The supposed listening Prime Minister

David Cameron and his Cameroon Tories are very fond of telling voters that the Conservatives are ‘listening’ to them.

One wonders if Cameron will be listening to one of his Witney constituents who has published a robust and uncompromising open letter to Cameron, accusing him of lying to the general public when he stated of the UK’s future:

I don’t think it’s right to aim for a status like Norway or Switzerland where basically you have to obey all the rules of the single market but you don’t have a say over what they are.

Witterings from Witney’s accusation is well founded even if the language is somewhat unparliamentary. But who couldn’t excuse his frustration?

The only way to challenge false assertions is through attention to detail and citing evidence that proves the assertions are untrue. Witterings does this with finesse as he tells Cameron:

Where the rules of the single market are concerned you are fully aware that your statement belies the way most single market legislation is made. It is well known that most proposals, by the time they reach the Council for a vote, are already cast in stone and thus unable to be changed; consequently the voting issue is the last and least important part of the process. Not least, a huge amount of technical legislation is formulated at a global or regional level, in bodies such as UNECE (on which Norway is represented) and then handed down to the EU institutions as “diqules” which cannot, in substance, be changed. Thus Norway, for example, has a considerable say in the nature of regulation, long before it gets anywhere near the EU.

Witterings adds more solid evidence for good measure that you can see by visiting his blog. It would be a delight to sit down with some popcorn and watch Cameron twist and turn, bandy weasel words and obfuscate furiously in an effort to qualify his assertion in a forlorn effort to make it fit with this powerful contradictory evidence. However it is more likely Cameron will not ‘listen’ as he claims and instead remain in the ‘transmit’ mode that seems to infect politicians who play their idiotic games inside the Westminster bubble.

As such this blog (and I hope, you, dear reader) will do its bit to spread the word about these false claims and point to the truth until even the media cannot ignore it any longer and are forced to put Cameron and his ilk on the spot about these falsehoods in front of a large audience.

5 Responses to “The supposed listening Prime Minister”

  1. 1 WitteringsfromWitney 04/01/2013 at 2:48 pm

    This post is extremely kind and generous of you, AM; and many, many thanks for spreading the word.

  2. 2 JAMES COOPER 04/01/2013 at 3:21 pm

    When someone says they are listenIng beware! LISTENING IS NOT TAKING NOTICE!. They say that actions speak louder than words. well he took action with a referendum only Clegg wanted on voting, cost us millions ,yet will not ever give us a referendum on the E.U. BRITAIN will never ever ! get a referendum ON IN- OR OUT OF E.U. It is clear and everyone will now know we do not live in a democracy.We ARE RULED BY AUTOCRATS and have 3 musketeer in parliament. Cameron Clegg and Miliband on this issue united they stand ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL AND SOD PUBLIC OPINION OR THE VIEWS OF THE MAJORITY

  3. 3 Osbaldeston 04/01/2013 at 4:00 pm

    That Cameron is a liar is not in dispute. That he is an oleaginous creep is plain to all. What I do not understand is: what is his motivation?
    He is English after all. So why is he so anti-British? Is he one with brains but restricted and perverse intelligence, like so many libdems and labourites?
    He must know that the EU is a corrupt federalist institution peopled by rapacious criminal hangers-on; everyone else does!
    So why is he so determined to keep his fellow countrymen a part of it? Sooner or later Great Britain will depart the EU’s rebarbative embrace and he must know that.
    I think the time has come when this man must be removed from office, and a decent, honest englishman or woman with British interests at heart, takes control.
    There is no need to rehearse the opportunities for international trade awaiting us across the rest of the world, as that is beyond dispute. Our future is in our hands. Let us demonstrate that now to ourselves and to those wretched, unelected misfits in Brussels.

  4. 4 cosmic 04/01/2013 at 9:23 pm


    Put yourself in Cameron’s shoes. He isn’t a dictator, he’s a leading light in a political and administrative establishment which is keen on the EU because of the flow of legislation of it provides. He supports the established order of things. He certainly doesn’t want to be held up as the one changing it.

    The question of ‘Europe’ has always been one with the potential to rip the Conservative party apart, and he certainly doesn’t want to do that. They’ve always had to pacify their eurosceptic tendency and have done it successfully.

    Cameron’s problem is having to maintain the balancing act when the tightrope is looking shaky and a wind is getting up. The part the EU plays in British politics is becoming harder to conceal, he’s in a coalition with the Lib Dems and the troubles of th Euro are pushing the EU into the headlines constantly.

    As for whether membership of the EU is a Good Thing for the UK, well he might well wish we had never joined, but we did and he has to manage it without falling off the tightrope. He has other problems to worry about than whether it’s a Good Thing, especially when it’s clear it’s the established thing.

    I must admit the gay marriage and foreign aid stuff don’t fit in with Cameron not wanting to rock the boat and tear the Conservative party apart, but I’d also say he lives in a bubble and doesn’t necessarily have accurate judgement.

  5. 5 james cooper 04/01/2013 at 9:48 pm

    cameron like all politicians is there by consent of the people. the trouble is that they say one thing and do another. We are supposed to be living in a democracy yet I never see it in operation MPS sayone thing but follow the party whip fearful of their cushy jobs,Everyone knows we would save millions out of the E.U. Other countries are surviving quite well. The E.U is a fraud , it has destroyed countries , never help in any european conflit and it is clear as day that NATO and not the E.U. kept communism at bay. Now we have communism back in the form of the E.U. unelected forcing their rules on other countries. The reason for the E.U. is not european it is to create a world order that makes perhaps 4 or 5 super powers in the world run by faceless people who would toy with the population.not today but perhaps in 20 or 30 years or longer. it is for Britain to step out of that situation and stop it, only our elite are part of the game.Fancyful maybe But i have never had one reason to believe that being part of the E.U. helps Britain Many years ago.I vote for “the common market ” I have yet to see it in operation , the faceles unelected people who run the E.U. soon decided to forget that and concentrate on political union. so much for the will of the people.

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