Bring Cameron his booze, fags and easy women

The Barclay Brother Beano carries an unsurprising post election piece, headlined thus:

Start behaving more like Nigel Farage and less like a ‘public school toff’, David Cameron told

David Cameron should behave more like Nigel Farage and less like a “public school toff”, according to the Prime Minister’s former local council leader.

The suggestion from Keith Mitchell, former leader of Oxfordshire County Council, underlines the depressingly shallow mindset of the Conservatives.  Instead of enjoining Cameron to start behaving like a conservative (which he isn’t) and pursue policies that people in the country want to see (which he won’t),  the solution proposed to win public support is to mimic the behaviour of the party whose support among the total electorate in last week’s elections was 6.5%.

Clearly Mr Mitchell hasn’t put very much thought into this.  The mental image of Cameron knocking back pints, smoking cigarettes and chasing younger women around is too much to deal with.  Far better that we have Cameron behaving like the aloof, ignorant, social democrat enemy of representative democracy that he is, so support for him and his band of self serving Europlastics continues to decline.

3 Responses to “Bring Cameron his booze, fags and easy women”

  1. 1 prometheus1938 08/05/2013 at 5:02 pm

    No-one can be what they are NOT. Cameron just cannot mix with workers only with shirkers

  2. 2 Ian Hills 08/05/2013 at 10:03 pm

    By this logic Nigel Farage should don a false beard and shout “bang” to get the “Asian” vote.

  3. 3 cosmic 09/05/2013 at 11:39 am

    It’s ridiculous to believe that the Conservatives can solve their current problems with a face lift and putting on a set of clothes that don’t fit. I’d say there’s more to it than getting rid of Cameron, but as for having him pose with a pint and a fag……..

    For years they’ve dealt with the problem of the EU with a glorious and totally dishonest fudge and kept the party together by painting a picture of a completely unattainable halfway position.

    Now they’re coming to the point where they can’t fudge the issue any more and they have to say whether they are in favour of in or out. Declaring one way or the other will see the party split, continuing to fudge will see support drift away.

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