All hail defiant David of the Mail on Sunday

In 1992 Murdoch’s editor boasted after the Conservative election victory ‘It’s the Sun wot won it‘.  Now we have another part of the media claque trying to suggest it alone is defiantly leading the way in exposing the menace of eco-propaganda.  No, really.

They can’t just write about a story, they have to be seen to ‘own’ it and give the impression only they know about it and have researched it and brought it to public attention.

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David Rose has undoubtedly helped spread the word to a wider audience when it comes to climate change deception and how green subsidies added to our bills and taxes are causing the prices to rise.  It is important work.  But to claim that the Mail on Sunday ‘defiantly leads the way‘ as its derivative content focuses on issues that have long since been brought front and centre on EU Referendum and the Christopher Booker over the course of many months, is just hilarious.  Still, if it makes David Rose feel important…

2 Responses to “All hail defiant David of the Mail on Sunday”

  1. 1 thespecialone 27/10/2013 at 5:34 pm

    Bit of a difficult one this. David Rose has been good exposing the green agenda in the DM & MoS which are, I believe, the most read ‘newspaper’ sites in the world. But yes it is a bit strange that they believe they have been leading the way. Their former ‘science’ journalist Michael Hanlon (sp?) declared that he believed in man made global warming some time ago but I have not seen articles from him for some while. But lets face it, having the DM/MoS ‘onside’ is a good thing. You will never expect the BBC/ITV/SKY/Guardian/Independent exposing the truth of course but I personally am glad that the ‘right-wing’ (whatever that means) media have seen the light.

  2. 2 Edward. 28/10/2013 at 12:25 am

    David Rose, when all said and done has certainly not been leading on anything ‘green lunacy’ but at least he is spreading the word, if somewhat tardily.

    These are the challenged mentalists – we have to really worry about.

    Get a load of this slobbering drivel:

    am not a scientist. As a minister, I rely on the opinion of experts including the government chief scientist, the Meteorological Office and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They do not share Lord Ridley’s views.

    The latest IPCC scientific analysis from 259 climate experts in 39 countries, reviewed by another 659 experts who dealt with 53,000 individual comments, is clear about the very real threat that dangerous man-made climate change poses to humankind. But if we followed Lord Ridley’s logic, presumably we wouldn’t just stop investing in clean energy but we would also slam the brakes on investing in long-term infrastructure, maybe stop preserving historic monuments, eat up the world’s resources, deplete oceans and hack down forests. Since the full consequences of our actions wouldn’t be felt for 57 years, why worry?

    Greg Barking, he really is that stupid – every time he opens his mouth he proves it.


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