Are you bored of the engineered Daily Mail – Ralph Miliband – Ed Miliband saga yet?

The media is masturbatory and therefore loves nothing more than satisfying itself through its fetish for stories about the media.  The major issues of real consequence are an irrelevance and ignored, presumably because they require application and journalistic rigour that is sadly obsolete within the UK media corps.

But this moronic spat does have some value – exposing as it does the hypocrisy of some of those directly involved and some of those who pontificate about it in their self appointed roles as ‘political commentators’.

First off we have the sick-inducing, BBC favourite ‘moderate Muslim’, Mehdi Hassan.  After his ‘commentary’ in the exploitative Huffington Post and his comments on BBC Question TIme that have attacked the Daily Mail, that paper has let it be known that just three years ago, Hassan was rent-seeking a regular pay cheque there with a gushing, arse licking letter asking to be given a column.  In return he promised to attack Labour from a leftist pespective.

Readers with an interest in these things will be aware that Hassan has been castigating the Mail since long before his begging letter asking to go on its payroll.  His scathing comments about the paper’s coverage of Ralph Miliband were not those of an honourable person suddenly realising the Mail could and would plumb the depths.  Hassan has always asserted such.  It was not the behaviour of a decent person who loves this country and its people, because we know what the Islamic supremacist bigot Hassan thinks of the British.  Below is a reminder…

Then there is Ed Miliband himself.  Wrapping himself in the cloak of decency in order to attack the Mail’s indecency in respect of his father’s views and opinions.  Miliband is playing the sympathy card ruthlessly.  Presenting himself as whiter than white, purer than pure, making a stand against character assassination and that indecency that so turns people off.

At least that is what he does when he is pursuing an agenda – in this instance, government regulation of the press.  But when he is in more private moments, among friends with his guard down, that veneer of respectability is cast off to reveal happy indulgence of those who revel in exhibiting hatred and distasteful sentiments, as Helen demonstrates with the sharing of this picture on her blog…


Ah, hypocrisy.  There’s nothing quite like it.

6 Responses to “Hypocrisy”

  1. 1 Andy Baxter 05/10/2013 at 9:39 am

    yes all very tedious but I can’t help thinking that there is a hidden agenda at play? Stirring up yet more anti press feeling towards curbing ‘freedom of the press’ and by definition dissent amongst bloggers and other icons of free speech!

    I wonder…?

  2. 2 Autonomous Mind 05/10/2013 at 11:03 am

    Not much wondering needed, Andy. I don’t even think the agenda is hidden. This is all about silencing those outside the bubble when they have something inconvenient to say about the political class.

  3. 3 Katabasis 05/10/2013 at 2:07 pm

    I wonder how much longer Andrew Neil is going to last given that he tweeted this yesterday:

    “Really enjoyed being on #cnn. Chance to talk about important global issues rather than Westminster village bollocks.”

  4. 4 Ken Whittaker 06/10/2013 at 12:56 am

    Slightly off topic but a little research has revealed that Ralph Miliband served in the Belgian Section of the Royal Navy during the war. This suggests a love of Belgium rather than of Britain. Also, as an able-bodied young man he would have been expected (or even compelled) to play his part in the war effort. In short, his war record does not necessarily mean that he did not hate Britain.

  5. 5 Autonomous Mind 06/10/2013 at 10:09 am

    Kata, very interesting comment from Neil. Just on Thursday night, David Dimbleby was mocking Quentin Letts for the suggestion a BBC editorial line was being pursued on QT that Dimbleby has to follow, Now here’s Neil suggesting he’s limited as to the topics of discussion on the Daily Politics. I have a feeling one is more right than the other.

  6. 6 Adam West 07/10/2013 at 2:18 am

    Ken Whittaker said: “In short, his war record does not necessarily mean that he did not hate Britain.”

    Neither does a loathing of monarchy and the way in which we are governed. I am somewhat uneasy with the way opposition to particular British institutions has been casually shaped by the media into hatred of a nation.

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