Cameron’s EU speech – the die is cast, renegotiation confirmed as a sham

An article in David Cameron’s favourite loss-making newspaper has the Tory spin machine pronouncing his long awaited speech on the EU will contain a ‘red meat announcement’ on this country’s future in the EU.

As the paper explains, a senior government source said that the prime minister intends to make the speech this week – possibly on Monday:

He wants to go ahead as soon as possible. There will be something in it which will pacify all but the hard core.  But he could deliver the same kind of speech that Margaret Thatcher gave in Bruges in 1988 and around 25 MPs would not be happy. It is not possible to please everyone.

This language points to a forthcoming flim flam of largely meaningless demands that, even if achieved, will do nothing to remove the EU’s control over this country, or reduce the colossal sums the UK is forced to contribute to the EU’s coffers.  Cameron, in his state of delusion, is determined that the EU will continue to rule the United Kingdom, outside the control or accountability of democratic stuctures.  Anything he would ever be able to bring back from ‘Europe’ and put to the people will be as meaningless as the piece of paper Chamberlain brought home from Munich.  This background information says it all:

But insiders say he will spell out in greater detail his approach – including one significant announcement – while refusing to give a “shopping list” of powers he wants to repatriate. The shopping list idea was rejected after warnings from other EU leaders, Number 10 officials and the Foreign Office that he would have no guarantee of bringing home the goods.

This more than anything reveals the sham of the supposed renegotiation plan and it confirms the cowardice at the core of Cameron’s being.  He won’t articulate a shopping list because EU leaders and the rampantly EUphile Foreign Office told him not to.  Cameron isn’t in charge, the unelected bureaucrats are pulling the strings.  So we can be certain now this isn’t about getting back key powers, it’s about window dressing while leaving the inventory of the shop exactly as it was before.  This is a con trick of enormous magnitude.

Despite this the vast majority of Tory MPs will swallow it hook, line and sinker because it’s what they want to hear. They are devoted to continued EU membership and will continue to talk about renegotiation of a few token powers like nothing has changed and witter on that we have to stay a member of the EU for economic and trade reasons, because they are too ignorant to understand or deceitful to admit political union of the EU is not necessary for keeping access to the single market.

The piece also acknowledges that which Richard has been saying for many, many months.  Namely that there is hardly any prospect of re-opening the treaties due to the sway held by other member states – so much for our lauded ‘influence’ – and as for an intergovernmental conference over which Cameron has no control, the ‘strategy’ is a hotch potch of ifs, buts and maybes.

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  1. 1 WitteringsfromWitney 19/01/2013 at 11:20 pm

    Well said Old Man – and note the “Old”….:)

    Seriously, a damn good article and comment on what has become a complete farce where this speech – and content – is concerned.

    “Window Dressing” is exactly what it is – and mainly for reasons of “party .unity”, thus maintaining his position as leader of his party.

    I can only wish I had written that which you have!.

  2. 2 Edward. 19/01/2013 at 11:57 pm

    will do nothing to remove the EU’s control over this country, or reduce the colossal sums the UK is forced to contribute to the EU’s coffers. Cameron is determined that the EU will continue to rule the United Kingdom, outside the control or accountability of democratic stuctures

    That, is just the way Cameron and for that matter, fuquits Miliband and Clegg like it and thus the ‘milking factory on the EU collective farm – is perpetuated – btw – can you moo?

  3. 3 martinbrumby 20/01/2013 at 6:52 am

    An interesting turn of phrase.
    “There will be something in it which will pacify all but the hard core.”

    “Pacify”. That’s what HMG used to do to restless ‘natives’ when they sent in a gunboat.

    Pretty much describes the process of dealing with those naughty ‘rebels’.

    And typifies Cameron’s attitude (or more like, the mandarins who think for him), to the majority of the population and their few representatives in Parliament who have seen the ‘new dawn’ of the EUSSR and want out.

    Mind you, you never seem to hear anything any more from those few MPs on the Labour benches who were unenamored with giving our hearts and wallets to the Eurocrats. All “pacified” nowadays?

  4. 4 Anoneumouse 20/01/2013 at 8:24 am

    ‘red meat announcement’

    That means it will only contain 20% EUquine DNA then!

  5. 5 Andy Baxter 20/01/2013 at 8:27 am

    insightful……we are truly ruled by mandarins, the current system is rotten to the core, full of administrative justice, do as I say pay up or else….and you’ve hit the proverbial nail here in posing a sublimal question: Just who is really in charge in Britain today.”Quislings” was a word you used in an earlier piece..another nail hit bang on…..

    all we need do now is get the message out….we have our demands, we have the people, the ideas, the motivaton……what we waiting for?

  6. 6 graham wood 20/01/2013 at 9:39 am

    Agree with all of this piece. A Chamberlin-like moment is with us.
    You are probably right that:
    “Despite this the vast majority of Tory MPs will swallow it hook, line and sinker because it’s what they want to hear. They will continue to talk about renegotiation ”

    But, at some point he has to deliver, and time is not on his side, and worse still, as your blog has pointed out, he has nothing to deliver for “negotiations” are not possible.
    What is the way forward, as Britain continues to serve its EU masters at our expense? Why of course, get on with the urgent policy of effecting
    “gay marriage” Perhaps that will do the trick.

  7. 7 Anne 20/01/2013 at 10:36 am

    Perhaps the BRITISH people will use the coming General Election as the REFERENDUM on an OUT of the EU that British Governments have denied them since 1975. Perhapsd they will only vote for ANY Political Party or Organisation that will take them out of the EU right away. The Geleneral election may well be the only time they will “have their say” on freedom from foreign Rule. This is also Magna Carta in action, a peaceful way of the people having their say.

    The fact that selecting those to Govern that have never been in Government before is of no consequence because every Government that has been elected in recent years have only had to obey EU 0rders like the rest of us are supposed to do.

    Now that the PRESIDENT of the United States has “put his Oar in”, is one
    more reason the people must have their say. The people of this Country will stand up to any foreigner, sadly, not so those we foolishly elected in good faith to Govern this Country according to its Common Law Constitution-which is the only was this Country can lawfully be Govered.

  8. 8 David Hill 22/01/2013 at 4:48 pm

    It does not matter if the UK is in or out of the EU, as it is the economic strategy and policy fundamentals that are all wrong in Britain today. We simply have not moved on in our fundamental thinking and therefore it is totally out on sync with the economics of the 21st century.

    Therefore whatever David Cameron says it will not make any difference to Britain’s long-term socio-economic future. In this respect we have got to make it happen ourselves and not rely on the EU with all their perpetual problem that simply will not go away. For there are far greater problems for the UK that lie on the horizon and until politicians realise that their advisers –regulators – political and economic advisers et al (and who have consistently got it so terribly wrong over the last half century as history has clearly shown), are the fundamental reason for our continual dire economic circumstances, Britain will never really get out of its problems. What is needed is a fully inclusive system of involvement with its people and where then their creative ideas can enter the system to provide a sustainable future. Nothing else will provide this dynamic possibility. For presently in this respect with the elitist mentality and only the few have the answers (history shows clearly that this is not the case again) there is little hope. Therefore the UK has to change to an integrated system where a pluralist society exists, where all can contribute and where presently no more than 3% of the population are creatively involved with nation building. In this respect history has shown that around 75% of all the major inventions that have created the modern world came from people outside the confines of mainstream R&D, not leading-edge research establishments et al. Cameron et al have to start taking notice of these facts for the UK’s future, as we need the great independent world-changing ideas first. Something we have not got and where we always have the cart before the horse – every time it has to be said.

    For if we do not change Britain can only look forward to continual decline – Unfortunately this is a true assessment and where projections state that things will be much worse than this if we do not change our present ways of thinking.

    Therefore things just have to change if the UK is to capture any future economic dynamism and that change process starts with our political mindsets which are transfixed by the current non-innovative governmental advisers. Logic states that only Independent advisers, free from vested-interests, can provide this and where government has to start to take far greater notice of this vital neglected resource which is pre-eminently needed for the nation’s future if we are to have one.

    Dr David Hill
    Chief Executive
    World Innovation Foundation
    Huddersfield, UK – Bern, Switzerland – Arlington, USA

  9. 9 Anne 02/02/2013 at 11:16 pm

    David above, it is being in the EU and paying all those billions of British pounds, that has got us in the financial mess we find ourselves in at present, pushed along with all the Legislation. There is also all the millions to the many EU Agencies, particularly to the EU’s DEFENCE AGENCY when our own Forces are being deliberately cut down, plus the Air-force and may they never be forgiven for reducing our Navy personnel and ships. An Island Nations having to SHARE an Aircraft Carrier with France!

    However. not to worry about not having the promised Referendum because we are going to use the coming General Election in 2015 as the promised Referendum we have been denied, and, as we know without doubt ALL THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES want to remain in the European Union -forever, there is no point at all in voting for any one of those three.
    There are a handful of Conservative people that genuinely want out, their constituents will vote for them, but as for the rest? Not a chance.

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