Bankster racket – The Cyprus template that wasn’t a template is now a template

Remember how Cyprus was supposed to be a special case and not a template for similar wealth confiscation elsewhere in the future?  Remember how it transpired the measures taken in Cyprus had already been written into the Banking Act 2009?  Well the Banksters are getting bolder as a piece on ZeroHedge makes clear:

The CEO of Unicredit Federico Ghizzoni said yesterday that it is “acceptable to confiscate savings to save banks.” He said that the savings which are not guaranteed by any protection or insurance could be used in the future to contribute to the rescue of banks who fail and that uninsured deposits could be used in future bank failures provided global policy makers agree on a common approach.

The organised racket is very clear.  Any money we put into bank accounts is a loan to the bank.  Given that governments don’t have the money to bail out banks, which have been run into the ground while using our money to carry out poorly considered lending to borrowers who are defaulting or declaring bankruptcy, they are now treating the money lent to them by depositors as exactly what the rules say it is – theirs.  Caveat creditor.

Note the reference to having a common approach to global policy.  Global governance is the agenda at play.  The wealthy elite makes the rules and is now applying the rules to protect their financial position at the expense of anyone who is willing to risk putting their money in one of their institutions.  If the Banksters don’t get your money, then be assured the global cooperation and harmonisation gradually being developed by governments will see to it that taxation will hoover up your wealth.  No permission sought, no approval given, just the abuse of power by the political class and their establishment cronies.

It has been clear in the way governments are exchanging supposedly confidential account information between each other, under the pretext of tackling tax evasion.  But even where there is no evasion, this exchange provides vital intelligence about the holdings of individuals that can be used to inform governments about who has what, so policy can be created to target them for specific taxes and wealth confiscation – all to satisfy the bribery and spending fetishes that politicians rely on to buy votes of the net consumers at the expense of the net producers.

While politicians like to spout off about democracy and freedom, their actions are designed for a single purpose, to enslave the people who are supposed to be their masters.  Government, both supranational and national, never shrinks.  The parasite continues to expand by feeding on the people they are supposed to serve.

The only thing it doesn’t seem to have planned for is what happens when the incentives to production have been destroyed and the wealth it plunders has run out.  What will the state’s clients do when their free handouts come to an end?  Perhaps by they the planet will be so collectivised we will be scratching the land to produce food and resorting to barter as the medium of exchange.  Progress will have been reversed and the green wet-dream of ‘sustainability’ will be realised.

At what point will the sleepwalking masses wake up and put an end to it?  There is no conspiracy theory here, just conspiracy.

4 Responses to “Bankster racket – The Cyprus template that wasn’t a template is now a template”

  1. 1 james higham 05/04/2013 at 5:45 pm

    As was shown the other day, it’s coming our way, the reventual result being to change the financial paradigm and naturally, the rules.

  2. 2 donwreford 06/04/2013 at 1:32 am

    Today the 6th of April, I read crucial documents have disappeared relating to the Cyprus financial crash, has this a strange ring to the reader? how can this happen? one day they were in the safe deposit and presto they evaporated? how many readers making a plea in court called to account offering the prosecution a defense “The documents were there and they just disappeared”?

  3. 3 Restoring Britain 06/04/2013 at 9:58 am

    Where I’m fascinated by all of this is that there is a lot of presumption on the part of the legion of people facilitating it or advocating it.

    What springs to mind is the observation that they will get what they want but will they want it when they get it it?

    My reasoning is this. They are all frantically pursuing all manner of means to hold on to their investments in whatever form that might take as though somehow it will all hold its value. However as our money system is somewhat illusory in that the exact amount swilling around various bank computers doesn’t actually exist. The reality is that it is significantly smaller – those people are only that rich on paper and could not call on that in cash and get it.

    It will ultimately go “bang!”, yet somehow they’re all acting like they’ll be recompensed. Everyone from the botttom to the top of the pyramid thinks this will see them get their share at the big cashout. But as it simply does not exist, this cannot be possible. Therefore many of them are advocating something that will burn them. It will become dog eat dog for them and they will have nowhere to turn. I await the first few to spot this and turn their scorn on those within the elite they thought they were in part of.

  4. 4 donwreford 29/04/2013 at 8:06 am

    The big time rich were informed of the impending scam and warned to diversify their money into small accounts to avoid confiscation of cash, the ones in between the big and the small got out of problems, this left plenty of fish in between.

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