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The politics of ‘I’

For once we find ourselves in agreement with Daniel Hannan, who comments upon David Cameron’s Al Jazeera interview in which he restates his refusal to give Britain an In/Out referendum on EU membership.

Do you remember all those pledges Cameron keeps making to de-centralise and give power back to the people?  The Al Jazeera interview underlines what a complete load of bollocks that is.  Hannan, in an uncharacteristically short post on his Telegraph blog, hits the nail on the head as he observes:

There is something faintly surreal about holding a referendum which no one asked for on a voting system which neither of the two Coalition parties supported, while refusing to hold one which the country does demand, and which both Coalition parties were recently pledging. What is the point of consulting people on how to elect their MPs, but not on whether those MPs should run the country?

The point, Daniel, is giving the people the illusion they have power while in reality denying them any.  Power rests with Brussels, until the British people decide to take it back, and Cameron will not risk the wrath of his bureaucrats who have power over the next stage of his career once he has been ejected from Downing Street.

On this issue of a referendum we are not hearing anything new, although coverage in the media in the next day or so might give some people that impression.  Cameron, good Europhile that he is, has been consistent on this ever since his coup of the Conservative party.

Hannan invites his readers to ‘stand back and ask yourself whether it is right in principle to consult the country’.  Of course it is, that is what would happen in a representative democracy.  But we do not live in a democracy and Cameron is an unprincipled slimeball.  Hoping for Cameron to act in a principled manner is like hoping the crazed rabid dog snarling at your young child won’t attack.  You’re just asking to be disappointed.  What matters to David Cameron is what David Cameron wants.  No one else’s wishes matter:

‘I don’t believe an In/Out referendum is right, because I don’t believe that leaving the European Union would be in Britain’s interests’

He could easily add to that some other sentiments, but they will all begin with the word ‘I’.  In Cameron’s world only his views matter.  Perhaps this is another reason to call him iDave.  The indisputable fact is that the man who dresses like a tailor’s dummy is only interested in window dressing.  The big issues of state are firmly off the agenda.

How long will we tolerate our dictatorship?

In recent days the sum total of hypocritical cant emanating from the insipid EU has reached astonishing levels, with the catalyst being the demonstrations in Egypt.

Is there any entity less qualified than the European Union to make public utterances urging the Mubarak regime:

… to meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people with political reform, not repression

Who on earth are the EU’s leaders to lecture the world on democracy?  Where is the EU’ shame in wheeling out Baroness Catherine Ashton, the grandly titled High Representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy, to make comments such as that below when she herself has never been elected to so much as a parish council in her life?

… democracy is, of course, about votes and elections – but it is also about far more than that. What we in Europe have learned the hard way is that we need “deep democracy”: respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, an independent judiciary and impartial administration.

So where in the name of all things Holy is it?  Any Egyptian taking succour from the words of this patronage elevated appointee of the political class should stop and consider what the EU’s interpretation of democracy is.  If Egypt follows the EU model its people will find themselves having shed blood to supplant one dictator for another.

For what the people of Europe have is an unelected and unaccountable transnational government – the antithesis of any structure that can be called democratic.  And in the member states the people have elective dictatorships that take their orders from Brussels and pointedly refused to ask for the people’s mandate as an EU constitution was forced through in Lisbon.  Where in Europe has one of the supposedly democratic national governments gone to its people and asked if they wish to continue to be ruled by Brussels?

Catherine Ashton says:

Europe’s experience tells us that true democracy is the necessary foundation of tolerance, peace and prosperity.

Perhaps then the lessons that need to be learned from the Egyptian experience are for those of us living in the EU. If we want to experience geunine tolerance, peace and prosperity then maybe we should be following the example of the Egyptians masses.  They understood what too many Europeans do not, that liberty is not something a ruler can bestow upon you, it is something you have to take for yourself.  Why do we in the UK for example tolerate our Foreign Secretary declaring that ‘We should have faith in the people of Egypt’ when he and his fellow government members deny us the right to determine how we are governed because they have no faith in the people of the United Kingdom?

It makes my skin crawl when I read Ashton proclaiming that the first of many EU missions are already heading to Tunisia.  If the Tunisians, and the Egyptians after them, adopt the corrupted sham that passes for democracy in the EU they will soon see that having a Cameron, a Sarkozy or a Merkel form of administration is no different to being ruled by a Ben Ali or a Mubarak.

All that will change is the veneer, with people being given the illusion of power while possessing none.  If they do not believe that perhaps the experience of Cameron’s Westminster can give them a reality check.  For here on the supposedly democratic Planet Cameron we have a toxic Prime Minister who, among other things, tells MPs in his party who disagree with him:

to say nothing and vote with the government

and offers them positions on committees, but only in return for setting aside their detailed knowledge of the subject in question, remaining completely loyal and supporting the government without question. This is what European people power looks like, as our representatives are browbeaten by the elected dictator – a man who determines the people shall not have a referendum because he does not want one.  Yet Cameron has the brass neck to declare:

As a friend of Egypt, and the Egyptian people, we stand ready to help in any way we can. We believe it must be a government that starts to put in place the building blocks of a truly open, free and democratic society.

Would it have been worth all the suffering and the loss of life in Tunisia and Egypt only to replace the whip that had beat them with a stick instead?  It is not the people of Tunisia and Egypt who need to learn from us.  It is we who need to learn from them.

Cameron shows his inner chameleon

This is what it all boils down to. This is what matters to David Cameron and in turn what he thinks matters to MPs. Everything those of us who have tried to explain what Cameron is really like has been made clear in two sentences from his own mouth.

Cameron had no interest in politics when he was at Oxford University, it just became a good route to power and success later on.  He was never a conservative, had no political ideology or principle, but in order to achieve selection to fight a parliamentary election he knew it was the Conservative party he had to join.

Cameron knew what act he had to put on to appeal to the mainstream conservative grassroots, hence the narrative about being a tax cutting, EUsceptic, law and order Tory.  Consequently Cameron believes every other MP has the same self serving, unprincipled, belief-free motives for being in parliament.  Experience has shown him to be largely correct and that is why his chosen method of threatening and intimidating new MPs into voting for his deceitful, utterly meaningless, sham European Union Bill centred on power:

‘You are making a bloody terrible mistake, Chris, it will do your career and reputation no good at all.

‘And you can bloody well forget about being a Minister.’

Anyone who still believes Cameron to be some kind of secret EUsceptic should have those words burned into their consciousness, because this demonstrates his EUphilia. It underlines the deception and the lies. It shows the sheer determination he possesses to create a piece of legislation that furthers the aim of transferring power to the EU while dishonestly spinning to the public that the Act will arrest the flow of competences to Brussels.

We live in an electoral dictatorship run by a cabal of EU enthusiasts who are determined to further the interests of Brussels in spite of the wishes of the people. No matter whether they wear Conservative blue, Labour red or Lib Dem yellow, underneath they don the gold stars of the European Union. They are determined to do everything in their power to prevent the majority of people in the UK from deciding if we want to be part of this anti democratic suprastate or not.

Cameron is the current head of the enemy within. It could just as easily be Miliband or Clegg. The effect would be identical.  Despite the acts of partisan posturing for the cameras in parliament, they are all friends and all in this together, united by a common goal to overcome the wishes of the British people and serve their own interests instead. This is the head of the fifth column.

Far from being the warmest year on record…

Yes, Met Office again… There has been plenty of media coverage of claims that 2010 was the warmest, or close to the warmest year on record.

But while the Met Office has been focusing the attention of the media on the record cold December statistic with its right hand, its left hand has quietly confirmed that in the UK 2010 was the 12th coldest year since the ‘national series’ of weather recording started in 1910.

So which of these is the bigger story? The one that tells us we have just had our coldest winter month in 100 years? Or the one that, against a backdrop of a so called ‘consensus’ telling us that runaway global warming is transforming the planet, the UK has just experienced its 12th coldest year in the same period? Is this another example of attempts to ‘hide the decline’?

A record breaking month can be dismissed as an anomaly and fit with the global warming narrative. But a year-long record that shows temperatures have been warmer for 88 of the last 100 years calls the whole global warming hypothesis into question. Predictions made in the 1980s and 1990s of what would happen now are crumbling in the face of observation.

But the climate change wealth redistribution vehicle called the ‘money train‘ rolls on with the full support – including copious amounts of our money – of the government. In spite of the growing evidence that there is no crisis, the arrogant ignorance of the political class is telling. This is what David Cameron said in December 2009:

‘A very small number of people take a different view on the science, but the policy is driven by me, and that is the way it is going to be.’

It is not a very small number. No matter, accountability for the scandalous defrauding of the public that is being perpetrated can rest with Cameron too. It is no suprise this 12th coldest year fact has been played down to the extent that hardly anyone knows about it? Just whose interests are being served here? As if we don’t know.

Tory playground politics over BBC Question Time

Autocracy is alive and well and living comfortably in Downing Street.  Nothing happens in Number 10 without David Cameron’s say so.  Therefore the buck stops with Cameron over the latest example of control freakery that resulted in a decision not to put a government minister up for BBC Question Time tonight, because Alastair Campbell was appearing on the panel.

The start of the show saw David Dimbleby explain in detail what the Conservatives had done.  Perhaps Number 10 is now working on a plausible explanation for not putting up a minister in the week of the Queen’s Speech.  But having tried to get the BBC to drop Campbell, or go without a minister on the panel, the Cameron Conservatives seem to be deep into a power trip where every debate has to be on their terms.  So much for accountability and willingness to debate anyone.  This is Cameron’s Pyongyang politics.  Watch out for our Dear Leader seeking to rename the Thames as the Taedong.

In recent days the Cameroon narrative of the ‘new politics’ seems to have disappeared from the Andy Coulson-controlled lines to take when the Modern Tories speak to the media.  That’s probably just as well because this pettiness was old politics of the worst kind.  Maybe, in order to remain on-message with Coulson’s communications plan, the absence of a minister on the panel will be spun with the latest buzz words as being in the ‘national interest’.  Welcome to Cameron’s post-democratic age.

Democratic Dave strikes again

In yet another benevolent example of his willingness to devolve power from the centre, promote openness and accountability, and encourage robust debate, the leader of the People’s Democratic Fiefdom of Millbankia; the Supreme Leader, Cam Jong-Il, has told Parliamentary members of the Party that members of the Politburo should be allowed to join the 1922 Committee.

This bold and democratic course follows the truly democratic measures carried out in the name of the people – such as democratically selecting candidates for constituencies and ensuring that female comrades would be given exclusive democratic empowerment to stand for selection without having to compete against male comrades.

Mr Cam, with his selfless devotion to the people, is currently engaged in constructing a programme of governance that would only fail to satisfy the subversive, decadent and treacherous Davisite-Cashians, the enemies of our glorious Big Society.  He intends to face down these anti-revolutionary elements and torpedo their nihilist tendencies.

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