What kind of dunces are they turning out of Eton?

This in today from the BBC

Doesn’t Cast Iron Dave realise that the UK is not at the top table of a number of international institutions because British governments have handed our place over to the European Union to ‘speak for us’ as one of 27 nations with often conflicting interests and needs?  For an ‘instinctive Eurosceptic’ he does seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time parroting the EU’s line and encouraging us to be fully assimilated, paid up members of it.

Perhaps it’s because our glorious media prefers not to remind people about the independence this country has given away, and certainly doesn’t want to shine a light on inconvenient facts such as those that show countries like Norway and Switzerland have seats at the top tables of more international institutions than the UK, as members in their own right, speaking for themselves with confidence on the world stage.

It will only be a matter of time until there is an attempt to replace UK and French membership of the UN Security Council as permanent members with an EU seat instead.  What then for Cameron’s drivel about the UK’s place at the top table?

Cameron claims that Eurosceptics are in ‘denial’ when we claim that the UK could go-it-alone and succeed in the global economy.  The fact is Cameron is not only in denial when he claims that the UK cannot, he is deliberately and knowingly lying.  There is absolutely no need for the UK or any other nation to surrender control of itself when everything EU membership supposedly delivers can be achieved through simple cooperation between neighbours.

Actually, perhaps it’s not dunces that Eton and Oxford are turning out, but rather deceitful Europlastic quislings who argue that Britain is not sufficiently capable of speaking for itself on the world stage and not strong enough to manage its own laws, trade relationships or control its own borders when other smaller and less well resourced countries manage perfectly well.  Yes, that sums up Cameron to a tee.

6 Responses to “What kind of dunces are they turning out of Eton?”

  1. 1 mark 10/06/2013 at 3:28 pm

    Top stuff again, very well said.

  2. 2 prometheus1938 10/06/2013 at 4:12 pm

    NOT Dunces, they are turning out BILDERBERGERS with or without KETCHUP

  3. 3 Harry 10/06/2013 at 4:28 pm

    A Bullingdon Bilderberger with foeces for brains? Absolutely!!!

    It is self evident that this puerile little puppet was summoned to Bilderberger that he might be bullied by American Banksters or Obama into taking a fully pro EU line as hope must be curtailed that a British minister might actually re-present the views of those that politicians are elected to…err…re-present. Now Mr Bully Bullingdon Bilderberger has been told to behave and re-present the globalist mafia as he is agreed to do to be allowed to enter office.

    Why are british people sitting still for these malevolent gangsters???

  4. 4 grahamwood32 10/06/2013 at 5:16 pm

    An excellent comment by Rodney Atkinson in a letter to the Express.. Worth quoting:

    “David Cameron says Britain must be “at the top table. At the UN. The Commonwealth. NATO. The WTO. The G8. The G20. And yes – the EU. Membership of these organisations is not national vanity – it is in our national interest.”

    But only one of these organisations requires us to surrender our democratic sovereignty (how can it be in the national interest to abolish the national state?). And that organisation – the European Union – is the most disastrous supranational power in the world with a complete lack of democratic accountability, an all powerful bureaucratic elite, a declining share of world trade, social and welfare collapse in the Mediterranean countries, unemployment averaging 12% with rates for individual countries up to 26% and youth unemployment of well over 50% in Greece and Spain.

    If Mr Cameron thinks such “success” is worth the surrender of our 800 year old constitution then he is in a tiny minority. Indeed it is increasingly not even in the interests of big business and the City who are daily being crippled by EU regulation and are reversing their initial enthusiasm for the “European project”.

  5. 5 Edward Spalton 10/06/2013 at 9:05 pm

    This actually shows that Eton today is no better than Rutllish Grammar School was when John Major was a pupil. Major’s ambition was for Britain to be “at the heart of Europe” and I often wondered about geography teaching at his school. Now, it seems, Eton is no better and it used to have the reputation of turning out chaps who at least played for our side and not for a foreign government .

  6. 6 George Earle 11/06/2013 at 11:58 am

    As an OE who did National Service and then went to work rather than waste 3 years at university being stuffed with lefty nonsense, I would prefer to blame Oxford rather than my splendid old school for the foolishness of our current Leaders.

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