Sure Ken, leaving this lot would really damage the UK

Leaving the EU would damage the UK according to EUphile fanatic, Ken Clarke.  Apparently, leaving the EU would result in fewer jobs and higher prices.

Well, it might if the EU was the same as the single market, but the two are very different beasts.  Clarke is demonstrating hubris born of him being wedded to the advent of a single political entity based in Brussels, with member states assimilated into one body politic and in control of nothing of consequence.  To realise his dream, Clarke is making deliberately deceitful and misleading threats such as the one above concerning trade.

But when it comes to letting the EU determine for us what trade agreements we sign up to and what conditions we have imposed on us, all is not as rosy as Clarke would have us imagine it to be.

News filtering out from Canada reveals that the trade agreement currently being negotiated between Ottawa and Brussels – the biggest deal for Canada since its agreement with the US – is in trouble.  Canada’s Globe and Mail explains that:

Canadian trade negotiators are running up against bureaucratic infighting among European Union officials, who are backing away from earlier commitments in talks for a Canada-EU trade deal – increasing the chances Stephen Harper will return home empty-handed after a week-long trip to the region.

One of the Canadian negotiators has gone on to reveal that:

The EU side seems increasingly incapable of getting its act together to close a deal.  The various competing directorates within the EU are fighting each other, which is leading to erratic moves such as backing away from earlier commitments – actions that are on the verge of bad faith. The EU has to demonstrate it’s serious about cutting a deal.

While the EU exhibits bad faith with the Canadians, the UK is powerless to hammer out a deal independently with the Canadians because we are not at that Top Table, so beloved of David Cameron, and do not have the right to agree anything outside the EU’s common position.  This is British influence in the EU laid bare.

It is against this backdrop that, according to Cameron, Clarke and the rest of the pro-EU incompetents, the UK would be harmed by extracting itself from the EU’s political structures.  Yeah, it will be really painful leaving behind a grouping that can’t get its act together on anything other than how to afford itself ever more control over us.

4 Responses to “Sure Ken, leaving this lot would really damage the UK”

  1. 1 prometheus1938 18/06/2013 at 3:52 pm

    Think we should make a deal on behalf of the Commomwealth. Then if EU kick us out thats up to them. Worth a try i think. After all there are plenty of EU States who don’t follow the EU code book already.

  2. 2 StrongUnitedKingdom 18/06/2013 at 4:07 pm

    With its collective skill set stuck firmly within the remit of how to bleed the expenses system dry, another veil of office falls from the EU. Over-regulation, the ability to hose money away without trace and mis-manage everything (but debt and unemployment growth) does not make them competent to run a bath, let alone international trade agreements.

    Not sure how to check this but I am 99% certain that the UK already has a full-fat trade agreement in place with Canada. So this is another case of the EU screwing up something we already have. We can add that to the list of: Fishing, farming, sovereignty, stability, democracy, constitution, a full working legal system, energy security, etc.

  3. 3 BulloPill 18/06/2013 at 11:04 pm

    The EU becomes daily more like a madhouse. That the Canadians have found one part of the (expensive) EU bureaucracy can’t agree with another comes as no surprise.

    An orderly exit under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is the way ahead for this nation, coincident with whatever unilateral trade agreements we can reach. What a tragedy that none of our elected representatives, or those aspiring to become such, seem to be offering this.

    I remember “Commonwealth Preference” in trade with Canada and other Commonwealth nations. I’m not so sure they’d be all that interested now, after the way Wilson & Heath shredded the official commercial relations back in the 1970’s, in their zeal to get into the Common Market.

  4. 4 Brian H 19/06/2013 at 6:41 am

    Since the Commission is a bureaucracy-jungle full of wannabe Empire builders, nothing else can ever be expected. It’s battles for territory, all the way down.

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