Establishment on the attack – it’s not about saving the climate, it’s about profitable domination of the people

So another week has passed with yet more plans unveiled for progressing the insipid ‘sustainability’ agenda, based upon the anti democratic implementation of Agenda 21, which is used as cover for something altogether more sinister.  There is no other way to put this.  The UK is at war.  What is at stake is our liberty, our privacy and personal freedoms, in fact our very way of life.

If you’re saying to yourself that this is overblown, hyperbolic, conspiratorial nonsense then pause and take some time to think in depth about why we are seeing the events that are currently unfolding, quietly and virtually unnoticed, in the UK today – a UK that is a modern, industrialised society.

Think about the impact on this country’s increasing population, that shows no sign of slowing its growth, of the political decisions that have been taken to prevent the construction of reservoirs that would increase our water capacity, the purpose of which is to force our growing number to use less water than is currently used by the smaller number of us today.

Think about the impact on this country’s increasing population, that shows no sign of slowing its growth, of plans being hatched right now, the purpose of which is to force the larger population in the future to use 27% less energy than is currently used by the smaller number of us today.

Think about the impact on this country’s increasing population, that shows no sign of slowing its growth, of regulations put in place the purpose of which is to prevent the larger population in the future disposing of waste efficiently, by reducing landfill capacity and so far quadrupling the amount we are charged for getting rid of our refuse.

These are just three examples of the assault on the British people by conducting a controlled reduction in the capacity and provision of the essentials for life itself, essentials for the way of life that has developed and sustains us, and essentials for effective sanitation to maintain a healthy life.  And in each of these examples not only is capacity and provision being reduced dramatically per capita, but the corporate monopolies that have been granted control over these essentials are being permitted and/or compelled to drive up the charges for them – not only stripping away from us more of our disposable income and securing huge profits for themselves, but also reversing decades of effort and action to ensure the poorest and most vulnerable in our society have affordable provision.

One would typically expect a tipping point to be reached where the population draws a line and challenges the establishment that, rather than implementing common sense and affordable solutions to maintain standards and quality of living, is instead so committed to adversely affecting people’s lives.

With that in mind, now think about why government seizes every opportunity to control and restrict the right of people to assemble in protest, monitor who communicates with whom, carpets our towns and cities with CCTV cameras that have ever increasing capability, seeks to harvest our DNA and centralise our health records, furthers the proliferation of court hearings held in secret and imposes harsher sentences on people who reveal the details of secret cases than on those who commit violent offences.  Could it be anything to do with keeping the people in check, so protest against the damaging and oppressive actions can be prevented and the agenda can be pursued to the advantage and benefit of the elite few?

There is more besides, but these examples illustrate the point clearly enough.  At the end of the line of the erosion of our liberties and privacy is the establishment’s desire to control and dominate the people, treating all of us as suspects to be monitored and controlled and trotting out the cant that if we’ve nothing to hide we’ve nothing to fear – and of course there is the corporates’ desire to cash in by providing the ‘solutions’ at our expense.

4 Responses to “Establishment on the attack – it’s not about saving the climate, it’s about profitable domination of the people”

  1. 1 Andy Baxter 10/06/2013 at 9:25 am

    yes AM we are at war……and don’t forget the systematic disarming of our society by successive gun legislation since 1922 and the monopolisation of force by the State in prosecuting those who defend themselves, their loved ones and property, or try to do what the police should be doing.–charged-kidnapping.html

    The only weapon we have left in our arsenal is our ability to withhold our ‘consent’.

    Sadly too many give it tacitly or acquiesce all too easily and behave like ostrich’s with behaviour that Pastor Niemöller identified, and by then it will be too late.

  2. 2 nzrobin 10/06/2013 at 9:59 am

    It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces slowly being put together. Some like yourself, who make an effort to read and observe see the picture forming, but struggle with how to respond. Most seem apathetic, don’t see the picture, and even seem happy in their ignorance. Sad and frustrating.

  3. 3 Puzzled 10/06/2013 at 10:03 am

    One thing has always puzzled me: how can they do this to their own children and grandchildren?

    Remember to resist “smart” meters for as long as possible, don’t pay for a TV licence, etc.

  4. 4 StrongUnitedKingdom 10/06/2013 at 11:21 am

    Excellent article AM. These are clear waypoints on the journey from democracy to bureaucracy. From Freedom to Feudalism. All aspects of individuals lives are to be limited, controlled and taxed.

    Puzzled – the answer as to why they can do this to their own people and family is simple. The system that is controlling this grand scheme specialises in identifying and recruiting weak, vain, self-centered people, often with a secret to hide (e.g. Blair’s convictions for soliciting in men’s public toilets), and who will do anything for status and money. They are then “promoted” into higher positions, regardless of how much of a hash they have made of things along the way. Finally we end up with all the senior posiitons in Parliament, Whitehall, etc crammed with people pushing the same aganda, squeezing out any and all individuals who follow principles of public service, common sense and patriotism.

    They sell out their own on the basis of when it is all in place they will be on fat salaries, above the law and their children will be in line for the sames jobs in the future. The EU does this overtly. Common Purpose does this covertly. Our task to counter this and rid our systems of this pernicious influence is immense.

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