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A plague on both their houses

No, not Labour and the Conservatives for once.  I am talking about the two sides of a different coin who demonstrate tolerance only of their own intolerance.  The two sides in question are the British National Party (BNP) and Hope Not Hate, which are frankly as distasteful and spiteful as each other.  The latest example stems from a street brawl in Barking, east London, between BNP candidate Bob Bailey and some Asian youths, which is getting media attention.

While out canvassing, Bailey and his entourage were approached by three Asian youths who demeanor can only be described as hostile and confrontational.  They get into Bailey’s personal space in a threatening manner and words are exchanged with Bailey telling them to move on.  His politics may be loathsome, but his party is legally constituted and he has a right to campaign lawfully without harrassment from the youths who have gone out of their way to confront him.  Then one of the Asian youths resorts to disgusting feral behaviour by spitting in Bailey’s face.  Bailey’s reponse is violent and sustained, resulting in a brawl as captured below:

Bob Bailey’s reaction contrasts with that of most other politicians (excluding that moronic dinosaur, John Prescott) who have been spat at or had eggs thrown at them.  Most others, despite the evident provocation and their disgust or anger, maintain their dignity and control themselves.  Bailey’s reaction however just makes the whole thing worse and demonstrates a questionable character.

Unsurprisingly supporters of the self proclaimed anti-fascist, anti-BNP group, Hope Not Hate are making hay with this story.  For a group that claims to be against hatred, they seem more than willing to express hatred of BNP members.  Their version of events is an appalling distortion of what happened, deliberately designed to give the impression Bob Bailey, violent fool that he is, seemingly attacked the Asian youths for no reason.  They are distributing the cropped version of the incident shown below:

What is clear is that the intolerance and deceit of the BNP is matched only by the intolerance and deceit of people like the author of ‘The Duck Shoot’ blog.  Neither side comes out of this with any credit.  They are two cheeks of the same arse.  A plague on both their houses.

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BNP’s Collett arrested in alleged Griffin death plot

By their friends shall ye know them.  Bubbling within the British National Party (BNP) alongside the extremism that denotes that group, has always been an undercurrent of aggression, violence and hatred. Many people have been duped by the plausible and smooth talking BNP leadership into voting for the party, because of the lack of immigration controls, transforming British society and the paucity of robust alternatives within the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative consensus.

The language BNP representatives use in public may be measured and their attire more respectable, but behind closed doors the party remains the same racist collection of violent extremists it always was.  The news today that the BNP’s head of publicity, Mark Collett, has been arrested in connection with an alleged plot to kill BNP leader Nick Griffin, (pictured together above) suggests history is repeating itself.

Of all the political parties in the UK, if any was to experience such a plot, it was always going to be the BNP.  The authoritarian national socialist and fascist parties of the 20th century, both grouping of the left despite wrongly being labelled as right wing, were regular venues for this kind of vicious in-fighting and plots to overthrow their leaderships.  It is a mindset peculiar to the kind of person who would gravitate to a party like the BNP.

The BNP is demonstrating that it is an opportunist throwback to a bygone age.  It remains a party inhabited by dangerous individuals and an internal security operation worthy of the Stasi.  It is still characterised by identity politics that defines people by their race, and which possesses a dictatorial desire to impose a centralising and controlling system of governance on the UK.

Perhaps those people who are so frustrated at the current state of politics in this country they have given the BNP their vote, or are considering doing so, will now realise the true nature of that party and understand that is isn’t the alternative they have been seeking.

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