Mainstream journalists have “a powerful reputation for accuracy” and bloggers are “no more than electronic versions of pub gossip”

Time and again that deluded tool of special interests, Lord Justice Leveson, will eat those words in return for his rank ignorance and opinionated myopia.

There is nothing that destroys the trust people have in a movement, or its credibility, or indeed undermines its objectives, as comprehensively, as being shown to be wilfully spreading inaccurate or knowingly false information.  But that is exactly what the Daily Express stands accused of today.

As Richard explains on EU Referendum, leading Eurosceptic journalist Christopher Booker, was approached by a newspaper who asked him to write a ‘robust’ commentary on the ‘plan’ by the EU Commission to ban the Union Flag from British meat packs.  Booker, along with Richard who often provides much needed forensic research expertise, soon discovered there is actually no such plan and went back to the newspaper concerned to tell them there was no story – foregoing what likely amounts to a four figure fee in the process.

This was after the Daily Express had contacted the European Commission about this ‘story’ only to be told it was not true.  Rather than dropping the piece, having been unable to deliver the narrative it wanted, the Express had commissioned John Ingham to write an article about this non existent plan the Express published despite the editorial team knowing it to be false.

An absence of fact checking is bad enough for the financed and resourced legacy media, but publishing a story for which they have been told there is no evidence and no basis in fact, is reprehensible.  This lack of integrity, this unprincipled behaviour, is damaging to the Eurosceptic cause.  If the Express knowingly published this story having been told it is false, how many other times have they done the same thing?  How much more false material is there waiting to harm the case for withdrawing from the EU?

As if this isn’t bad enough, it seems this false story has elicited outraged commentary from people whose very job necessitates them to sort fact from fiction using vast resources available to them.

Yes, that’s right.  UKIP’s seemingly infinite capacity for failing to do detail and instead shooting from the lip, has seen Paul Nuttall MEP, the party’s Deputy Leader, quoted on the UKIP party website as saying:

The EU is has launched this horrible offensive against national identity and scrapping appearances of the national flag is a way of doing that.

Consumers look for simple symbols like that when they buy meat to know they are buying British. We already have food supply chains that are far too long and British shoppers have lost faith in supermarket stock since the horse meat scandal.

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if shoppers instead are faced with the ring of stars logo instead. Well the general public are losing faith rapidly in the EU and will be seriously offended by these latest moves.

Really it makes more sense to be offended by something real rather than imagined, but hey ho.  With UKIP offering official comment that condemns plans that don’t exist, perhaps the faith the general public will lose will be in what the party has to say on EU matters.  On reflection, despite my regular complaints that UKIP is failing in its role by not using its platform to counter Europhile FUD, it is probably a blessing that its spokesman and MEPs stay silent on such EU related matters.  They should stick to filling vacant parish council seats until they can get their act together.

By knowingly publishing a false story the Daily Express is making fools of its readers and treating them with appalling contempt.  Rather than bolster the Eurosceptic cause they may well have done the opposite. So much for the mainstream media’s ‘powerful reputation for accuracy’.  It was a blogger who flagged up the media’s error and demonstrated integrity by setting the record straight.  Electronic pub gossip, or reliable and accurate guardian of the truth, m’lud?

The only way to defeat the Europhiles and their campaign of FUD is with the truth, with facts and with evidence.  The Express is therefore not an ally of our cause, but a ticking time bomb that could blow it apart.  The paper’s editors and journalists need to shape up or sod off.  We don’t need or want what they’re bringing to the table.

9 Responses to “Mainstream journalists have “a powerful reputation for accuracy” and bloggers are “no more than electronic versions of pub gossip””

  1. 1 Clarence 17/09/2013 at 10:06 pm

    This is the same Brian Leveson whose report thought that “Brett Straub” (a 25-year-old US male) was a founder of The Independent newspaper (1986).

  2. 2 TomO 17/09/2013 at 10:49 pm

    shape up or sod off – indeed

    exasperating to see UKIP playing me too – but not unexpected – licking the rather unpleasant rear end of the MSM seems par for the course.

    Unless things change quite a bit – the braying buffoons will flush their credibility right down the toilet likely letting the Labour Party in by default….

    UKIP need to get a credible PR team sorted – shooting from the hip like this is going to kill them all.

  3. 3 Edward. 18/09/2013 at 12:39 am

    “deluded tool” indeed he is.

    Leveson, his vaunting arrogance and imperious with it, is only exceeded by his blockhead ruminations on all things blogging and the like.

    Concerning the Daily Express, that risible reportage was inane and not at all helpful to the secessionist cause.

    I long grew tired of the Daily Express with its morbid fascination in the death of an unfortunate girl who thought she loved and then mistakenly married a distant man who happened to belong to the Saxe Coburg-Gotha family.
    Enough is enough.

    Lately I perceive that, the Daily Express is not anti EU at all, just like the other newspaper, or rag – that the Express likes to think of as a rival, namely the Daily Mail. The Express plays to its readership, quite what its directors and owners actually think is probably the diametric, to the guff it now prints.

  4. 4 David Jones 18/09/2013 at 7:10 am

    I watched Leveson’s “I need no lessons” rant at the start of inquiry proceedings one morning and immediately thought what a self-important, shallow little man he was.

    His speech you quoted certainly confirmed that.

    Every day the legacy media and the bloggers prove Leveson got it precisely arse about face.

    What a prat!

  5. 5 PatrickC 18/09/2013 at 11:52 am

    Come on, a little charity please. The Express needs the circulation, they can only get that by stirring up the passions of those who might feel strongly on some issues. UKIP strikes me as being ready to cut off their own noses, shoot themselves in both feet and possibly somewhere more sensitive just to get noticed.

    Journalists objective? The news media ‘balanced and fair’? Hardly.

  6. 6 Furor Teutonicus 18/09/2013 at 2:07 pm

    XX The Express is therefore not an ally of our cause, but a ticking time bomb that could blow it apart. XX

    Aye, and they KNOW that. They are no more “anti E.U” than van rumopy pumpy, or whatever the baldy bespectacled idiot is called.

  7. 7 Pete 18/09/2013 at 4:42 pm

    EU to ban “British” Flag on ENGLISH Meat!.

    The “UK” Misgovernment of England has already banned the English flag from English products.

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