Each time a provider has put up their prices, Labour has spun its smoke and mirrors on their ludicrous plan for a 20 month price freeze.  Meanwhile the Tories have said people need to change provider to get a cheaper deal.

Both are trying to convince the public they want to ‘do something’ even though both have laid the blame for the huge and continuing price rises at the door of the energy providers and have tried to ignore the government’s significant role in driving up energy costs – which are far greater than the 10% admitted to by DECC.

But today, against a backdrop of Tories and Socialists at least going through the motions of claiming they want to see the rapidly increasing burden of energy prices reduced, the Lib Dem energy minister, Ed Davey, has said he is pledging to turn the screw even harder.

I am not going to give up on renewable energy, they are not going to touch it, and I am not going to betray the fuel poor. That’s for me is a complete red line. I feel passionate about that.

The green taxes we have been pushing as Liberal Democrats in this government have been extraordinarily successful and point to an extremely green, clean energy future. They’re not being touched and they won’t be touched. It’s incredibly important for investors that they hear that.

His pledge to help the fuel poor just creates more fuel poor to pay for it.  But his real priority is renewables.  He wants to carpet bomb the country with wind turbines so he can rid the energy mix of coal fired energy – at a time when environmentalist Germany is building more competitive and reliable coal fired plants, to ensure its people and industry can afford to power homes and businesses.

While Germany thinks about its power needs and acts on them, Britain has the insipid Davey thinking about investors’ needs and crippling consumers.  These investors are the people and companies that coin in a fortune from our taxes and energy levies to put up wind turbines that earn them vast sums, even when the turbines deliver only around a 1/5th of their energy capacity – and they even make money when the turbines generate nothing!  It is ideology-driven insanity.

The sustainability agenda has a new figurehead in the UK.  Ed Davey, a man who is guilty of dogged determination to make things worse because he refuses to accept his direction is damaging.

He thinks he is a force for good.  He is merely a puppet of delusional environmentalists, with little concept of the real world and is in thrall to those who believe humans are a plague that should be controlled, by reversing industrial progress and undoing the humanitarian progress that has enabled many people of even meagre means to heat the property they live in.

Ed Davey is possibly the most dangerous extremist in this country today.  The damage he is capable of wreaking far exceeds that of armed terrorists.  His sustainability jihad should be of serious concern to everyone who does not have a parasitic interest in making money from underperforming novelties that attract ludicrously inflated feed in tariffs: and whose low output must be purchased by energy providers irrespective of the cost – the pain of which is then borne by all powerless energy consumers.

Davey is out of control and impervious to the wishes of the people.  He is aided in this by the fact we do not have democratic control that enables this idiot to be called to account.  More than any other politician today, he embodies the pressing need for structural reform of governance in this country to ensure people have the power, not dictatorial ideologues elected by around 28,000 voters in one corner of south west London.

10 Responses to “Guilty”

  1. 1 Edward. 26/10/2013 at 1:15 am

    Miliband, his Marxist cohorts on the long march and the Lib dems are peas out of the same pod.

    The alarmist propaganda never stops even though the ‘warming’ gave up the ghost almost 20 years ago. Agitprop for the kids and warming bilge for the others, the reds are marching to a green tune nowadays.

    The Green Agenda, the politics of redistribution and consequences of a climate Act and renewable energy; carpeting the landscape and seascape with windfarms and other such technologies which are a regression back to before the age of steam.
    The logical outcome to all of this – is back to the fields and redolent of Mao’s ‘cultural revolution’ of the 1950’s – Mao murdered upwards of 50 million of his own citizens.

    The furies of Hell and by Zeus Almighty – did 28 thousand souls really put an x besides Davey’s name and actually vote for that woeful eejit?

    A bloke, Davey who is so very obviously out of his depth – and it must be said – like much or all of the political claque infesting the corridors of power in the UK.

    They say, “follow the money”. And it is true – so many of the wide boys who ferret away in investment banks and hedge funds and industrial conglomerates – are making a financial killing on the backs of rigidly imposed – taxpayer/domestic consumer funded idiocies such as wind farms and solar arrays and in the carriages are many politicians who also are riding this enormous gravy train.

    What worries, is that Davey though it’s difficult to see clearly but this driven lad has no obvious sources of outside income and directorships – and having said that: isn’t it the [green] fanatics that we must really fear?

  2. 2 qed 26/10/2013 at 1:47 am

    ……as charged.

    Ed ‘if you’re cold put a jumper on’ Davey could be busy. People are starting to organise:

    “Britain’s biggest pensioners’ organisation, the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) has today launched an online poster campaign urging its 1.5m members to email energy secretary Ed Davey over the number of older people that die every year of cold related illnesses. The campaign comes as the debate around fuel prices intensifies and follows an announcement by Public Health England that those in fuel poverty should heat fewer rooms and at different temperatures.”

    Nearly 30% of people in his constituency are over 55 and 7 May 2015 is not long.

  3. 3 Mark B 26/10/2013 at 6:36 am

    I came across Ed Davey many, many years ago, well before the last election. It was on a matter unconnected with this but of, shall we say, mutual interest. At the time two things struck me about him. He seem a well meaning chap, if rather clueless.

    Fast-forward to today and I find myself thinking that, the former of those two maybe under some doubt. However, as to the later I feel totally vindicated.

  4. 4 theboillingfrog 26/10/2013 at 10:50 am

    I struggle to describe Davey in relatively mild terms such as ‘clueless’ and ‘delusional’. Perhaps he is but he openingly acknowledges that green taxes mean higher bills…

    … and he also knows the impact higher bills have, not least because the big increases in extra ordinary winter death statistics tell him.

    Higher bills mean more deaths; he supports higher bills knowing full well the fatal consequences. Thus I would describe him in far more robust terms that I won’t repeat on this blog.

  5. 5 blackswansblog 26/10/2013 at 10:54 am

    Impeachment is the answer

  6. 6 Autonomous Mind 26/10/2013 at 11:04 am

    It’s OK TBF – feel free to describe him as you see fit.

  7. 7 tux1952 26/10/2013 at 11:08 am

    Can anyone (that includes you, Mr Davey) explain to me precisely what impact these so called green/renewable energy policies have had on the global environment?

  8. 8 Autonomous Mind 26/10/2013 at 11:24 am

    I can! Me, me! Oooooooo, meeee! Please…!

    The answer is none, sir.

  9. 9 cosmic 26/10/2013 at 10:05 pm

    Davey may be a delusional fanatic, who has, through particular quirks in the electoral system and the bargaining which has taken place ourside the electoral process, has found himself in a position where he can have enormous influence, however, I’d suggest that his naivete makes him less dangerous than some of his more savvy counterparts.

    The purpose of green energy policy, is of course, to make energy so expensive that it’s rationed. I suspect this is a forerunner of more formal rationing schemes which have been explored and abandoned through ideas such as a personal carbon allowance.

    Realising that now that this is becoming obvious and unpopular, the race is on to distract attention from the root cause; a windfall tax on energy companies who are being painted as profiteers and a shift away from financing green energy through bills to general taxation; a price freeze.

    As well as the obvious effects of punishing the old and the poor directly through bills, artifically dear energy has a generally inflationary effect, again failling disproportionately on the old and the poor.

  10. 10 fenbeagleblog 27/10/2013 at 11:52 am

    He is going against the findings of his own DECC sponsored John Hills report that identified green taxes to pay for renewable energy as adding to fuel poverty and impacting disproportionately on the poor. It was only the green taxes used for insulation for the poor, that didn’t add to fuel poverty.

    He is adding to fuel poverty, and lying about helping the fuel poor. His own commissioned report says so.

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