Germans united in regret (and self interest) over Britain’s EU stance

Different day, same inane rubbish in the media where they repeat the same establishment arguments already made ad-infinitum.  This time it’s the turn of the BBC’s Mark Urban to offer a variation on the ‘Germans are displeased with us‘ theme.

There is no real dissent across the German political spectrum on the issues of integrating the European Union (EU) more closely, apart from on the extreme right.

gushes Urban.  Well Mr Urban, with the exception of UKIP, there’s no real dissent across the British political spectrum on the issue either – Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, Plaid and the SNP all crave more ‘Europe’.

From Ralph Brinkhaus, a local member of the German parliament, the Bundestag, to Christine Lemster, a chemistry student at Hamburg University, we heard a similar refrain – the UK and Germany ought to be natural allies, and it is too bad that they cannot unite around EU issues.

Stop, Mr Urban, you’re breaking my heart.  Of course we can be natural allies and we can unite around issues with Germany.  But where is the explanation about why we need to hand over control of our country in order to do so?

We are natural allies with the United States and unite with them around issues, but no one is suggesting we need to have political union with them to achieve it.  So why do we need political union in Europe?  As ever the europhile and EU grant-grabbing BBC demonstrate the closed thinking that colours their reporting of the issue.

The second issue on which there appears to be wide agreement is that Germany opposes the type of renegotiation of membership terms or competencies that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has talked about.

Well, heaven forbid this country should have the temerity to do something that doesn’t suit the agenda of the political class in Germany, or France, or Spain, or Italy.  How damned unreasonable of us.  We should be bloody well ashamed of ourselves for such harbouring such disgracefully selfish thoughts.

The last topic where the Germans offer Tory Eurosceptics cold comfort is on their idea that Britain, even if it actually left the EU, could negotiate the same type of free trade arrangement with it that Norway or Switzerland have.

We went to the Sennheiser audio plant near Hanover; where something like 10% of their worldwide sales are made in the UK, to canvass their view on this:

“I know how complicated it is to negotiate”, said board member Volker Bertels, referring to Switzerland’s long discussions over the terms of access to the European market, adding that in the case of the UK, “we all need to be careful about putting up additional obstacles”.

Once again the media paints this issue as being about one section of one political party.  They are actually doing contortions now to avoid any recognition that it is voters who have pushed this debate to the forefront through opinion polls and their possible voting intentions.  So it’s hard to get an agreement in a short time.  Switzerland got plenty of bi-lateral agreements because they have what others want and are interested in buying what others have to sell.  Provided the trade rules were in place to allow the free flow of goods and services then the market will do the rest.

So many words written by Mark Urban.  Yet none of them are devoted to any examination of the UK’s interests.  Instead he uses his platform to effectively shill for the Germans.  Such is the mindset of the establishment’s state broadcaster.  Is there anyone in the British establishment who gives a damn about this country’s interests rather than agonise about how inconvenient our potential actions might be for other countries?  There’s a word for these people.  Quislings.

3 Responses to “Germans united in regret (and self interest) over Britain’s EU stance”

  1. 1 Jeremy Bridges 14/01/2013 at 10:13 pm

    Another excellent article. Typical BBC. Disgraceful crap of course,
    but par for the course. Germany ploughs her own furrow – at all times. So should we. Their banks are bust (see Max Keiser) their exports are falling, unemployment is rising. Expect more shrill self interested cries from Berlin. Our message to the “hausfrau” should be short and sharp. You made your own eurozone bed lie in it.
    My message to Mr Urban don’t give up your day job – if you have one.

  2. 2 blingmun 14/01/2013 at 11:05 pm

    So to get this straight, Sennheiser relies on the UK for 10% of its global sales and they’re concerned about how things might change – well who’da thunk it? It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Mark Urban that they’d probably go bust if Merkel or van Rumpuy played hardball with an independent Britain. So how would companies like Sennheiser behave if we were to leave? Don’t you think they might take a fairly close interest in any trade negotiations? The lobbying from tens of thousands of businesses throughout Germany, France and beyond would be ferocious in our favour because we run a deficit with the euro zone running to billions. The fear tactic played by the EU-philes is either completely deluded or incredibly disingenuous.

    The facts are there – even in Urban’s own silly article – but none are so blind as those who will not see.

  3. 3 David Kelly 15/01/2013 at 12:17 pm

    If it were up to me, there would be two words to describe the Divided Kingdom’s political and media classes: dead quislings.

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