And the scales begin to fall from their eyes…

There is a problem with the people at the top of our political parties. They just don’t listen. They don’t listen to ordinary people or our concerns. The European Union referendum is a good example. David Cameron says he’ll have a referendum, but no-one believes a word he says. I don’t believe a word he says, and I’m a lifelong Conservative.

So says former Councillor Alexis McEvoy, writing in the Telegraph, after being defeated in the South Waterside ward of Hampshire County Council.

The question is, feeling the way she claims to, why did she continue to work for and prop up the Conservative party machine?  Perhaps in losing the council seat her paramount reason for remaining a Tory and supporting a party that had long ceased to be conservative, has now evaporated.  Too little, too late, Lexi.

It’s a bit rich of people like McEvoy to be bleating now about the Conservative leadership ditching conservative values and principles.  It’s been happening for years, which is why many principled people – and I count myself among that number – resigned from the party and walked away long ago.Perhaps the ConservativeHome narrative, propagated by Tim Montgomerie and others, that Cameron would suddenly uncloak himself to reveal his ‘inner conservative’, is responsible for so many Tories clinging to their delusional belief that Cameron was one of them and just executing a cunning strategy.

It is looking more likely that the complaint that the mainstream parties don’t listen to people’s wishes is becoming redundant. Growing numbers of people are now showing they don’t care about being listened to by this lot any more because they are not interested in being represented by these politicians.  Similarly they are no longer bothering to listen to what the mainstream parties have to say.  They’ve heard it all before.  Evidence the fact Labour’s share of the vote has failed to reach even 2005 levels.

People have seen too many crucial promises broken on a whim.  Now it seems there is a move is underway to remove the self serving charlatans from the stage, piece at a time.

7 Responses to “And the scales begin to fall from their eyes…”

  1. 1 Andy Baxter 03/05/2013 at 5:49 pm

    we have a local parish councillor elected for again and again for the last nigh on 40 years and a tireless committed local man passionate about local issues and still a fully paid up Tory party member!

    conversations in the pub and at village events are interesting: you can see it in his eyes and in his body language when engaged about Cameron and the UNconservatives that he knows in his heart and soul his values and core beliefs have been betrayed for he has no argument against the overwhelming evidence I put to him, yet still he clings on hoping beyond hope, desperation I call it that somehow policy and the party will change…

    its sad really sad and I mean that empathetically not sarcastically.

    its my mission to get an acknowledgement, for I know if he stood as an idependent he’d still get elected just because of who he is and what he does for the community

    one day perhaps I live in hope

  2. 2 Vanessa 03/05/2013 at 10:53 pm

    It was interesting to read in Alexis’ piece that Cameron seems to think the opinions of ordinary people are out of date and need to be updated to the 21st century. I am appalled that this stupid little twerp thinks that his opinions are so right and the rest of us are so wrong. To meddle with the succession to the throne (enshrined in our ancient Constitutional Documents) and homosexual marriage is absurd. Does he think he’s god !

  3. 3 newboilerman 04/05/2013 at 7:06 am

    The UKIP vote really has put the cat amongst the pigeons. None of the three main parties have come out of the local elections with any credit. Will they heed the wake up call?

    For me it was the final chance for Nick Clegg’s leadership. I think the odds are now against him leading his party into the next election. Whether Cameron survives depends on how he responds over the next 6 months. Expect strong leadership talk in the autumn.

  4. 4 Andy Baxter 04/05/2013 at 8:52 am

    “Expect strong leadership talk in the autumn.”

    yeah talk the talk but he wont walk the walk…ever….

  5. 5 Autonomous Mind 04/05/2013 at 9:16 am

    Vanessa, she didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. After all, we’ve written here of Cameron’s logic for years regarding NOT giving the electorate an EU referendum, namely that he didn’t believe it was what should happen.

    No one can be surprised at all the other things that have followed because he thinks it’s what we should have. But don’t forget he is just the messenger and executor. He is taking his order from the unelected and unaccountable global, supranational bodies where the UK doesn’t have representation – for the EU speaks on our behalf as per the political class’ wishes.

  6. 6 Autonomous Mind 04/05/2013 at 9:48 am

    Clegg is on quicksand now. The plotting has long been underway to remove him, now it’s just a matter of timing before the Limp Dums take action and select a new figurehead who will fawn over Ed Miliband in the hope of a Lib-Lab coalition.

  7. 7 TheBoilingFrog 05/05/2013 at 1:06 pm

    The irony is AM that a Lib-Lab coalition probably won’t happen – Labour is more than likely going to win the next election outright…for various reasons. Plus there won’t be many Lib Dems MPs left :-)

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