We won’t take any lessons from these self interested Europhiles

According to a claque of pro-EU corporate captains, we eurosceptics are putting ‘politics before economics’.  In other words, we are being accused of putting democracy and self determination before the money making interests of these extremely wealthy individuals.  How very dare we put the democratic rights of millions of people before the bank balances of the well connected claque.

But even that premise of ‘politics before economics’ is utterly flawed, as there is no earthly reason for us to be trapped in a political union simply to be a part of the single market.  And when they try counter this fact with their claim that in leaving the EU we would allegedly lose our ‘influence’ and have to accept all the rules without shaping them, they are talking utter bullshit.

Do we shape the rules of the Chinese market?  Or the US?  No, but that doesn’t stop us trading with them.  So where do they get the idea that being politically independent means we won’t be able to trade with the EU?

Because of our EU membership, countries like China and the US perversely have more say in shaping our rules than we do – because the EU speaks for the UK in all trade matters on global bodies, whereas China and the US speak for themselves in their own interest.  The UK’s interest, however, is diluted to accommodate the wishes of 26 other countries.  So much for influence.  Norway and Switzerland have more say in shaping the single market trading rules that affect us than we do, and they are non-EU countries with access to the single market.  This is the reality we need to spread far and wide so people with no or little interest in governance understand the contempt this country’s people are held in by the political class and corporate tycoons.  They have some other agenda because their argument does not stand up to scrutiny.

So, terrified of these facts and the reality dawning on a generally disconnected docile nation, we are once again treated to a huge dose of FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt – which is the only line of Europhile attack.  But, what is also interesting is the history of some of these great sages who presume to tell us to sod our interests, as conveniently collated by Guido…

  • Roland Rudd – corporate lobbyist for multinational firms and campaigner for Britain’s membership of the single currency which he still believes in.
  • Richard Branson – non domciled, campaigned for Britain to join the Euro and wants a single European army.
  • Martin Sorrell – Chief executive of advertising agency WPP – Roland Rudd’s boss who owns Rudd’s Finsbury PR.
  • Dame Helen Alexander – former chief executive of the Economist.
  • Lord Kerr – Foreign Office and UKREP career as a diplomat who helped draft the EU constitution.
  • Sir Andrew Cahn – career civil servant and worked for Lord Kinnock at the EU Commission, who infamously with his wife Glenys received more than £10 million in pay, allowances and pension entitlements during their time working at the European Union in Brussels.
  • Sir Nigel Sheinwald – non exec director of Shell, who brokered the ‘deal in the desert’ between Tony Blair and former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Sir Roger Carr – Chairman of Centrica who criticises business for their “greed” while hiking energy costs. Outgoing President of the Euro-loving CBI.

Oh yes, these people are really representative of the man on the street who suffers the consequences of living under EU rule.  Why would anyone be bothered about what these people have to say, when they’ve spent their entire business lives servicing their interests at the expense of the rest of us?  They see us as expendable cash cows who are saying we should shut up and stay out of their way.  For heaven’s sake, some of them don’t even live here so they don’t have to put up with that they wish to have imposed on the rest of us.

We should all say no.  The spin, distortions and casual deceptions of the FUDmongers must not be allowed to con and scare the voters into staying part of this anti democratic, corrupt, wasteful club, built by and for a self selecting elite that sees us as nothing more than funding fodder for their games and personal enrichment.

3 Responses to “We won’t take any lessons from these self interested Europhiles”

  1. 1 JayBee 20/05/2013 at 10:18 pm

    Its the EU that puts politics before economics. Their authoritarian kind of politics that pursues ever closer union regardless of the misery caused by unstable monetary union.

    Economically the EU continues in decline and there’s a risk that the reckless policies of Hollande coupled with the dangerously exposed French banking system could precipitate “The fall of France” and the Euro. Maybe events will conspire to help the campaign for UK independence.

  2. 2 Edward. 21/05/2013 at 12:07 am

    Well said AM – excellent blog post – pity it could not be broadcast as ‘loudly’ as the ‘hollow men’ can ‘shout’ – above.

  3. 3 David Kelly 21/05/2013 at 9:59 am

    As entrepreneurs, these people should know that money talks and [polltical/bureaucratic] bullshit walks. If you have good quality goods or services for sale at a reasonable, value-for-money price, and someone is willing and able to pay for them, you sell, regardless of membership or non-membership of organisations like the EU. It’s how the world has worked since long before nation states ever existed.

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