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Cameron shows his inner chameleon

This is what it all boils down to. This is what matters to David Cameron and in turn what he thinks matters to MPs. Everything those of us who have tried to explain what Cameron is really like has been made clear in two sentences from his own mouth.

Cameron had no interest in politics when he was at Oxford University, it just became a good route to power and success later on.  He was never a conservative, had no political ideology or principle, but in order to achieve selection to fight a parliamentary election he knew it was the Conservative party he had to join.

Cameron knew what act he had to put on to appeal to the mainstream conservative grassroots, hence the narrative about being a tax cutting, EUsceptic, law and order Tory.  Consequently Cameron believes every other MP has the same self serving, unprincipled, belief-free motives for being in parliament.  Experience has shown him to be largely correct and that is why his chosen method of threatening and intimidating new MPs into voting for his deceitful, utterly meaningless, sham European Union Bill centred on power:

‘You are making a bloody terrible mistake, Chris, it will do your career and reputation no good at all.

‘And you can bloody well forget about being a Minister.’

Anyone who still believes Cameron to be some kind of secret EUsceptic should have those words burned into their consciousness, because this demonstrates his EUphilia. It underlines the deception and the lies. It shows the sheer determination he possesses to create a piece of legislation that furthers the aim of transferring power to the EU while dishonestly spinning to the public that the Act will arrest the flow of competences to Brussels.

We live in an electoral dictatorship run by a cabal of EU enthusiasts who are determined to further the interests of Brussels in spite of the wishes of the people. No matter whether they wear Conservative blue, Labour red or Lib Dem yellow, underneath they don the gold stars of the European Union. They are determined to do everything in their power to prevent the majority of people in the UK from deciding if we want to be part of this anti democratic suprastate or not.

Cameron is the current head of the enemy within. It could just as easily be Miliband or Clegg. The effect would be identical.  Despite the acts of partisan posturing for the cameras in parliament, they are all friends and all in this together, united by a common goal to overcome the wishes of the British people and serve their own interests instead. This is the head of the fifth column.

ConservativeHome buries its head in the sand

It bodes ill for grassroots conservatives if their main online venue for discussion and sharing their views is using its recently applied moderation process to censor reasoned comments that are critical of the government and ConservativeHome itself.

It is true I comment on the site less frequently than before, but this post yesterday was deserving of a response. I duly submitted my response to Melanchthon which was displayed by the moderators. By following that link and clicking on ‘show more comments’ you can see the replies to my comment.  One of the replies, by ‘Pauline Smith’ stood out for the serious and disturbing point it made – but one of the regular commenters on the site, ‘SuperBlue’, made one of his frequent dismissals of anything that does not register with his sycophantic fanatacism and unquestioning approval of anything and everything Cameron and the Conservative Party say and do:

This is the stock response from ‘SuperBlue’. If someone says something critical of the Conservatives they are either UKIP, a ‘troll’ or as in this case they are pretending to be in difficulty and do not actually ‘exist’.

There are far too many people for whom the Pauline Smith experience is reality. At the heart of this is the energy and climate change policy of this and the previous government. So I submitted another comment to make this point.

My follow up comment covered SuperBlue’s track record of prostrating himself before anything and everything Team Cameron say and do so that his comment was put in its proper context, how Chris Huhne and David Cameron’s policies will make Britain’s energy the most expensive (and inefficient) in the western world and drive millions of people into fuel poverty – something not one MP will experience – and that it was about time ConservativeHome, which has adopted an increasingly tabloid style recently, did the grassroots a favour and focused its attention on the effects of this government’s energy and climate change policy and hold their party colleagues to account.

The comment has been moderated out. Other comments submitted today – including from SuperBlue in the same part of the thread – have been published. It seems dealing with weighty matters of major national interest are now beyond ConservativeHome and instead we can expect more of this highbrow stuff. Such home truths seems to have made the editors somewhat uncomfortable and prompted censorship, despite the comment being in no way abusive or containing bad language. An email has been sent to Tim Montgomerie asking why the comment has been withheld.

Energy policy folly comes back to the fore

With a big hat tip to Bishop Hill…  Some common sense observations about this government’s lhuhnacy when it comes to renewable energy generation from John Constable at Standpoint., who gives it to us straight when he says ‘Renewables Won’t Keep the Lights On’.  The money quote is this:

Britain is obtaining only a fraction of its electricity from renewable sources, just under 7 per cent in 2009-2010 [a dubious claim – AM]. The wholesale price of that quantity of electricity would be approximately £1bn, but the Renewables Obligation, a complex subsidy paid to generators but drawn indirectly from bills, adds a further £1.4bn, more than doubling the cost to the British consumer.

In its first three months, from July to September 2010, the Feed-in Tariff for microgeneration (guaranteed prices to support, among other things, solar photovoltaics [PV] and wind turbines up to a capacity of five megawatt) has produced roughly 0.005 per cent of UK annual demand, at a cost of £2.6m. This generous support has encouraged the construction of an installed capacity of microgenerators totalling 59 MW. To put that in perspective, peak load in Britain on a cold winter’s afternoon is nearly 59,000 MW.

It is a huge sum of our money for a tiny return.  Now compare this hideously expensive and wholly unreliable wind power reality with the detached thinking of Chris Huhne, who declared that ‘The lights are not going to go out on my watch’. He is probably right, not for the reasons one would think, but because the damage caused now will come back to bite us once he’s been consigned to the history books. The Barclay Brother Beano piece where this was reported by Lil’ Lou focused on the cost and completely ignored the logistics. For that we have to turn to the tireless Christopher Booker who demonstrates how Huhne’s renewables folly will actually undermine our energy generation capability. So where does this leave us? Back to Standpoint:

In private, the best-informed analysts now agree that Britain’s environmental policies have put the country on track to have the world’s most expensive electricity. This is mainly because our competitors are almost certain to choose cheaper routes to emissions reductions, such as natural gas, or to shun emissions reductions altogether.

And it leaves us without the energy generation capability needed in a modern industrialised nation – particularly one led by idiots who think thousands of megawatts of electricity required for this ludicrously timed bit of spin will just ‘be there’ ready when we need it.

Where does this folly originate? Unsurprisingly it comes from the leader of those Lib Dem opportunists, who denies there is a looming energy gap at all and that we just need to be more green. No, really. He actually believes this stuff. While safely away from the levers of power with their 18% or so in opinion polls it was easy to laugh off such naive stupidity. But now Clegg is sitting on Cameron’s knee and Huhne has been let loose at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, this insanity is being realised and unless it is stopped we are going to pay a huge amount in more ways than one.

David Laws’ return would be contempt of taxpayers

‘He was forced to resign as Chief Secretary to the Treasury over revelations about his expenses claims, but there was widespread sympathy for him at Westminster.’ That is the Daily Mail’s summary about the disgraced former Lib Dem minister, David Laws.

Just seven months after he had to resign for defrauding the taxpayer and lying about his personal circumstances over his expenses claims the political class is preparing to parachute David Laws back into a ministerial position as if he had done nothing wrong. It has been coming since the week he took his extended break from the front bench. There is no clearer example of the contempt in which the taxpaying public is held by the politicians in Westminster. There is no clearer example of the moral bankruptcy that permeates Westminster.

Where in the past dishonourable conduct and wrongdoing could have been expected to result in a shamefaced resignation from Parliament and a by-election, now it only attracts a short spell on the backbenches before a triumphant return to the trappings of power. It is seen as a minor inconvenience on a politician’s career path and the short suspension is merely a small and utterly resentful sop to the public. MPs think they are a special case. They have an arrogant sense of entitlement and convince themselves they are a special case and should live by rules that suit them.

In any other occupation David Laws would have been summarily sacked by his employer for knowingly claiming money to which he was not entitled and telling lies to make it appear his claim was within the rules. But in the Westminster bubble these pompous, overblown egomaniacs can do what they like and know there will be no consequences, or consequences so trivial they are not worthy of being applied.

£40,000 of taxpayers’ money was claimed fraudulently by David Laws. Regardless he kept his seat and MP’s salary and perks. Now it seems he will shortly get more money in salary and a ministerial car and have a degree of influence over people who have been honourable and not taken what is not theirs. It’s sick and it’s wrong.

It is time the Westminster swamp was drained and the parasites removed.

Government’s energy Lhuhnacy

In his column, Christopher Booker underlines the sheer lunacy lhuhnacy of Chris Huhne and David Cameron’s ‘green’ energy policy. As Booker makes clear, we are required by the EU to spend billions of pounds on renewable energy that is unreliable, so we also have to spend billions of pounds more building conventional power stations that are reliable to act as back up.

But for the sheer idiocy of the political class we could simply build the conventional power stations we need and have the energy we need as perhaps less than half the cost.  It is the worst kind of gesture politics borne of ideological bankruptcy and we, the ordinary people, have to break the bank to pay the huge sums needed to make this farce a reality:

At least the Government admits for the first time that the wind doesn’t always blow; so it proposes a Capacity Mechanism to subsidise the building of dozens of gas-fired power stations, to be kept running all the time, emitting CO2, just to provide instant back-up for when the wind drops. More than once on these recent cold, windless days, the contribution of wind to our electricity needs has been as low as 0.1 per cent – so the back-up to all those turbines will cost billions more, doing much to negate any CO2 savings from the turbines when they work. It does not take long to estimate that the capital cost of Mr Huhne’s new energy policy could well be more than £300 billion over 10 years, or £30 billion a year. Since the total wholesale cost of the electricity we used last year was only around £19 billion, this alone would be well on the way to tripling our bills by 2020.

‘In Europe, not run by Europe’ part XXIX

And so the David Cameron fantasy of being in Europe but not run by Europe continues.

A gold star goes to Witham MP, Priti Patel, who has been trying to raise awareness of the number of EU laws and directives that are now pending to become UK law. They are not necessarily laws the British people have sought or want, but Brussels has decided that’s the way things are going to be and as Britain is run by the European Union and Cameron has absolutely no intention of restoring British sovereignty, we are stuck with them.

Here’s a small selection of the new laws and directives (and the cost of implementing them that comes from our tax pounds) that will bind the people of the United Kingdom soon to be meekly accepted by our craven political class:

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – 8 pending directives

Work and Pensions – 3 pending directives

Justice – 2 pending directives

Home Office – 1 pending directive

In addition to these new laws and directives there continues to be some existing problematic legislation that the UK is incapable of unilaterally consigning to the dustbin. These just reinforce Cameron’s lies and confirm that the government of this country is the EU that resides in Brussels. One example is the law relating to Child Benefit payments being made to those who claim it for children that are not even resident in the UK.

When a question was submitted to George Osborne asking ‘if he will discuss with his EU counterparts an amendment to EU Regulation 883/2004 to remove from non-UK workers from other EU member states the entitlement to claim child benefit at the UK rate in respect of children not resident in the UK’ the response from the Treasury reminded Stephen Barclay MP that any amendments to the regulations ‘require a proposal by the European Commission and are subject to co-decision with the European Parliament and the Council’. The written answer from Justine Greening went on to say that:

Moreover, without reciprocity to remove the equivalent family benefit entitlement of UK nationals who work and pay compulsory social insurance contributions in other member states, the amendment as proposed would breach one of the fundamental principles of EC law that there must be no discrimination on the grounds of nationality when applying the rights set out in the treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and other measures in Community law to give effect to such rights.

This is just one consequence of the political class, without permission or mandate, giving up this country’s independence, surrendering our sovereignty and handing control of our laws to an unelected and unaccountable collective of foreign bureaucrats overseas. Yet more evidence, as if any were needed, that we are firmly ‘In Europe and run by Europe’. As a British citizen you just need to shut up and pay up. Are you happy about that?

Cameron driving the climate change money train

The redistribution of money from ordinary people to the big corporations, enforced by government legislation, will continue apace under the Cameron Coalition.

The Huskie-loving huckster has signalled his determination to ignore flawed and questionable arguments about mankind changing the climate and to press ahead with the enrichment of the parasite class and their corporate sponsors. The Guardian reports Cameron as saying the coalition’s ambition is to be the greenest government ever formed:

“I passionately believe that by recasting the argument for action on climate change away from the language of threats and punishments and into positive, profit-making terms, we can have a much wider impact,”

However, the profit making will be the preserve of the corporates with poor old Joe Public footing the bill. Cameron wants his fellow parasites to make the economic case for action and points out that the low-carbon market is worth up to £3.2 trillion and forecast to grow by 4% annually. This isn’t money going into our pockets – it is money being taken from them to fund the global climate change scam that will impoverish hundreds of millions of people while making members of the elite even more wealthy.

It has already been happening as shown in a Sunday Telegraph article today. But as usual with that Barclay Brothers comic, the ability to join the dots, spell out the true nature of the scam and make the direct connection all the way back to Cameron and the parasite class, is missing.

A fraud of unfathomably immense proportions is being committed against ordinary people. Taxpayers’ money continues to be poured into scientific ‘research’ departments that can be relied upon to produce the necessary predictions of catastophic climate change, which in turn spawn legislation and new forms of taxation, that in turn is channelled to the corporates to provide ‘zero carbon solutions’ that have zero effect on the climate because the changes are overwhelmingly driven by nature.

The media spins the given lines without question despite physical observation conflicting with the doomesday predictions. Meanwhile the destruction of natural resources and genuine pollution are ignored and continue to worsen because there is no profit in it for the corporates. This is without doubt the biggest scam in history and people are allowing it to happen because of a misplaced belief that all these ‘experts’ and ‘leaders’ couldn’t possibly hatch such a plot. For God’s sake people, wake up.

Cameron’s slippery weasel words on people power

From the august pages of the Telegraph we are provided with yet more fiction masquerading as news. The readers are told that David Cameron promises to transfer power away from Whitehall, that he has promised a shift in power from government to the people as Whitehall departments publish business plans setting out what they intend to do and how voters can hold them accountable for it.

Presumably the ‘people’ he is referring to are the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats of the EU in Brussels. Or perhaps this only relates to the 20% or so of laws and regulations that are conceived in the United Kingdom. As always with Cameron the devil is in the detail or conspicuous by what he leaves out. So it is only by examining his comments in detail we find he is restricting this decentralisation to matters of public services. Spin, bluster, deceit and weasel words. In reality this big dramatic fanfare will amount to diddly squat for the average put upon taxpayer.

If Cameron is going to transfer power from Whitehall to the people and make departments accountable then for starters he would abide by the wishes of the people and:

  • refuse to meet any demand from the EU for increased funding for its budget
  • refuse to implement votes for prison inmates that the ECHR imposed on us
  • refuse to continue with the renewables obligation that is driving our energy prices up
  • stop acting like a tin pot dictator and give us a binding referendum on EU membership

We know Cameron will not abide by the wishes of the people on any of these issues. We know his social democrat coalition will not be held accountable for acting in their interests rather than our interests. Therefore we know this exercise is nothing more than a cynical fraud. It is a piece of fantasy politics designed to give the illusion of people power while increasingly denying us a say on the major issues that go to the very heart of who governs us and how.

Cameron claims he is ‘shining a bright light of transparency on everything government does’. His words immediately brought to mind this scene from Douglas Adams’ brilliant Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy:

“But the plans were on display …”

“On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”

“That’s the display department.”

“With a flashlight.”

“Ah, well the lights had probably gone.”

“So had the stairs.”

“But look, you found the notice didn’t you?”

“Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.”

That will be much closer to reality than people might imagine. Cameron is taking us for fools and treating us with undisguised contempt. We should treat him the same way.

Update: Having just seen a news clip of the odious slime merchant talking about this issue, it is now clear Cameron is saying this initiative is to ensure ‘we do what we said we would do’. Therefore it has nothing at all to do with the wishes of the people or devolving power to them. It is just an extension of the navel gazing of the political class that will continue uninterrupted as their fingers remain stuck firmly in their ears.

Do you feel empowered now?

The parable of the EU serfs

The EU arrived one day, took the key from under our plant pot, opened the front door and with the connivance of our idiot big brother it moved into our house… It has since gone on to take over the master bedroom, control access to the bathroom, decide what we can and cannot buy, chosen who we can have as friends, demands feeding at huge expense and won’t let anyone else use the TV remote. It has quietly raided our wallets for years… Now, increasingly emboldened, it is openly ordering us to re-decorate in its chosen scheme, disable the burglar alarm, turn out the money from our pockets and is taking from the piggy bank in our room. The EU has turned us into serfs, guests in our own home and ensures our big brother repeats ad nauseum that we cannot survive without it, despite dissent from our other serf siblings… Our paternal political class is craven, cowers in the EU’s presence and hasn’t got the balls to shove it out of the door. Someday though the siblings will be strong enough to overcome the big brother, reject the weakness of the parents and remove the EU from the house for good.

But for now the EU still holds sway, despite the spin and deception of the Cleggerons. A 2.9% increase in the EU budget is a victory for the EU and a defeat for the hard pressed British taxpayer.

The EU’s budget will increase at a time our own public expenditure is being swollen, despite the moronic rhetoric of cuts. We will pay more than £435m extra to that overseas entity per annum and the UK government will spend £43bn more of our money by 2015.

So much for a low tax economy that allows business to grow and flourish. The fatted calf is watching as the slaughterman’s van pulls into the farmyard.

How much longer will people tolerate this?

The quisling Cameron Conservatives

With each passing day David Cameron’s deceit becomes more evident and further vindicates my decision to resign as a councillor and leave the Conservative Party.

Cameron is an unprincipled and self serving politician of the worst kind. Those Conservatives who hoped when in office he would reveal himself to be a Eurosceptic have had their delusions shattered.

The simple truth is if you want the UK to be a sovereign nation that determines its own laws and regulations and is governed by elected representatives we can remove from office, then do not vote Conservative. The ConservativeHome commentator, Melanchthon, lays the truth bare today when he says:

But, in reality, it appears that when Labour said our Eurosceptic promises were all hot air, they were right; that when Heseltine said that in government every Conservative Prime Minister is Europhile, he was right; that when UKIP said Conservatives were not to be trusted on Europe, they were right; that when I and others said that the Conservative Party had changed, and that Cameron and Hague were genuinely convicted Eurosceptics who understood what must be done and would not let us down, we were wrong.

His piece is titled ‘They’ll call us quislings’. On that score he is wrong, for the fact is we have already been calling the Conservatives that. And rightly so.

But let us not forget the useless and craven fools in the media who slavishly peddle the Conservative line and misrepresent the facts of how this country has given up its sovereignty and how it is governed by an overseas entity. For the truth about our situation we have to cast our eyes away from the mainstream media and focus upon knowledgeable elements in the blogosphere that understand what is going on and are not frightened to give it to us straight:

[…] Cameron cannot bat it away. It is now a matter for the conciliation committee, as I explained earlier, over which he has neither jurisdiction nor control, the decision in any event being QMV, with the final arbiter the EU parliament.

Thus, no wonder Cameron is “softening”. He has no option, because he has no power. And the turds-for-brains in the Telegraph can’t even be bothered to learn the procedures before they write their unmitigated garbage. They and even darlink Hannan can’t even apply their limited intellects to understanding the difference between a “summit” and a European Council.

Cameron and his vichy Conservatives like to wrap themselves in the flag and waffle at length about patriotism. The problem is the flag is blue with gold stars that their loyalty is to Brussels rather than the people they are supposed to serve. As a result we are bound into a bloc devoid of democratic legitimacy or oversight and powerless too for as long as we remain part of it. We should feel nothing less than furious contempt for these sickening creatures who have dragged us into this situation and are working hard behind the scenes to keep us there.

PRWeek Communicator of the Year – Nick Clegg!

It’s no joke. The PRWeek magazine judging panel comprising 62 senior PR professionals:

…praised Clegg for his smart general election communications campaign that positioned him as a fresh alternative to the other political parties.

You really could not make this stuff up.  The falling reputation of PR professionals is taking them into the same bottom division as politicians and estate agents. When senior members of a discipline such as PR confer accolades upon a man who blatantly lied, distorted and misrepresented their way through an election campaign the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they themselves are not honourable. Perhaps there is a political element to the decision as the write up of the award goes on to add:

In fewer than 12 months, Clegg has gone from leading a party frustrated by a lack of media attention to the full glare of the world’s media, as he walked side by side with Prime Minister David Cameron into 10 Downing Street on 11 May.

His greatest achievement was his performance at the General Election’s three inaugural leaders’ debates. At the time, PRWeek’s survey of 3,000 members of the UK public found 62 per cent said Clegg was the leader who came out the strongest, compared with 21 per cent for David Cameron and only 16 per cent for Gordon Brown.

As PRWeek editor Danny Rogers said: ‘Clegg’s comms prowess won over viewers and ultimately led him to Downing Street.’

Communication is not just about cascading messages, it is also about listening to people. Nick Clegg has shamelessly ignored the wishes of the voters he courted and served his own interests, yet he is being lauded by leading lights in the Public Relations industry. Professionals who work in the field of Communications and PR should be feeling very uncomfortable today.

How is Theresa May a government minister?

Writing in that bastion of denialist socialist propaganda, Mrs Andrew Marr (Jackie Ashley, not the mother of the Marr lovechild, Alice Miles) laments the lack of women in government. Ashley argues that the government has so few women in it that it’s no surprise their interests are absent from debates about the cuts:

There are just four women cabinet ministers. One is very junior, and comes from the Lords. One is Welsh secretary. As home secretary, Theresa May has some clout, but not on economic issues. Ditto Caroline Spelman at environment.

Anyone listening to the Today programme this morning would be forgiven for wondering how on earth Theresa May is in the Cabinet at all.  Her interview with John Humphrys in the 8.10am slot was a complete and utter car crash. Listeners have rarely heard a Minister of the Crown so completely out of their depth, waffling pitifully and repeating the answers to previous questions when clearly having no grasp of their brief.

May said that cyber-attacks on vital computer networks present a ‘new and growing threat’ to the security of the United Kingdom. Not only is the threat far from ‘new’, she was incapable of articulating why cyber attacks are as serious a threat to the country as terrorism and therefore warranting serious attention in the government’s National Security Strategy. At least GCHQ was capable of explaining the nature of the cyber threat last week, while the Home Secretary was doubtless asleep at her desk.

All Theresa May is good for is insulting grassroots Conservatives by tagging them as the ‘nasty party’, signing up to every passing EU law and order power grab and acting as a clothes horse to provide the useless political media with column inches on parliamentarian fashion.

David Cameron’s EU hypocrisy underlined again

It is high time those Conservatives who cling to the delusion that David Cameron is really a closet EUsceptic who will suddenly reveal himself and leap to the defence of UK sovereignty, accepted the truth. Their great blue-yellow hope is nothing of the sort.

There has been plenty of evidence presented on numerous occasions to demonstrate this over recent months and years. But last night showed just how far from reality the delusion is. As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ‘Call me Dave’ had a golden opportunity to defend British interests and reject the EU’s plan to increase its spending and therefore demand more money from British taxpayers to fund it.

Cameron instead launched an aggressive whipping operation to threaten and cajole Conservative MPs not to vote for the following amendment, tabled by Douglas Carswell, to the Draft EU Budget Bill:

‘… is concerned at the above-inflation increase being made to Britain’s EU budget contribution; believes that, at a time when the Government is poised to make reductions in public spending elsewhere, it is wrong to increase that contribution; and calls on the Government to reduce Britain’s EU budget contribution’.

The fervour with which the supposedly EUsceptic Cameron moved to smash dissent to forking over more of our tax pounds to the EU underlines his EU enthusiasm and contempt for the UK. While his ministers blustered about how frustrated the Government is about the EU making itself immune to budgetary constraints, they nonetheless voted through a separate and hollow amendment to:

‘… call on the Government to reject European Parliament proposals to increase the budget’

which of course ensures no reduction in the cost of the EU to British taxpayers. When it comes to UK sovereignty and protecting the interests of UK taxpayers Cameron is absolutely nowhere. Some Cameron loyalists will no doubt paint this as an opportunity missed. It was not. It was a challenge to EU authority ruthlessly put down by a man whose eyes are turned adoringly to Brussels. The question is, how many more wake up calls do the idiotarian wing of the not-Conservative party need before reality will dawn upon them?

Charles Moore’s adoration of Cameron continues

It is hard to know whether one should feel compassion or contempt for the Telegraph’s Charles Moore. Moore used his column in yesterday’s paper to pose the following rhetorical question: ‘Heir to Blair and Thatcher – can David Cameron really be both?’

What follows is the kind of lightweight puff piece one would only expect to see drafted in the corridors of CCHQ. The kind of pseudo-intellectual babble that meanders across the newsprint like a slow running river winding through empty countryside. As you can see, for a moment there I engaged in the kind of tosh Moore revels in. Did you enjoy the irony? No matter, near the end of his filler piece he presents us with this:

Today, Mr Cameron finds himself the heir both to Blair and to Thatcher. To Blair, because he has had to take his party away from its preferred territory and pay attention instead to what actual voters worry about. To Thatcher, because he confronts a crisis of the public finances even more severe than the one she faced. He also leads a coalition. So, unlike Mrs Thatcher, he wants to woo and to warn, please and prophesy at the same time.

What a load of utter bollocks.

Moore is clearly living in a parallel universe characterised by an alternative reality. Moore seems to be kidding himself that a genuinely conservative Conservative Party is in power and is diligently representing the wishes of the electorate. If only that was the case. David Cameron has most certainly moved his Cameron Conservatives away from centre-right. Cameron has morphed it into a centre-left reincarnation of the Social Democrat Party. But only a fool could think the Cameroon project goes anywhere near to paying attention to what the voters worry about.

Just two examples off the bat. When the voters are worrying about winter fuel bills in the coming weeks, Cameron will be dreaming of expensive wind turbines pitted across our countryside that sit idle on the coldest days when the wind does not blow. When voters are worrying about their disposable income in the New Year with VAT at 20%, income tax thresholds falling for those with big outgoing but only median salaries and food prices rising, Cameron will be dreaming of another Mediterranean holiday with his young, financially secure family.

The only thing that makes Cameron the self professed heir to Blair is that he believes in nothing but power for its own sake and will say and do anything to attain it for his own ends. Like Blair, Cameron is all spin and no substance. He could read from a Janet and John book with his faux sincerity and make it sound like a work of detailed gravitas. But it is only when you remove the presentation and read the actual content that you see how empty Cameron’s speeches are. Classic Blair.

As for describing Cameron as an heir to Thatcher, that must rank as one of the biggest of political insults. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Margaret Thatcher, she had vision for the country and an ideological backbone. Cameron has neither. Look through Thatcher’s eyes and you would see a nation where people worked for their rewards and kept more of them. Look through Cameron’s and all you see is a number 10 on a shiny black door of a house located in central London.

But what can we expect from journalists like Charles Moore? After all the view of the world for those cocooned inside the Westminster bubble is very different from those of us who actually live in that world.

Sayeeda Warsi, innumerate or idiot?

Sayeeda Warsi has just said on Question Time that she thinks it is entirely appropriate that a family with a sole higher rate taxpaying breadwinner earning £45,000 should lose Child Benefit, while a family with two standard rate taxpaying breadwinners earning a joint income of £80,000 should keep Child Benefit.

Is there anyone in this country who does not think this shrill, tribal, partisan, hectoring harridan is a complete idiot?

The Conservatives have screwed up by making policy on the hoof. The flaw is clear for all to see. Child Benefit should be assessed on the total income of the parents in the household, not solely on whether one is a higher rate taxpayer. But the Tories are so desperate not to expose themselves as having failed to think through their policy they are exposing themselves as slippery, incompetent denialists.

Sayeeda Warsi has had a very bad week. As Chairman of the Conservative Party Lady Warsi knew full well the Conservative party membership had dropped by more than 80,000 since Cameron completed his deceit ridden takeover of the party. But she tried to pretend to Andrew Neil that she had no idea that membership had dropped by nearly 33%. Every time this woman opens her mouth and wags her finger she confirms to more and more people what a vacuous, hollow shell the Conservative party has become.

For me, it’s not just that Warsi is a bare faced liar, it is that she is so transparently bad at it. She is the archetypal Cameroon.

A plague on all their houses

Over on Guido Fawkes’ blog there is a photo from the Once-Were-Conservatives party conference, reproduced here…

Oh how my sides split. Sure, it’s a harmless piece of in-house humour for the drones who run CCHQ. But I couldn’t help thinking, if only the Conservative MPs put so much effort and attention to detail into listening to what the British public want and actually representing our views in the House of Commons, instead of getting elected then doing whatever they are told in the hope of securing a government job from David Cameron.

The joke is on us. It is the very people who are betrayed by the self serving political elite in all three parties, who ignore reality that what matters to us doesn’t matter to the political class and will therefore be ignored, yet still go out to vote and elect these troughing swine. Once in the House the MPs’ ears are turned off and their eyes focus on personal ambitions.

This is why we are promised referenda that are then withdrawn. This is why we are promised change that never materialises. This is why, despite the majority wanting the UK to be politically and legally sovereign again this insipid coalition of social democrats continues to agree to continuing offshoring of law making power and political control to the EU.

Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems – they are all the same. We are all left dissatisfied with them but still allow them to play their power games at the expense of our freedoms and our very sovereignty. When will this mass sleepwalk end and people wake up to the reality that our democracy is an illusion? A plague on all their houses.

Huhne signals extension of Con-Lib energy policy folly

The Sunday Telegraph is among a number of media outlets carrying the frustrating and worrying news that Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, will this week pave the way for a controversial increase in wind turbines – wait or it – in a bid to protect Britain from a looming energy crisis!

If there is one thing guaranteed to precipitate an energy crisis for this country, it is the determination to squander taxpayers’ money on subsidies for wind powered electricity generation, despite evidence showing that carefully selected onshore windy areas where turbines have been put up, barely achieve 20% of the generation capacity they were built to deliver.  It is delusional of Huhne to suggest that Britain can be protected from a looming energy crisis by putting up even more wind turbines that have proved incredibly inefficient at generating power when it’s needed.

Due to its intermittent and variable nature and the propensity for the wind not to blow during times of peak demand (think back to the lack of wind during the bitingly cold winter), wind turbine generated power can never form the energy baseload required to underpin Britain’s electricity needs.  Yet it is the baseload capacity that requires replacement due to the age of the fossil fuel driven power stations and the government’s half baked, EU-driven Low Carbon Transition Plan.

The only stable and therefore reliable form of generating baseload electricity that isn’t fossil fuel based is nuclear power.  It should be a no brainer that this is where government should be devoting its financial resources.  But in a demonstration of ignorance and stunning arrogance in his Sunday Telegraph interview, Chris Huhne has declared that there will be “no money” for state subsidies for a new generation of nuclear power plants.  One can only question the mental state of man because such an approach could be catastrophic for this country.

To compound his idiocy, Huhne went on to praise electric cars, claiming that models such as the Tesla sports car, which goes from 0-60mph in under four seconds, showed that energy saving needs not hamper on-road performance.  Just where the extra electricity to meet the new and additional demand for power for such vehicles will come from, Huhne doesn’t say.  But you can guarantee his beloved wind turbines will fall well short of delivering the required capacity.

The fact is Huhne is a liar. He is just another political charlatan.  For him to declare that onshore wind turbines were “incredibly competitive” in producing electricity is an outright deception.  The generation figures show wind turbines are inefficient.  Added to that the cost to electricity consumers to support the wind turbine feed onto the grid make wind power far more expensive than coal or gas.  Renewables cost more.  When Huhne says:

“We have a tremendous natural resource in the Dogger Bank, which is an enormous shallow area of the North Sea, the same size as Wales.

“It’s relatively cheap to put wind turbines in that shallow area. It’s beautifully windy so it does actually produce a lot of electricity – that is a really important natural resource for us.”

he also omits to mention that offshore turbines are suffering from subsidence and sinking into the seabed and the cost of fixing the problem runs into tens of millions of pounds that will also be met through electricity bills.  So much for relatively cheap. Relative to what, exactly? If there is no government subsidy of nuclear energy then the costs of electricity consumers could more than double in a short space of time.  The investment required to keep the lights on, raised by energy companies on the markets alone, will prove astronomically expensive and be passed on in our energy bills.  Many millions more Britons will be consigned to real fuel poverty as a direct result of Lib Dem intransigence, climate change obsession and fantasy politics.

Huhne, like his boss Nick Clegg, is guilty of ignoring the reality of our situation and using energy policy as a poster boy for their greenwashing of society.  After all, Clegg says there is no looming energy gap in the first place and argues our energy problem is a lack of renewables in our energy mix.  Yet his and Huhne’s policy is to preside over a policy that will reduce the proportion of reliable energy sources in that mix.  It is truly the politics of insanity and we are about to become its victims – and all under a Conservative dominated government.

Update: EU Referendum has more on this supposed ‘march of progress’.

Cameron to kill off the Conservative Party?

Could the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats merge to fight the next election as a single force? asks Paul Goodman on ConservativeHome.  Many people will immediately dismiss the idea as unworkable or unsuitable.  But if there is one thing that David Cameron and Nick Clegg have shown since negotiations commenced to create a coalition government, their hunger for power and authority trumps any manifesto promise and anything akin to ideology.

There is an irony in Cameron’s migration of the Conservatives away from the centre right of politics.  He has long argued that the Conservative Party had to change.  The subtext was that if it failed to do so it would die.  As he said:

“We know we have to change. I stood for the leadership because I’m fed up with hearing that this party is out of touch, backward-looking and lacks compassion”

Cameron rammed his personal vision of necessary changes through without any reference to the people who comprise the party and used it as the opportunity to tear up long held conservative principles, so the party reflected his social democratic mindset – a process that accelerated in stunning fashion in order for him to reach his personal goal of taking up residence in 10 Downing Street.

But now that change process has brought Cameron to the point where he is without doubt considering a merger with the Liberal Democrats, an act that by its very nature will kill the Conservative Party as we know it.  In a coalition electoral merger the centre right conservative policies and principles that have been jettisoned by Cameron, seemingly for convenience, will remain permanently consigned to the bin of history because he simply never believed them.  As Tim Montgomerie has previously argued, to keep the Lib Dems strong enough to play their part in keeping the coalition afloat the coalition will have to move further to the left.  It certainly won’t be allowed to fall apart because Cameron wants to cling to Number 10 at any cost.

For Cameron the Conservative Party was never anything more than a flag of convenience to be used to achieve his personal ambitions.  Now he has reached his desired destination Cameron is showing his true colours.  By openly revealing his barely concealed natural affinity with the centre left values of the Liberal Democrats, Cameron seems ready to cast off the Conservative vessel in favour of a new hulk created jointly with Clegg’s Liberals. He is on the verge of killing off the Conservative Party.

The losers in this – in the short term at least – will be the genuine conservatives who despite everything have clung to the party’s apron strings in the hope that in power Cameron would unveil a genuine conservatism.  It remains to be seen how long many of them will tolerate a government that is demonstrably devoid of conservative values before rediscovering the courage of their convictions.

While Cameron may have perpetrated a confidence trick on a large part of the electorate that thought it would get conservative government if it voted for his party, he perpetrated nothing less than a wholesale fraud on those who loyally trusted in him and campaigned to deliver him to Downing Street.  On both counts there will eventually be a reckoning.

Cameron and Clegg’s power give away is a sham

There is a joint communique today in the Telegraph from Cleggeron command, designed to soothe the masses with promises to devolve power from the centre into the hands of the people.

Amidst the reference to the fixing the economy,  improving education, having a first class NHS, law and order and ‘strong communities’, Call me Dave and Little Nick paint this picture of their vision for giving away power to the people:

Whatever the differences that exist between us and our parties, we both passionately believe in giving people more power over their lives. It has become increasingly clear to us that we can be a strong, reforming government if we build outwards from the instincts we share.

But our commitment to give power away isn’t just born of instinct; it has been strengthened by the evidence of the past. For decades, governments have assumed that the only way to make things better is to centralise. Of course, central government has a crucial role to play, but it cannot and should not try to do everything. It’s time for the central state to allow the genius of grassroots innovation, diversity and experimentation to take off.

The whole thing is, of course, a sham.  The Cleggeron tells us that for decades government have assumed the only way to make things better is to centralise.  Despite their fine words, Cameron and Clegg are intent on continuing along the same path.  For the fact is it ‘s impossible to truly devolve power from the centre when you follow a course that centralises power in the EU. 

 The joint speech from the two men was notable for the absence of any reference whatsoever to the EU or Europe in general.  One could be forgiven for thinking that they are somewhat divorced from reality, but they know very well what they are saying is patronising cant.  Their words are carefully calculating and designed to give the illusion of control where very little exists.  They are offering what is not theirs to give, and will remain such until a British government has the sense and conviction to take back political control over the affairs of this nation.

Say one thing, do another.  It is the Cameron and Clegg way.  This is just one of many shams being ‘sold’ to the public.  Thankfully it seems in the comments section of the Telegraph article enough people can see through this shallow promise to expose it for what it is and challenge the notion.  But as we have come to expect from the political class, such observations will be ignored and the politicians will carry on doing what suits them in spite of the wishes of the electorate.

Tories continue Labour’s obsession with gimmicks

Ahead of the General Election, the Labour Party demonstrated its fetish for celebrity and gimmickry hoping the popularity of entertainers and the famous would rub off and translate into electoral support.  Now the Conservatives are continuing the sad spectacle as ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron takes time out to ‘get down with the street’ by cosying up with the enemy of privacy, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

The excuse used for this hobnobbing is that, as ‘Call me Dave’ explained, the Cleggerons plan to use the Facebook social network to ask British citizens for ideas on spending cuts.  The Telegraph goes on to explain that:

The site, which has 26 million UK users, will invite people to submit their ideas for where public money might be saved via a “Spending Challenge Channel” on its Democracy UK page. There will also be microsites specially tailored to focus on key issues open for discussion and debate among the voting public.

What is the point?  Reasonable ideas such as not sending money to the EU so it can be sent back to us minus the massive administration costs, not sending money to countries like India and China which both devote multi million pound sums to their national space programmes, not sending our money to fund the training of overseas trade union activists, not using taxpayers’ money to subsidise wind turbine proliferation that drives up electricity prices and increases the risk of rota disconnections, and so on, will be ignored. 

If it is beyond the wit of Ministers to identify what spending in their departments is not essential and can therefore be reduced or cut without affecting the delivery of necessary front line services, then they have no business being in office.

This is just another attempt to give people the illusion of being able to influence the political class, using gimmicks to distract people from serious scrutiny of the Government and its performance.  It is bad enough that the public is denied a genuine stake in driving policy, it is even worse that we are treated like children by a bunch of paternalist control freaks who think they know best what’s good for us.

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