Flooding: Putting public inquiries into their proper context

The email, from which the screenshot above was taken, could not have come with better timing.

When ‘managing’ a crisis the professionals resort to whatever tactics are necessary to take the heat off and send the issue into the long grass.  It is commonly accepted in those circles that the best way of giving the impression of action while ensuring nothing of substance happens is to – yes, that’s right – hold a public inquiry!

Having one on the floods will simply let those responsible – who are already taking evasive action – off the hook, after a great deal more money has been wasted on it.

1 Response to “Flooding: Putting public inquiries into their proper context”

  1. 1 Bellevue 21/02/2014 at 8:42 pm

    AM…. dont you just despair? Dont you feel like giving up?
    Our country is destroyed….. what hope is there for us?
    My parents, both of whom fought in the war against Fascism, are now happily dead. All this (EU, Quangos, LibLabCon, Gay marriage etc etc etc) would have broken their hearts. Actually it DID break my mum’s heart.. it really scared her. And she only died 3 years’ ago.

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