Oh, fuck right off

PC Mike Baillon, 42, quit his job after becoming the butt of jokes from fellow officers over a YouTube video of him battering the Range Rover of a 74-year-old driver. The video of PC Baillon wielding his truncheon became a YouTube sensation – with the tribunal being told it has been viewed online thousands of times. The tribunal heard PC Baillon walked out of his job after being ridiculed every day by his colleagues at the police station where he worked, reports the Daily Mail.

So, lets get this straight.  Because he got the hump about the (richly deserved) ribbing he got from other coppers for his extreme, thuggish and violent behaviour – he didn’t even attempt to ask the driver to open the door and then take the key – he walks out of the job, sues the police, and the poor bloody taxpayer picks up a bill for £430,000.  Poor bloody lamb.  This seems to be a case of small man syndrome by a petulant little pillock who looks like the stroppy type who would attract ridicule like turds attract flies and who probably only joined the force because it enabled him to throw his weight around.  They say this prat would have made Sergeant.  I would have pitied any copper who had this buffoon for a skipper.

Despite the worst efforts of some officers, there are still some decent old style thief takers in the UK’s police forces that deserve our respect.  Some of them experience real traumas in the course of their duties, but still get on with the job rather than take the easy option of leaving with a big payoff.  Even those that can’t cope after intensely stressful and emotional incidents that can be truly horrific at least leave for understandable reasons.  But being mocked by colleagues because of their own ridiculously over the top actions isn’t one of them.  No doubt his reaction to the mockery fuelled its continuation.

I for one am sick and bloody tired of people like this self absorbed idiot abusing public money to fund a lifestyle change, or to simply cash in because they see an opportunity to do so.  Apologies for the language, but sometimes….

And in other news…

The 6-year-old boy who was suspended from school because his parents refused to fill his lunch box with tofu, lettuce, carrot sticks and wheaten bread as per the school’s dictatorial ‘healthy eating’ policy, preferring to give him a sausage roll, or scotch egg and mini cheddars or other snack type foods, has now been expelled from his school – and his younger brother’s funded sessions at the school’s pre school have been withdrawn.  The school said:

If we are faced with a situation where a parent threatens to send a pupil into school with insufficient food to sustain them throughout the school day, it is a risk we simply cannot afford to happen.

This is the usual demonising, twisted doublespeak we have come to expect from the control freaks who are determined to take control of the upbringing of our children.  The issue was not insufficient food, rather the parents did not conform to the kind of food the school decided should be provided.

The school had said that it was extremely disappointing that the media have been provided with such grossly misleading information which has resulted in them running a wholly inaccurate and potentially damaging story for the school, yet its subsequent comments do not correct any of the original assertions, instead they reinforce them – particularly when the statement adds:

…during the course of a recent four day exclusion, the pupil’s parents made it publicly clear that their child would not be following the school’s policy on healthy eating upon their return.

Welcome to the glorious fruits of the quiet, slowburn cultural marxist revolution in action.

9 Responses to “Oh, fuck right off”

  1. 1 cosmic 05/02/2014 at 10:27 pm

    The world has in fact, gone mad.

  2. 2 Richard W. Jones (@richardwjones) 05/02/2014 at 11:45 pm

    Oh, it was wonderfully cathartic reading this. Back in August 1961, Pc Arthur Rowlands was on duty just outside Machynlleth where he came across some men acting strangely around a property. He challenged them, and was shot in the face by one of them. Pc Rowlands was severely injured and blinded for life. He shrugged his shoulders, recovered, and was awarded the George Medal for his part in capturing the burglars. A quiet and modest man, he went on to do a great deal of charitable work. HIs obituary can be found here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/arthur-rowlands-policeman-who-was-awarded-the-george-medal-8468693.html

    Compare and contrast with Pc Baillon.

  3. 4 Will Rees 06/02/2014 at 12:44 am

    Well you could protest….

    Happened at the fracking protest in Barton Moss on Jan 14th. The bloke in question had been camping overnight onsite, and his car was being repaired at a garage apparently. Was released without charge after 12 hours in the cells.

    What they were protesting about is another matter, but with the price of crude heading south not sure how much sense it makes at the mo

  4. 5 Edward. 06/02/2014 at 12:46 am

    £430K for this clown – because they laughed at him, bless him.

    Was he a shy fuzz? I bet he never put his name down for Fridays and Saturday night patrolling in the, any Town centre.

    What about some proportionate compensation for the families of lads killed in action and lads [and lasses] injured during engagements in Iraq, Afghanistan etc?

  5. 6 Brian H 06/02/2014 at 5:04 am

    Oh, well. At least he’s unemployable for life. He’d better watch his pence.

  6. 7 Derek Buxton 06/02/2014 at 11:30 am

    Two appalling cases at once, what is this once free Country coming too? I despair of ever seeing an end to the disaster being brought about by our own politicians and the endless busybodies ruining our lives. I just wish the government, ha ha, would govern in the interests of Country and the People, all the People. Not the special interest groups who wish us all ill!

  7. 8 StrongUnitedKingdom 06/02/2014 at 3:50 pm

    Questions for the local PCC to ask of the Chief Constable, preferably in a public forum.

    -When did it become standard Police practice to smash up someones car and drag them from it for speeding on a country lane? Do they now believe they are judge, jury and executioner and due process can be ignored?
    -Why was no chance given for the person to open his window and discuss the matter?
    -Apart from the aggressive and frightening matter of battering the person’s car by PC “Steroid rage” from the get go, why did #2 TJ Hooker wannabe jump on the bonnet? Exactly what could he have done if the guy chose to drive off? Was he really seeking to get injured to claim compensation?
    -As there is no mention of the car being stolen, being used in any other offence, or the owner being the subject of an arrest warrant, why were the police so angry and destructive from the start?
    -If they felt he was such a risk, why did these officers not block the road behind and in front with their vehicles to contain the situation without violence?
    -Why were these police not severely reprimanded, removed from public duties, sent for anger management therapy or sacked?
    -Why should the public purse pick up the GBP20K for the damage to the car due to the wanton and unnecessary act of vandalism by your officers?
    -What guidelines and trainings have been put in place to stop future vandals in uniform smashing up other people’s property or people, in an uncontrolled red mist of stupidity?
    -Do you think discipline is adequate in your officers?
    -Do you think your officers should spend less time watching Judge Dredd movies and more time in proper Police training?

    This matter is very serious. There appears to be a constant trickle of cases where the Police feel they are above the law (Plebgate…) and we only get to hear of a few of them. If anyone wishes to argue our Police should be armed this is a perfect example of why they should not be. (I make this comment as a firearm holder and not a veggie, tree-hugger.) One can only imagine what would have happened to the old boy if these thugs had be armed. Doubtless he would have been “hosed down” with lead to “restrain” him and Baillon would have doubled his damages by claiming PTSD having “operated under fire in the line of duty”.

    Police officers get paid when on sick leave and get free treatment. Why can they sue when they stub a toe or get called names due to their own mistakes? This luxury is denied to the Armed Forces, who I am certain would have been dealt with most severely for this type of behaviour against a civilian.

    Much like the NHS, it is becoming increasingly hard to peddle the “one or two bad apples” line with regard to our Police.

  1. 1 A “Different type of Europe” ???? | UKIP Hillingdon Trackback on 06/02/2014 at 2:18 pm
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