Seeking permission from the European Union…

Remember how the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband keep prattling on about a strong and independent UK within the European Union?

The extent of that strength and independence is shown up for what it is today in the story about a desire to extend a scheme that grants certain rural areas a discount in the amount of fuel duty they pay.  The scheme is designed to offset the additional expense of getting fuel to remote areas with a smaller customer base, so the total paid per litre is not too much more expensive than elsewhere in the country.

So independent is the UK, the government does not have the right to extend the scheme to other rural areas.  Instead it must ask permission from the European Commission.

Despite this being an exclusively domestic matter, the people elect by those who see any point in voting do not have the power to do this without permission from foreign politicians and bureaucrats.  That power was given away, without our consent, by the same political class that now has to go cap in hand to Brussels in humiliating fashion asking to be allowed to do something within our own borders.

If Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Iceland want to reduce the duty on fuel, they can just do it through their own structures.  They don’t need anyone else’s permission.  These four countries are independent and work in their own interests.  They are also part of the single market through their membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), enabling goods and services to flow in and out of their countries without being hindered by the constraints of the EU customs union.

This subject is a superb illustration of what the campaign to leave the EU is all about.  It is about throwing off the political control Brussels has over this country.  It has nothing to do with trade, or employment that is underpinned by it.

David Cameron and his pro-EU sockpuppets at Open Europe, the CBI and Roland Rudd’s PR business, don’t want voters to understand the difference between the political EU and being part of the European Economic Area (EEA).  Leaving the EU and its political control does not mean we have to give up access to the single market and economic benefits that can be realised.  There is an alternative, a stepping stone if you will, provided by joining EFTA.

What’s that you say?  EFTA countries have no say over EU laws but have to implement them anyway?  You heard David Cameron, Concrete Willy Hague, Open Europe, the CBI and even Norway’s foreign minister say so?  Think again.

The reality is very different.  The political class all want to be part of a political union that voters oppose.  So to stop us rocking the boat and preventing them from serving their own selfish interests, they have lied about the reality while their media hangers on have doggedly refused to expose the dishonesty.

The world they want will see the UK having to ask the EU for permission to do things ever more often for ever more activities.  That is what any future referendum is about.  It’s about the politics for sure.  Do we decide for ourselves how this country is run?  Or do we leave the decisions to people who we do not elect, cannot remove and who are not accountable to us?  But most important of all, this issue is about one overarching thing…

It is about democracy.

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