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Huhne affair signals end of Lib Dem moral superiority

Little more than five weeks since the formation of the coalition government a second Cabinet Minister is about to have his private life trawled over in the media as a result of his actions.

The political editor at the Sunday People is trailing tomorrow’s edition’s main headline, that the Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, has left his wife for another woman.  That other woman seems to be Lib Dem Publicity Consultant, Carina Trimingham given that Huhne has been quoted by Nigel Nelson as saying:

“I am in a serious relationship with Carina Trimingham”

It wasn’t fast work, as the People will reveal Chris Huhne has been cheating on his wife, Vicky, for over a year.

The news is certainly going to attract some publicity, so maybe it’s job done for Ms Trimingham, but it’s probably not the kind of publicity the morally superior Lib Dems would have wanted – especially after the David Laws affair.  It is probably not the kind of publicity Ms Trimingham’s other employers, Amnesty International and the Electoral Reform Society, want either.  That probably explains why her Twitter page (where in her few contributions she mainly retweeted Chris Huhne’s tweets) has been deleted and her Facebook page has been deactivated.

The emerging story has already been briefly picked over by ConservativeHome, with its co-editor Tim Montgomerie publishing an editorial seeking to tell readers how a grown up society should react to such events.  Tim refers readers back to a two-year-old editorial on his site that asked and answered the following questions:

Does a politician’s private life matter? Yes.

Should a questionable private life prevent a politician from achieving high office? No.

We agree on question one.  But there are obvious circumstances when a questionable private life should prevent a politician from achieving high office – and Chris Huhne’s apparent extramarital affair is an example of one.  Behaviour in politician’s private life that suggests he or she has a questionable character or a propensity to deceit or deception should preclude them from high office.  If the public cannot rely upon the politician to be honourable and truthful then that person has no place in government.

I have every sympathy for anyone whose relationship has broken down.  We are only human after all and sometimes things and people change.  But I have no sympathy for someone who remains in their relationship and establishes one with another person behind the back of their partner.  That is deceit, a lie, a betrayal of trust.  When a politician has the capacity to do that to the person closest to them they clearly have the capacity to be equally deceitful to an electorate of strangers.  Huhne has broken a trust and cannot be relied upon to be honest or honourable.  In short, he has no place in government.

The only surprise for some people is that in a government comprising Conservative and Lib Dem ministers, the dishonest and sleazy exposés  that have twice undermined it have concerned the minority Lib Dem partners.  Given the moral superiority frequently displayed by the Lib Dems, having two of their five cabinet members dragged over the coals for sleaze in the first six weeks of the administration’s life points to existence of hypocrisy of the highest order.

Perhaps now the Lib Dems have made it into the greenhouse they will stop throwing stones and portraying themselves as somehow more reliable than their political rivals.  As for Huhne, he should resign.  A man who casually lies and cheats in his personal life is more than capable of doing the same in his professional one.  This country deserves better.  After all the talk of a new politics let’s see it made real with the removal of an untrustworthy man from office.

Update: This might seem a minor story when set against issues such as Afghanistan, the economy and numerous other major topics.  But if this country is ever to move beyond political pygmies and to enjoy honest and responsible government, liars and cheats like Huhne need to be weeded out of positions of responsibility.

EU: Dave the liar lets matters rest there, completely

You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel some pity for those Conservatives who clung hopefully to the belief that once in office David Cameron would suddenly reveal a cunningly hidden Euroscepticism.  Having promised the British people the final say on the Lisbon Treaty with his ‘cast-iron’ pledge, he backed down when it was ratified saying that it was now law and it was too late to stop Lisbon taking effect.

However, Cameron did say that he ‘would not let matters rest there’.  People had hope.  He was still the man with a plan.  Would he go to the people and ask them if they were content to remain bound by the measures wrapped up in the Lisbon Treaty?  Er, no.  Instead he would bravely ‘negotiate’ with the EU for the repatriation of ‘some powers’ that should, by any measure, reside with our elected representatives in Parliament.

‘Don’t worry, wait until after the election. Dave will show what he’s made of and get our powers back’ was the paraphrased sentiment uttered by some of the regulars on ConservativeHome.  ‘He’s just playing the EU down until after the election’ claimed a number of commentators.  ‘He is very Eurosceptic really’ opined others.  All clutched at straws and prayed for a Cameron victory so the UK could assert its primacy again and take back – with EU consent, natch – some of the key powers that a sovereign nation should possess for itself.

Today, however, David Cameron completed his multi-stage retreat from his crowd pleasing comments to his personally favoured position – keeping Britain firmly under the control of the EU bureaucracy in Brussels.

The publication of the full coalition agreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, aka ‘power at any cost’, has revealed that the manifesto promise to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU – the very measure designed to make up for conceding defeat over the Lisbon Treaty – has been abandoned.  Completely.  It is dead.  Despite multiple promises, each less robust than the previous one, David Cameron has completed his journey from supposed Eurosceptic to paid-up Europhile, thus cementing his position as just another lying politician.  The promise to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU has been replaced with this meaningless pledge :

‘We will examine the balance of the EU’s existing competences.’

A substantial number of people – opposed to the provisions of Lisbon but prepared to suspend their disbelief and give Cameron the benefit of the doubt because of the pledge to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU – voted Conservative in good faith.  They are just about to discover they have been conned, tricked, lied to, by a self serving and sleazy control freak who will abandon any principle or promise as long as it results in power or personal gain.

Believe me, because of the impact of this deception on the governance of this country, it is without any sense of triumphalism that I say, ‘I told you so’.  Now everyone can see for themselves the true nature of David Cameron.  But it is too late now because Cameron, having hijacked the Conservative Party to bring about his Social Democrat agenda, has achieved what he wanted for himself and taken control of Downing Street.  Now he will stick two fingers up at the country and do exactly as he pleases, aided and abetted by his fellow travellers from the rampantly Europhile Liberal Democrats.

Welcome to the new politics, where people supposedly hold the power over the state.  Where despite Conservative promise after promise, Europe has been confirmed as your country not just your continent.  Welcome to the Age of Deceitful Dave and Sidekick Nick.

EU elephant stalks the new Great Reform Act room

Nick Clegg has just made a speech where he has outlined how the Government intends to reduce the power of the state over the individual by ‘tearing through the statute book’.  He is pledging that people will be asked what laws they want to be repealed.  He is saying that the Con-Lib coalition will:

– Restore the hard won liberties
– Reduce the power of political elites
– Redistribution of power away from the centre

It sounds wonderful.  David Cameron and Nick Clegg are telling us they are going to deliver radical reform and empowerment.  But there is a fundamental dishonesty in this rousing rhetoric because there is a complete absence of any reference to our real government, the EU.  We are likely to be offered a referendum about having a new voting system, but there is no referendum on offer asking the British people to decide if we wish to remain governed by the unelected and unaccountable European Union.  No one is offering us the opportunity to say we want to be goverened exclusively by our Parliament and want our Courts to enforce only laws that originate in this country, enacted by elected representatives we can vote democratically to keep in the Commons or remove as we see fit.  In his speech, Clegg let slip the reason for this when he said:

‘When people have power they use it’

Clegg followed that line by saying; ‘And when they are denied it, there is anger and disappointment’.  Well, that is what we should expect in due course then, because the fact is the political class is still resolved to carefully controlling the limited power we are being granted.  It is distancing the electorate from any decision making on the major issues, such as how we are governed and who makes the overwhelming majority of our laws.  We are being left with a tiny, peripheral role in reforming trivial matters while enjoying only a very limited sliver of empowerment.

We will not have any say over essential issues, such as how we produce the energy needed to power this country, the number of fish our fleets can catch and how, the rules concerning extradition of British citizens, how we dispose of our domestic waste, the costs to business of adhering to unnecessary regulations, how our financial services industry operates, whether or not we can exclude people from these shores whose presence is not in the national interest, and a host of other core matters.  So when Clegg says; ‘We will ask you which laws you think should go’ his is being misleading in the extreme, because there will be thick red lines that ordinary people will not be allowed to cross.  EU laws and regulations are off limits to people who are not part of the political class.  And still the political class maintains the pretence that we are sovereign and in control of our own affairs.  It is a sham.

While many people will cheer the news that the database state is being rolled back, ensuring we have will have some personal freedoms and civil liberties returned to us, many do not realise we are still being denied any say in the nature of our democracy.  This is a gaping hole in the proposals that the Cleggerons have no intention of filling.  We are required to know our place – and for Cameron and Clegg, that means fealty to the European Union and subservience to the political class.  We are being promised a feast when all we are going to get are some carefully selected crusts from the table.  We are being treated with contempt.  We are being conned.  New politics?  Don’t be daft.

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Abid Naseer deportation case is utter insanity

Are you an Islamist terrorist?  Do you want to wage violent jihad against the decadent infidel in the west?  Would you like the security of knowing that if you’re from a country that has the death penalty – and you are caught by the security services of your target nation – they will allow you to stay, at the cost of and under the protection of the people you had set out to murder and maim?  If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes’ then you should be trying to attack the United Kingdom!

A special immigration court, hearing an appeal against deportation, has ruled that Abid Naseer was an al-Qaeda operative – but could not be deported because he faced torture or death back home in Pakistan.  This is the man identified as the leader of an al-Qaeda cell that, MI5 and the police say, intended to bomb shoppers in Manchester.  Despite his intentions, this Pakistani national is being allowed to stay in this country.

Only a country run by craven bureaucrats could construct a process that enables a foreign national accused of planning terrorist atrocities against civilians to remain in that country for his own protection, at the cost of the people he was planning to kill.  Not only is our judicial system incapable of dealing with fanatics who wish to murder us, it is determined to put their ‘rights’ before our ‘interests’ and force us to cohabit with them on these islands. It is a perversion of common sense and an example of the warped moral relativism that is undermining this country.

I wonder how many Britons like the idea of a special immigration court blocking the deportation of a member of a terrorist organisation who allegedly sought to bring death and destruction to these shores. Why should the political class and their judicial activist friends be allowed to undermine the interests of the United Kingdom because a sovereign country has the death penalty and the terrorist who is a citizen of that country might lawfully be subjected to it as a consequence for his actions?

Does anyone believe the new politics address this insanity?  Don’t count on it, the politicians don’t care what we think.  A point made all to clear by our new Home Secretary, Theresa May, who while ‘disappointed’ is stating she doesn’t intend to appeal the decision.  Don’t like it, ordinary citizen?  Tough.  Our political class has spoken.  Enjoy the new politics – it’s not much different to the old.

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Thought for the day

Conservatives, most notably William Hague, made much over recent months of Gordon Brown having been an ‘unelected’ Prime Minister.

At the next election will we see Hague making as much of Nick Clegg having been an ‘unelected’ Deputy Prime Minister?  Just asking.

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Ah, ain’t new politics grand?

Don’t you just love it?  Right up there with idiotic assertions like (paraphrased) ‘the people voted for a hung parliament because it wants the parties to work together’ from Labour leadership candidate, Ed Miliband, are assertions such ‘this is a new politics’.  What does it mean?  The Cleggerons want you to believe this means a more democratic and responsive governance where politicians represent the people.  David Cameron said so himself just before he entered 10 Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister last week:

One of the tasks that we clearly have is to rebuild trust in our political system. Yes that’s about cleaning up expenses, yes that is about reforming parliament, and yes it is about making sure people are in control – and that the politicians are always their servant and never their masters.

Fine words indeed.  But then Cameron has always been very good at delivering a line.  After all, his presentation style won him the party leadership.  But are we going to see these words converted into demonstrable actions that see fundamental change in the relationship between the political class and the people?  Well, it seems very unlikely.

The first great opportunity for Cameron and Clegg to make the ‘new politics’ real for people is the prospect of a re-ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.  The story has been bumping around for several weeks but the political class, in conjunction with their media lapdogs, kept the story off the General Election radar screen.  Now, weeks on, the story has finally gone mainstream as the BBC has decided it can’t ignore it any longer.  So the focus switches to the Pinky and Perky of politics and speculation rises about the approach that will be taken to the prospect of Lisbon being forced back into the political limelight.

How will the ‘new politics’ see people put in control and the political class serving their interests should Lisbon come back for re-ratification?  Well the omens aren’t good if the assessment of the well connected editor of ConservativeHome is anything to go by.  Tim Montgomerie’s prediction, if it turns out to be accurate, suggests the ‘new politics’ is the sham many of us believe it to be:

Cameron has a real opportunity to give the British people a vote on the Lisbon Treaty because of this need for re-ratification. He should take it. Will he? Almost certainly not. It would bring down the Coalition.

EU Referendum explains to readers that the EU is only planning a new protocol to change the number of MEPs allowed, but that requires only the protocol to be ratified, leaving the Treaty untouched, something that can be dealt with in the UK by using the Ponsonby rule.  This is absolutely correct.  But someone whose tireless efforts to force a referendum in the first place were thwarted would surely seek to grasp this opportunity to right a wrong and make good on their pledge to put this before the people.

‘Power to the people!’ was the catchphrase of Citizen Smith.  For all his rhetoric, Cameron doesn’t look likely to put that into practice.  Again the interests of the political class will trump the wishes of the people.  It’s worth noting that a sizable number of new Tory MPs put ‘No more EU’ in their campaign literature.  We will soon see how principled they are – will they put their promise to voters first, or their desire to stay in Cameron’s good books in the hope of advancement later?  Let me humbly submit for consideration the chorus of a new anthem for the next Conservative Party conference:

Then raise the Tory standard high.
Within its shade we’ll live and die,
Though Lib Dems flinch and true men sneer,
We’ll keep the white flag flying here.

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Con-Lib climate change and energy policy is a looming disaster

The Cameron-Clegg axis has demonstrated its lack of critical faculties in united fashion when David Cameron and Chris Huhne visited the Department for Energy and Climate Change.  The Cleggerons’ slavish devotion to the creed of climate change has been put before the need to properly tackle environmental problems such as pollution and deforestation. 

The focus on reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (despite no evidence that proves it causes global warming) as outlined by Cameron cannot bring about the necessary energy security for this country that he also mentioned.  Wind turbines simply cannot and will not deliver the reliable generation of baseload power this country needs.  At immense cost it will produce only a fraction of its potential capacity but the huge costs will still be passed on to consumers.  We need an energy mix comprising nuclear, gas, coal and efficient renewables.  But the kneejerk political class continues to undermine its development. 

The Lib Dems will oppose nuclear generated electricity because they feel it isn’t safe or green enough; we don’t have sufficient gas storage and have to increasingly import gas from abroad as our North Sea reserves fall, driving up the cost; coal is plentiful and accessible, but EU interference and the carbon bogeyman see to it that we will reduce coal generation capacity rather than increase it to meet our needs; and we have yet to uncover a widely distributable efficient form of renewable energy as investment solar does not pay for itself, wind fails to produce when it’s needed and tidal power remains on the back burner with only the damaging Severn Barrage under consideration.

People should remember Nick Clegg’s views denying the looming energy gap that will result in rota disconnection to reduce the supply of electricity to a level that can be generated.  Cameron is buying into the same idiocy.  You can put in all the vastly expensive theoretical generating capacity you like, but if it doesn’t translate into Gigawatts of electricity fed into homes, businesses and the transport network, it is a huge white elephant.  The blinkered approach is only made worse by the pursuit of lunatic feed in tarrifs.

We may have a supposedly ‘new politics’ but we are blindly going forward to bygone days of the lights going out and huddling around candles and wondering when the power will be turned back on in our homes and when our offices and factories will be able to resume production essential to our economic well-being.  We have dark days ahead that will make the economic crisis look like small beer yet the Cleggerons insanely tinker around the fringes with their thumbs up their bums and their brains in neutral attempting to appear caring and virtuous.  On their heads be it.

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Cleggerons reveal their true intentions

“We are the Coalition Borg. Lower your expectations and surrender your democracy. We will add your vacuous words and meaningless pledges to our own. Your politics will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated…”

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