Scraping the bottom of the barrel with no sense of shame

After a weekend offline, savouring the rugby and the dubious delights of preparing the garden for autumn, a visit of the news sites reveals the Guardian’s War on Murdoch continues apace.

It is not a battle about media plurality, if it were then the Guardian’s broadcast arm, aka the BBC, would be in Rusbridger’s sights, so overwhelming is its news media presence on TV, radio and the internet.  No, this fight is about limiting the scope and reach of an alternative to the Guardian/BBC worldview and their nasty left wing agenda.

Having done the ‘phone hacking’ story to death, including a number of serious false claims and errors that were played down when corrected; and having managed to ensure the Guardian-connected Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer protected Rusbridger’s brother-in-law, David Leigh from arrest and prosecution – despite his self confessed illegal behaviour in listening to other people’s voicemails – today the Guardian changes tack and marks a new low even for that hateful low circulation rag. using a new proxy.

The employment of Chris Huhne, the disgraced convicted criminal and confessed serial liar, to attack Murdoch, is not just desperate, it is reprehensible.  The BBC shares the shame, kissing the Guardian’s loss-making behind and pushing the story with gusto on the radio this morning.  He still will not accept responsibility for his own actions without heavy caveats and excuses, but the Guardian is delighted to use him as a tool to service its own ends – just like the climate change businesses that are filling Huhne’s pockets with cash in return for advice on how best to corrupt and milk the system.

Inside the parallel universe in which Huhne resides, where inverted morality holds sway and people ascribe responsibility for their actions to someone else, who they then attack for it, it is held that Murdoch and his press are responsible for corroding public trust in politicians.  No, really.  Huhne tries to find an angle for his attack by suggesting the reason why the News of the World put what he tries to describe as so many resources, into proving his affair with Carina Trimmingham, was that he had called for the police to re-open the phone hacking investigation.

So the demise of the saintly Huhne, which began with the exposure of his extra-marital affair (one of many if his children are to be believed) only started because of his selfless desire to aid the Guardian’s noble campaign to nail News International’s impropriety and right some wrongs into the bargain (but not it seems any comeuppance for the Guardian’s David Leigh, naturally).  Then, wails Huhne, the Murdoch press ‘groomed’ his wife into spilling the beans about his criminal act of pressuring her into taking his speeding points to avoid a driving ban.  He bleats that:

The Crown Prosecution Service loves a celebrity trial. It was the end of my political career, and it locked up my ex-wife too. She was just another “burned contact” for the Murdoch press.

Burned contacts?  The Guardian knows all about burning contacts.  Remember how they used then turned on Julian Assange?  Where were they after coaxing a story out of Edward Snowden, then running for cover to avoid prosecution themselves?

As an exercise in self justification and an effort to sanitise oneself, Huhne’s outrageously manipulative piece is an absolute masterclass.  Oh the unfairness of it all.  Sure it was his fault, but…  For a pathological and selfish liar such as Huhne there always has to be someone else to blame.  He refuses to accept the reality that public trust in politicians is not because of media actions, but the behaviour of lying, corrupt and self serving parasites such as himself.  There has to be a conspiracy behind it.  Perhaps this piece may spark something of a reaction from James Murdoch when he reads the following passage:

The wider lesson is a liberal leitmotif: it is the duty of politicians to combat concentrations of power wherever they are, private or public, business or state. Time and again, Murdoch has used his media muscle to bulldoze a way for his business interests. In 2010 he wanted to buy all of Sky, and needed Vince Cable’s approval. His son James even came to lobby me. The implicit offer was: back us, and we will back you.

That is quite some accusation and I’m sure Huhne has evidence by way of a witness or a record of the meeting’s discussion to back up his claim.   Or perhaps he expects the public to take him at his word…?

Huhne of course says nothing about the Guardian’s use of media muscle and its effective editorial control of the BBC and left wing MPs, a much bigger stick than anything Murdoch wields, to force the capitulation of Tiny Rowland after a smear campaign so it could buy the Observer. Then there’s the way they undermined the Conservative government by going after the idiot Neil Hamilton for cash for questions – something he still denies and for which there is a substantial amount of material that suggests that some of the Guardian’s evidence and witness statements were fabricated.

What this all goes to show is that as long as one is happy to preach the Guardian’s gospel by talking up left wing concerns, climate alarmism, attacks on the British entity and identity, or servicing the assault on Murdoch, no amount of criminal activity, viciousness or sickening mindset is enough to preclude anyone from a platform and copious column inches.  It’s a bit like the Guardian saying, that person is a pathetic scumbag, but he’s their kind of pathetic scumbag so he’s OK.

The whole attack on Murdoch, now rejoined by Huhne, is nakedly political and self serving.  It has nothing to do with public interest and everything to do with preserving a liberal dominance of the news media in the UK, where the Guardian (despite its tumbling sales), the BBC and the Press Association work together to push a slanted narrative or exclude stories unhelpful to the ‘progressives’ from the coverage they dominate.  This is the journalism of the gutter, shamelessly executed.

UPDATE:  A Mail hack has kindly done a piece that compares some of Huhne’s self-pitying cant with the reality his deluded mind has tried to airbrush from the record.  It reinforces what a lying, discredited, unreliable, untrustworthy, arrogant and conceited tosser Huhne is.  But the Guardian loves him.

10 Responses to “Scraping the bottom of the barrel with no sense of shame”

  1. 1 maureen gannon 09/09/2013 at 12:24 pm

    As soon as I heard this on the news ,admittedley not as succint as yours AM but along the same lines, the man is a crook , was given a cushy number for a sentence , walks into a high paying job on release , and has the full frontal to blame Murdoch.for his crime being found out , it’s obvious his wife did it in revenge and good on her, she must have approached the Murdoch media for them to expose his crime.

  2. 2 fjpickett 09/09/2013 at 12:24 pm

    “he’s their kind of pathetic scumbag”

    Absolutely. Another of his excuses (in the comments below his piece) is that ‘to err is human’, which is effectively saying that everybody does it. We do, Mr Huhne, but most of us try not to.

  3. 3 Peter Martin (@JunkkMale) 09/09/2013 at 12:37 pm

    The Guardian and BBC are getting pwnd for running this, which they foolishly opted to do, across their entire broadcast and online estates too.

    And they are paying the price. Last time I saw carnage like this was the 10:10 ad, which the Guardian trumpeted and the BBC sucked up to, until it all went very shape of the pear and they both went into crisis mode, closing blogs and running away to mummy.

    On the day of the PAC inquiry, with media plurality yet to come, about as dumb an attempt at distraction from their own manifest failings as it was possible to conjure, bless ’em. Karma can be a capricious minx.

  4. 4 Edward. 09/09/2013 at 2:38 pm

    A vehement piece, a condemnation and an abrasive one at that AM, well said, very well said.

  5. 5 Richard Drake 09/09/2013 at 2:59 pm

    Great commentary and one small typo:

    … as along as one is happy to preach the Guardian’s gospel …

    Well done for capturing so much of the truth without over-praising Murdoch, Hamilton et al.

  6. 6 Autonomous Mind 09/09/2013 at 3:34 pm

    Good spot, Richard. Thanks. Typo corrected.

  7. 7 angela ellis-jones 09/09/2013 at 4:21 pm

    The bare-faced cheek of this man!
    What a fool he’s making of himself!

  8. 8 Mark B 09/09/2013 at 8:34 pm

    Huhne, typical of the breed, clearly has no shame. The Guardian, clearly displays that it too lives in a moral vacuum.

    They deserve each other and, intern will one day share the same fate.

  9. 9 Brian H 10/09/2013 at 8:59 am

    Richard Drake 09/09/2013 at 2:59 pm

    Great commentary and one small typo:

    … as along as one is happy to preach the Guardian’s gospel …

    Well done for capturing so much of the truth without over-praising Murdoch, Hamilton et al.

    And another: to services its own

  10. 10 Brian H 10/09/2013 at 9:03 am

    Brings to mind a long-term study that claimed children most adept at lying, and then brazening it out, later made the best (most successful) politicians.

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