) 28/10/2012 at 6:35 pm

    Further to Pat’s comment about gaining citizenship/passport, nobody should be given either without having paid into the system for a certain minimum period. I believe five years would be a starting point. No non-citizen should ever be allowed to use the health/welfare system without paying into the system for at least five years.

  12. 12 maureen gannon 28/10/2012 at 6:40 pm

    Agreed but impossible while shackled to Europe.

  13. 13 Pat 28/10/2012 at 9:49 pm

    Re Geoff and Maureen
    Agreed, no-one should be eligible for benefits of any kind until they’ve put the time and trouble in to earn them.
    I doubt this would be a problem under EU rules provided the same conditions applied to everyone, regardless of country of origin.
    The EU would object if European immigrants had to earn benefits whilst natives did not.
    I note we have had up to a million immigrants finding jobs here at the same time as millions of Britons allegedly can’t. Most of the jobs are pretty basic- cleaning cars, washing dishes, waiting table. If after 11years or more of education any person born here can’t out compete an immigrant for such jobs its not the immigrants fault. Indeed we should be grateful to these people for filling in for the failings of many British born people- and do something to bring British people up to scratch.

  14. 14 feuillet123 29/10/2012 at 11:13 am

    (I followed this blog and Richard North’s for 2 years already, this is probably my first long length respond to any of you guy’s post)

    As a Chinese person who offically immigrated to UK (though still continues to live in Hong Kong), I must admit UK’s Chinese history academia is one of the best in the world, and in fact probably even better then the academia in China, it strikes me whenever people claimed UK people are not paying enough attentions to other cultures. The best example of UK academic’s contribution to Chinese history, is the discovery of how Chinese invented gunpowder, printing, mariner compass and paper (the Four Great Inventions) by the British scholar Joseph Needham, and his detail analysis of Chinese scientific thoughts through out the history, and how the Cinese bureaucracy are involved in it. Just to set the record right, while Joseph Needham was a sinophile and a Marxist, he was not completely bias against western culture (and definately not against western science, in constrast of many people today). He himself speculated that it might be the lack of commercialisation and tight Bureaucratic control in China that prevents them from having modern scientific revolution like the one in Europe, even though Chinese had initial lead in technology in the European Medieval period. At the same time of course, he highly values the western scientific revolution that actually happened, and believe it is a universal progress of the civilisation. (Unlike any people, such as the feminist, who see it as a begining of “male dominating” science). These views regarding Chinese history, whether they are true or not, are still held by most Chinese history scholar in UK today. (See the nearly article by Christopher Cullen)

    I studied 3 years in a top university in UK for philosophy BA (even though my English is still crap), I do admit that people in my department do not know much about these works on Chinese history of science done by the locals. And I am talking about a philosophy department, which history of science are their strength. Yet I believe this is NOT to do with any right wing intolerence or racism whatsoever. The department is full of generally left-wing people who read/quote everything the left wing media said as of truth.
    In fact, these student (local ones) do not even know much of their OWN history. Some one who I know studies Late Antiquity history, do not even know who is Hannibal, and tries to argue with me that Carthage was impossible to have gone war with Rome, since she claim it was always a province of the Roman Empire (RARRRRR!!)

    The problem I believe, was already mentioned by Richard North and this blog over and over again. There is now a unholy alliance between the elites with in the academia, government, and business, that tries to manipulate the masses, in order to grab power for themselves. The recent global warming farces was propagated by these three giants, in order to mutual benifits each other. Of course things that have no immediate priority to this kind of power grab, or money making, are being pushed aside in th academic, in favor for stuff that is, such as Gender studies department, or Gender History. Or Pseudo European history about how Europe Union solved all the problem in Europe.

    Yet this is not the only problem, if the elite have a coherent ideology (like Nazism) then the people from the masses can quickly rebel against it. Yet the elite today are in more like a “sharing” power exercise, between people like the traditional conservative (opposite gay rights etc), traditional technocratic left wing , and these hippies like empathy intuition feminists (who believe thy have the magic power to detect whether you are aggressive or not, and grab children from family). The only thing that is common between this people, is that they will work with each other to push the common people from below. Of course they will push against each other in order to grab some more power for themselves, yet at the end of the day, they still believe that the common masses must be control by them from high up. With this “sharing power” these government no longer attempts to create a coherent theory (like Marxism) to feed into the public. Instead the propaganda become more and more trival and un connected. Such as the idea of “phone hacking scandels”, or “over sexualized culture of the youth”. (Any one who have some slight knowledge of history knows that society is as sexualized in the 17th century in comparison to today, people have contact with such sexualized stuff such as Brothel in their early age)

    At the end it will result in the increase of “sheeps” as Richard North and this blog have mentioned. Chew on these minor fact without looking into the large complex situation in the world. They think they know anything.
    As any historians knows, the more they know about a period (such as today), the more complex they realize how society works, and the least they think they know, since they understand the world works like a real time stretagy game with many different pieces moving at the same time for their own purpose. With these sheep on the other hand, they can not understand this, and that is why they are so easily herd by the elites.

    Such sheep effect also works in the academia, as people also notice. Academics now only feel safe to focus on the small stuff that people think is useful, such as global warming, and fails to understand the whole complex picture. This is of course why history, of ANY culture, are not being focused at all in great depth, since it require such larger skill. People in University nowadays will not even know the “socialist” story of history, instead they believe in the trash that Richard North have criticizes, such as how Winston Churchill are a great leader, or Elizabeth I is a great queen. Henry VIII was only clown in these people’s mind, evne though he built the Royal Navy for Elizabeth to win agains the Armada in the first place.

    To complain that world history is neglected because of “racist” intolerence, is not only wrong, but is also a result of people who does not have the capability of looking into the world as a complex affair. Lets remember this, people who studies world history are not completely anti western. Joseph Needham is one example. Some, Especially the one from the Military History department, they are very actively pro west, even though they do not cllose themselves up and actually do look at other people’s culture. Geoffrey Parker is one of the best examples. Yet nowadays military history is being look down as childish or immature (even though what they are trying to understand is a complex game). In favor of other sheep topics. In fact, even in “gender history”, there are some scholar who does not buy into the simplistic imprecise feminist lingusitic framework, and tries to understand gender in the historical context. One can read the book back Jack Lynn on woman in war (which shows they are as violent). I believe for one to understand the true problem of the academic, and history, one need to not only open up to the world, but be indivudal

  15. 15 BulloPill 29/10/2012 at 2:10 pm

    I think the BBC have a to take a fair share of the blame, as well as lefty ideas in education. I’ve been watching, in a mixture of amusement and despair, Andrew Marr’s history thingie on the BBC of a Sunday evening. Of course, all us 21st century white British are entirely to blame for all that nasty slavery in the eighteenth century and before. No mention, of course, of the people in Africa who sold their fellow men and women into slavery. No, the slave trade was all to do with eeeeevil white capitalists. Whilst Marr has made reference to some of the positives brought to the world by the British, it’s always been with a bit of a sneer and has been overwhelmed by his horrible sense of white man’s guilt. Actually, I don’t think I can watch any more of this.

  16. 16 feuillet123 29/10/2012 at 2:37 pm

    I agree BulloPill, every civilisations were and are greedy. The only difference is whether they are capable to dominate another. Before and during the 17th century, the powers in the world, such as East Asians (Chinese Korean Vietnamese and Japanese), Europeans, Muslim Turkish, Manchurian and Mongolian are arguably in a equal footing, since all of them had guns, and something that resembles a modern army with organisation. In those period these powers do crime to each other, not only European kidnap Black people and sold them as slaves, Turkish also sail to European coast, including England, and kidnap white Christains as slaves. Not only that, Turkish also colonized the Eastern Europe (such as the Serbian Countries) and force them to be converted to be Muslim (or fine them with taxes), at the same time Europe are expanding in America. IN many Ways Europeans expand themselves in America is an act of survival to counter act the Muslim colonization. Of course Europeans are not completely guilty-less in wiping out the NAtives in some places, but they are not the nly one who do that….

    It is very tempting to try to make European to seem like a overpowering civilsation in 17th century, in many ways this is not true, and if one insists this they will not understand the complex inter-competition in that period.

    Of course, some times countries might not choose to expand too much, such as China, but that is because their situation is different to other civilisation, since the problem they have is not they lack any resource, but how to control and protect it from their enemy. (Thats why you see the construction of Great Canals and Great Wall). And of course if they are fought by the Europeans they can repulse them very heavily during and before the 17th century.

    ONly after 17th century, in lat 18th century, when European began to industrialized, they can finally win against other civilisation. And what they have been doing, such as slavery or colonisation, is what other people have been doing anyway, the difference is now they have a better capability. So to blame European are the biggist asshole in the world, is not only racist against Europeans, but racist against Chinese and Muslim, as if they are useless before the 18th century. Self Victiminzation, in my opinion, is not what a good nationalist should do, one have at least some pride of their own culture.

    Of course, this does not mean colonization is good, or slavery is good. Civilisation has progress beyond that point to bring welfare to people, and survival. Thats why of course people should not look back in the old days as if it is always best, even though today’s world is bad.

  17. 17 maureen gannon 29/10/2012 at 2:44 pm

    Got it in one Buffalo, well I do not feel guilty for our history I am proud that such a small island has in it’s history given so much to the present day. and my only suggestion for the likes of Mr Khan and the BBC via Mr Marr look around you would this country be so full of non indigenous people who are enjoying in the main a better life than those they have left, the world is an open door if the way we are does not suit then the way in is the same way out ship or plane , indeed you have the whole of Europe to choose from, only trouble you may not find them so hospitable .

  18. 18 maureen gannon 29/10/2012 at 2:48 pm

    ps sorry BulloPill got your name wrong

  19. 19 Vanessa 30/10/2012 at 3:30 pm

    All schoolchildren – British and others – should be made to read Andew Robert’s book “The History of the English-speaking Peoples since 1900”. I have learnt so much from reading it. The Atlee government signed Britain up Human Rights in 1951, that he wasted all the money from the USA after WW2 to install our national health service rather than rebuild our infrastructure and also that there was a similar bunch of people in the WW1 to Bletchley Park called Room 40 with equally zany and intelligent people trying to break codes, truly fascinating read.

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