Business, the EU, ‘reform’ and the Age of Ignorance

And the Europlastics are at it again…

A survey of more than 1,000 business leaders, from companies of all sizes and sectors, has found overwhelming backing for plans for an in-out referendum on Britain’s place in Europe, with 66% in favour, reports the pro-EU Daily Mail.

The story goes on to add that a total of 56% of those surveyed feel that ‘meaningful change’ of the UK’s relationship with Brussels requires treaty change and a relationship based simply on trade against 23 per cent who don’t. 

This shows us once again how EU membership (a purely political issue concerning sovereignty and decision making) is being mixed and confused with membership of the Single Market (a purely economic issue concerning trade).  By conflating the two, the Europhiles maintain the lie that we have to swallow the politics in order to benefit from the economics.  Once again there is no discussion or examination of the other opportunities that would available to the UK if it left the EU, which could be far more beneficial.

With UKIP having departed the field where the EU membership battle is being fought – and focusing itself on ignorant immigration pledges, train lines and water usage in urinals and toilets, rather getting the UK out of the EU – the Mail turns for comment to its usual useful idiots, who still push the false option of EU reform and perpetuate the lie that our involvement in the EU (in all its previous guises) was only ever intended to be about trade.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of Business for Britain, said:

It will come as a surprise to many that a nationwide and representative poll of business leaders finds a clear majority support EU treaty change and a return to a trading relationship.

The reason is clear – most business leaders think the costs of the Single Market outweigh its benefits. Now that business has spoken, the pressure is on the Government to get a better deal from Brussels and make life easier for Britain’s job creators.

There it is… ‘return to a trading relationship’ says Elliott.  A relationship that never existed.  Yet of course the truth must never be allowed to get in the way of an agenda.  If Elliott was serious about ‘reform’ he would explain that we got to this stage because the European project has only ever been about legal and political union. Economics and trade were used merely as strategic enablers, helping along the political aims while concealed in plain view.

Adding to Elliott’s misinformation, the Mail adds comment from Alan Halsall, co-chairman of Business for Britain and chairman of Silver Cross Prams, who said:

Business has, until now, been poorly represented in the debate on Britain’s EU membership. My own experience is one of overregulation combined with protectionism, even within the  Single Market, and we have therefore focussed on trading with the fast-growing markets in the Pacific region.

I often wonder why there aren’t more business people calling on the Government to make fundamental changes to our EU membership.

This poll demonstrates that I and hundreds of thousands of other UK business people are not alone in wanting to see a much better deal from Brussels.

Horse. Dead. Flogging.  The usual rubbish from the usual suspects.  The aim was always political so what need was there to engage business?

Then comes a classic illustration of the failure of business or the media to connect the dots or acknowledge the reality of how EU membership stops the UK from making international trade agreements, as the EU decides for the UK what the agreements will be and who they will be with:

The poll finds that British business is increasingly looking beyond Europe for new trade and would like the Government to do so too. By 58 per cent to 21 per cent British business leaders want to see the Government focus on the emerging economic powers like Brazil, China and India rather than the EU for future trading links.

Our trading links are dictated and controlled by the EU.  The government does not have the power or right to do anything.  With this being the case, why are these Europlastics banging on about reforming ‘Europe’ and its political project, when leaving the EU – perhaps adopting the Norway Option – would make the UK an independent nation state with autonomy that can free itself of the inward looking EU focus they say is holding them back?  Such stupidity.

The questions remain.  Why do these Europlastics continue to pursue the failing approach of shackling this country to a ‘middle man’ that only passes down to us for implementation decisions that have been made at a global level without our input and influence? 

How can they talk of being more outward looking, yet argue in favour of a settlement that means the UK still going without a seat at the real top table, and not having a voice on the committees and organisations where global decisions affecting trade across the globe with the very ’emerging economic powers’ British business is increasingly trying to build stronger ties with, are made?

We are clearly living in the Age of Ignorance.

4 Responses to “Business, the EU, ‘reform’ and the Age of Ignorance”

  1. 1 Clarence 01/11/2013 at 11:32 am

    Great piece but perhaps too generous.

    Yes, some business “leaders” are ignorant or stupid or both.

    Others, however, know full well that Britain’s hands are tied while it’s an EU member but they care not because *for them* membership’s benefits (eg the ability to offshore profits; the supply of cheap foreign labour; lobbying Brussels for legislation to strangle smaller rivals) outweigh everything else, including sovereignty and the reclamation of our place at the top (ie global) table.

    Big business, like the old media, is not an ally of ours.

    Regarding Elliot: anyone who says “return to a trading relationship” should be told that the last time Britain had solely “a trading relationship” with the EU, it wasn’t a member. Fine by me.

  2. 2 Autonomous Mind 01/11/2013 at 11:52 am

    Spot on, Clarence.

    Both the media and business put their interests first. We just pick up the pieces and make all the sacrifices.

  3. 3 TT 01/11/2013 at 4:28 pm

    It seems to me that a lot of this talk about economic benefits etc. are a smoke screen. They surely cannot be stupid enough to believe the guff they come out with in support of being in the EU. Most of these people are EU federalists and would have us in the Euro if they could but they dare not mention it because they know that it is not popular in the UK. So they come out with this economically and rationally illiterate nonsense to keep the whole charade going whilst the cancer that is the EU eats away at the last vestiges of our sovereignty and freedom. They know we are close to the tipping point of it being too late to extricate ourselves.

    It seems that the MSM and their paymasters, the BBC in particular, are complicit in this, rolling out the same quisling talking heads to trot out their lies and half truths time and time again. As AM has been pointing out, they never get to the root cause of issues which invariably lead back to some EU legislation. It’s like the deranged relative hidden in the loft that cannot be mentioned at any cost. It infuriates me when the BBC come out with mantra that the EU only features 7th or 8th on peoples list of priorities when all of the issues above it are either directly or indirectly hugely influenced by our membership of the EU! If you did a look through like you would do in accountancy, the EU would be top by a long margin. Is this ever pointed out by the BBC and MSM who are supposed to inform us? Is it ever………the last thing they want out there is the truth so their cushy little world and world view gets upset.

    It’s a shame you have to read blogs like this and RN’s to get anywhere near the truth. We need to find a way to get this out to a wider audience as the MSM won’t do it.

  1. 1 Why UKIP will hit the buffers | Autonomous Mind Trackback on 02/11/2013 at 2:27 pm
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