Is this what the UK government is pinning its energy generation hopes on?

For those who do not watch the American TV series ‘Revolution’ on Sky, the image above won’t mean much (*see bottom of this post for a brief explanation – no spoiler).  But those who do will understand this dismissal of the UK government’s increasingly unhinged energy policy and wishful thinking for keeping the lights on.

In an ICM survey of more than 2,000 people carried out in the UK for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 64% of respondents said they were worried about the prospect of power cuts, and 93 percent said they are concerned about higher gas and electricity bills.  Their concerns are entirely justified.

But what is both striking and disturbing is the language used by a spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change when asked to comments on the findings.  They are reported as saying:

The U.K. energy system is, by international standards, extremely resilient.  We are confident that the reforms we’re introducing, the cross-party support they enjoy, and the interest we’re seeing in the market, will mean the lights stay on for the long term.

The official response of the responsible government department only claims they are ‘confident’ the lights will stay on, not that ‘the lights will stay on’.  That should set alarm bells ringing – assuming there is sufficient power for them.

As for being resilient by international standards, perhaps when compared to Tanzania and Nepal it is today.  But thanks to the insane environmentalist-driven policy agenda being pursued by the government, which is shutting down reliable energy generating capacity and only replacing it with vague ambitions, hopes, platitudes and unreliable wind turbines, in years to come there will be less of a distinction.

There is also a reference in the Bloomberg story to government plans for new generators and grid upgrades, which leads us into a whole other dimension, the flaws about which have been rehearsed elsewhere in months gone by.  But in the context of the current focus the issues and possible solutions are worthy of revisiting, which we will do here later.

* I won’t spoil the plot for those who might decide to buy the Revolution box set in the future, but the plot line is that in a single event, all electrical power across the world has been turned off, but mysteriously when in close proximity to one of the pendants the any item with electrical circuitry works again.

7 Responses to “Is this what the UK government is pinning its energy generation hopes on?”

  1. 1 cjw1954 14/06/2013 at 3:11 pm

    How does “cross party support” keep the lights on?

    I suppose the pendant is for the few and its smart meters for the many.

  2. 2 StrongUnitedKingdom 14/06/2013 at 3:14 pm

    “vague ambitions, hopes, platitudes and unreliable wind” neatly sums up this govts deepest thoughts and actions on policy and leadership.

    One has good reason to suspect that Dave the Inactive believes the UK can run off a few solar panels and wind-turbines. He clearly has no idea of the scale of the problem, the inadequate grid, the increasing demand for power and the industrial players who are de-investing in this country as the energy supply cannot be guaranteed.

    Elsewhere I have heard the Chinese are opening 2-3 coal power stations a week to meet demand. Even if this figure is a litle high, they must be crying with laughter over our govts decision to turn the UK off in order to reduce CO2 following a BS decision to follow the BS AGW plot to support BS green taxes.

  3. 3 cjw1954 14/06/2013 at 3:21 pm

    Yes – we are taking on the task of reducing CO2 emissions single-handed, in the same way that we are educating Pakistan’s children, immunising half of Africa and bringing love and understanding to the Middle East.

  4. 4 Matthew 'Joe' Carr 14/06/2013 at 6:38 pm

    Oh come on… Alarm bells should be ringing when Cameron only offers a pitiful 1 million for an Idea on par with Penicillin,

    Face it, the Government is living in a pixie unicorn filled dream land… I mean those windmill… doesn’t Cameron’s Dad own a few of those? gets 1k per windmill a year? Face it… If we’d listened to Blair we’d have had a state of the art nuclear power plant completed and in operation by now with 3 more on the way.

  5. 5 Paul Homewood 14/06/2013 at 7:29 pm

    There’s an analysis here of the La La Land our energy policy is about to enter.

    Quite simply the numbers just don’t add up.

  6. 6 Paul Homewood 14/06/2013 at 7:33 pm


    If we’d listened to Blair we’d have had a state of the art nuclear power plant completed and in operation by now with 3 more on the way.

    It was Labour’s failure to get on with building nuclear 10 years ago that has saddled us with the current problem (and Brown’s selling off of Westinghouse).

    John Hutton tried to warn them, but was outnumbered.

    As for the idiot Milibrain, who saddled us with the Climate Change Act, enough said.

    BTW – Cameron’s father in law’s windmills were built and paid for by Labour.

  7. 7 JohnR 15/06/2013 at 8:29 am

    Still wandering around CO2 ?
    CO2 was never more than window-dressing for “reform” or “change” or “reducing waste”.
    The entire ideology is now reducing consumption, not providing more generation.
    With official “policy” now to lower consumption by at least 25% in the coming years, and coming fast !

    Click to access 7075-electricity-demand-reduction-consultation-on-optio.pdf

    Smart meters are not the innocuous items they may look to be. Changing billing cost by the hour (almost literally), you will have no alternative but to reduce usage as the cost triples (or more) as UK consumption peaks.
    People [some] are still wondering how “smart” meters are going to “turn off the cooker” when demand peaks…they won’t be when it hits them that they’re paying 50p/KWH at 1800z compared to 10p/KWH at 0300z.

    A look to the USA, where the process started, is illuminating.

    All thought-out over a decade ago, and now being rolled-out.
    Who said the state couldn’t plan a piss-up at a brewery ?

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