And they call this ‘government’

As the BBC reports, Iain Duncan Smith has said that wealthy elderly people who do not need benefit payments to help with fuel bills or free travel should voluntarily return the money to the authorities.

The Work and Pensions Secretary has told the Sunday Telegraph that he would ‘encourage’ people who do not need such financial support ‘to hand it back’.

Well that should do it!  Thanks very much, Iain.

For decades the political class in this country has served its own interests, with naked bribes to voters in return for being able to enjoy the trappings of power.  The cost of welfare and the other promises that make up many of these bribes is largely responsible for the staggering level of borrowing and the horrific debt this country simply cannot repay.

Once again reality meets political expediency and instead of doing the right thing by British taxpayers Ministers are trying to do the best thing for their own electoral prospects while doing contortions to appease the plethora of bodies constructed by the transnational overlords and follow rules everyone else avoids.

Collectively this is why the government doesn’t get serious about only spending our money on essential services and supporting the vulnerable people in our society.  This is why our money gets spent supporting overseas based families of migrants who have contributed barely anything to the pot in the short time they have been in the UK.  This is why now hear the government enthusiastically ‘plays by the rules’ in forking over hundreds of millions of pounds for healthcare costs for UK nationals treated overseas, while permitting the NHS to fail to keep accurate records of foreign nationals treated here under the services British taxpayers fund, so we only get back a fraction of what we are due for use of our overstretched resources.

The government could slash taxes, but instead it chooses to hoover up our money so it offer some of it back in credits and benefits in return for votes.  Too many voters don’t understand that while they are being given these bribes with one hand, they are crumbs from the table as much more is siphoned off and wasted on administration and diverted for spending on things people do not support.  The government could rejuvinate the economy and reduce borrowing dramatically if it simply let people keep more of their own money and spend it on what they want, rather than fritter it away on boondoggles, wheezes, special interests and these disgraceful, self serving bribes.  But it won’t because if it controls the money it controls everything.  It can  build the insipid client state and increase the size of government to justify the ever worsening kleptocracy that has developed.

Voting for any of the political parties is an endorsement of the continuation of this scandalous behaviour.  Voting for any of the political parties props up the faux democracy that exists in this country.  It does not result in change.  It results in the electorate and taxpayers continuing to be treated with ever more contempt.

What we need is not a reshuffle of the deck chairs, nor a rotation of faces who are all committed to perpetuating the same corrupt system that holds sway in this country.  We need a complete overhaul of the system, to bring about real democracy where control and decision making rests with the people and where the executive serves the people rather than dictates to them.  We need a genuine revolution.  The potential alternatives to this, borne of desperation and anger, are too awful to contemplate.

We need real change.  It will never be realised by playing the political class’ game and using their rules – and that includes the charade of traipsing to polling stations to vote for the least worst option in the certain knowledge that on the major, substantive issues nothing will change.  They will continue to take their steer from unelected, unaccountable, self selecting entities instead of us, the people they are supposed to serve and whose wishes they are supposed to execute.  It is time for people to assert themselves and take the power back.

We have to define the game and set the rules that should be used.  We have an outline of how they should look.  Now we need people to consider how they can be realised.  In the meantime, while that discussion takes place and the approach is refined, we need to withdraw our consent by refusing to play their game and refusing to heed their desperate attempts for validation as they plead for people to use their vote.  Don’t feed the beast.

13 Responses to “And they call this ‘government’”

  1. 1 prometheus1938 28/04/2013 at 11:33 am

    Cannot agree with you more . Hope it doesn’t come to a Revolution but I fear we are close to that now. Just been on Twitter saying the system of votes is flawed to being useless when it needs TWO Parties to reverse their Manifesto promises and reverse everything they promised.Scandalous misuse of what should be DEMOCRACY

  2. 2 BulloPill 28/04/2013 at 11:55 am

    Wholeheartedly agree, AM. The big difficulty is the tribalism in what passes for politics in this country. For a while, after Margaret Thatchers death. It seemed as if there was a new energy in political discussion. The “division” she is alleged to have caused led to people thinking and talking about some of the more important issues. Only on a tribal basis, however
    We have for too long left boring old politics to the politicos. The result is where we are now. Self serving, vain individuals each with a mindset very similar to all the others, hold all the levers of real power. I fear they won’t relax that hold without a fight. Our ancestors had to fight to make things change. The time may well come when we have to do the same

  3. 3 Derek 28/04/2013 at 10:03 pm

    The biggest problem is not the politicians, but the people who vote for them without even looking at what they propose. The party machines have become far to strong, and the media, especially the BBC, far too aligned to a particular party.

  4. 4 donwreford 29/04/2013 at 5:39 am

    Cameron, a conduit for loans with the Rothschilds, as also Blair, the virus is now firmly taken hold, prometheus1938, is worried about revolution, he is not alone, as to what brand of revolution? is unknown, the debating societies now well entrenched such as the London School of Economics, Cambridge, and Oxford are serving the power brokers well, is it plausible the Harrogate Agenda, can become a tour de force against the primeval beast?

  5. 5 theprojectsofmichaelpugh 01/05/2013 at 11:03 am

    Why is there no ‘Like’ button here? I ‘Like’ this post – it cuts to the heart of what’s wrong with our political system and it does it concisely.

  6. 6 Autonomous Mind 01/05/2013 at 12:36 pm

    I have never been a fan of ‘like’ buttons because I don’t publish my musings to have them rated or applauded/booed in that way.

    Thanks for your kind comment though.

  7. 7 theprojectsofmichaelpugh 01/05/2013 at 2:14 pm

    I kind of figured that was why :) Your post is excellent though, and so I felt compelled to comment. What I often wonder in relation to this question of the quality of our government, is to what alternative should people look? We’ve been voting this ‘government’ in since before anybody can remember and the only vocal alternatives on the national stage seem to be unspeakable extremists; to stop them getting into power, people feel duty-bound to pick the best of a bad bunch of professional politicians. The issue is so complex most wouldn’t even wish to discuss it, let alone do something, mollified as they are by work and entertainment.

  8. 8 prometheus1938 01/05/2013 at 5:04 pm

    There are no prof.MPs. They all know nothing at all. Can’t put 2Policies together. AUSTERITY Is not for good of Public or Economy. it’s good for CAMERON/IDS ideology only. so we need to get the lot of them out of WESTMINSTER

  9. 9 theprojectsofmichaelpugh 01/05/2013 at 5:41 pm

    I do see what you mean, but opposition to a specific policy is half of their whole routine. If politicians never have to answer the fundamental questions like what alternative models are there to parliamentary dictatorship? Or, why don’t the public get asked directly what they want on important issues such as where to spend their money or where to send their military? If they never have to answer fundamentals, and keep us angry about specific policies, their dictatorial, pyramidal model of government is never challenged and the people remain subordinate to the parliament. Ask any MP and the answer seems to be the mantra, ‘Parliament must be sovereign’, but what about the people themselves?

  10. 10 prometheus1938 01/05/2013 at 5:54 pm

    This is why the People should have the power to call Referendums. In Democracy the people are Sovereign but westminster has become controling.This is the fault of the people not being aware. There are many people trying to train the people now with information, & the Social networks are doing a great job. Goto

  11. 11 theprojectsofmichaelpugh 01/05/2013 at 5:58 pm

    If people could call referendums it really would change the political landscape, although I fear that as long as you have a cadre of politicians whose job it is to run the country, rather than to debate things and then let the people decide, that false promises and bribery would abound even with the power to call referendums. That’s just my impression though. I have favourited the site you mentioned and I will give it a look :)

  12. 12 donwreford 02/05/2013 at 1:07 am

    Because they are not subject to the will of the people, only as lip service, they are responsible to the likes of the Rothschilds, and if they do not obey orders not only are politicians punished but also the population, as in situations as Cyprus, Iceland, and others, these are casualties of being disobedient and regardless a token and example of punitive action.

  13. 13 theprojectsofmichaelpugh 02/05/2013 at 10:39 am

    I think we may be getting into a different topic here – I’m talking political theory and models of government where you seem to be suggesting that rich people have too much influence. (Is that correct?) Rich people will always have too much influence – always. All that anybody can do is seek to change the political system we’re operating in so that it’s more widely representative and less open to corruption.

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