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A man without conviction, belief or substance

(A thank you to those kind people who have been emailing to ask how things are going.  The job is going well and I’m getting into a routine, so hopefully I can start to get some more posts up.)

When looking at Conservative Home one can’t help but be struck by the volume of anti Cameron pieces in the media that are being trailed in the Newslinks. Just take today’s offerings as an example…

Ken Clarke reportedly accuses Cameron of treating Andrew Lansley badly…

…as the Telegraph reflects on a “week of compromises”…

…and others identify Cameron’s style of government as a problem

…and the Treasury select committee condemns the leaking of the Budget

For a moment I had to check I wasn’t on Labour List.  But what is notable about these pieces is that the attacks are not ideological.  They are not about policy.  These have been spawned by the abject failure of leadership. And there is a lack of leadership because the leader, David Cameron, has no principle or clear political direction.

It is dawning on people who supported the Conservatives in the hope Cameron would reveal an inner conservative after assuming residence in Downing Street, that Cameron is not a conservative. What is more worrying is that it’s becoming apparent that Cameron is nothing. He is not a conservative, he is not a liberal, he is not a social democrat and he is not a socialist.  In fact he stands for nothing – apart from the desire to attain office – and he has successfully deceived people  by pretending to hold their political convictions when he holds none.

Government is like any business or organisation.  At the top there has to be a clear dirction and a sense of purpose or else it flounders.  In the case of a business it loses customers, money and ultimately fails or gets broken up by another that does have a sense of purpose. In the case of an organisation people lose interest and drift away leaving an ineffective rump that can achieve little if anything, then finally closes down.

In the case of a government it loses authority – it fails to honour promises central to its election campaign thus treating its supporters with contempt; it twists and turns in an effort to appease the immediate audience even when that appeasement contradicts pledges and commitments that have been made; it abandons those who believed the direction was set even if that was unpopular with some people; it operates in exactly the same manner as previous governments it criticised; and ultimately it leaks support because no one of any stripe can trust anything that comes from the mouth of the leadership, as the leadership believes in nothing that it is saying.

Expedient government quickly turns into lame duck government and the country suffers as a result.  The only person responsible for this is the autocratic meglomaniac, David Cameron.  Devoid of conviction, belief or substance , he is not only continuing the decline of this country overseen by Labour, he is accelerating it under this insipid coalition of the self interested.

While the used-to-be-Conservative party will suffer for this and enable a resurgence of the undeserving and incompetent Fabians, the ultimate casualty will be the country, followed by democracy itself.  We find ourselves in troubling and difficult times and the political class has no answer.  We need to find another way or there will be nothing left worth preserving.

Update: Dr Richard North of EU Referendum references this piece on his blog and corrects an assertion I have made. It’s a valid point he makes and his piece is a must-read posting.

If you read one blog post today, make it this one

We are seeing here structural cuts which remove the UK’s ability to act independently as a nation, and to project our foreign policy. We have moved from independence to a transitional stage where our capabilities have been removed and there is no replacement.  The agenda unfolds.

Government not taking immigration seriously

One of my pet loathings of parliamentarians is the techniques some of them use to avoid answering a question that could cause them embarrassment and stir anger among voters.

The latest example of this can be seen in a written answer to a question asked about the use of the European Convention on Human Rights to avoid legal removal from the UK.

Mr Stewart Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many deportations from the UK did not proceed as a consequence of the application of the provisions of (a) Article 3 and (b) Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights in each year since 2005; and if she will make a statement.

Damian Green: In responding to this question, we have assumed ‘deportations’ to mean ‘removals’.

The UK Border Agency does not record this information centrally. Providing a breakdown of specific reasons for removals not to be pursued, either at initial decision stage or following a successful appeal, can only be determined by investigating individual case files which would incur a disproportionate cost.

If this country takes immigration matters seriously then this is exactly the kind of information the Home Office Department should be recording centrally. Perhaps there was a conscious decision made not to record this information centrally because it would highlight the systemic failures within the Home Department and the reveal the true extent of ECHR interference in Britain’s ability to determine who may reside here.

What is also interesting is the call for a statement has been completely ignored. Despite immigration being one of the top three issues for voters at the last election, the government has no interest in upholding our laws, dealing with offenders correctly or being held to account on the subject.

The Labour opposition do not care about this issue. After all, it was they who deliberately opened up this country’s borders in the first place to make the UK more multicultural and diverse.  The Lib Dems want a world without borders run by the UN so they don’t care.  So that leaves the mainstream media, who are now permanently asleep at the wheel and would not look at this issue unless it landed on their desk in the form of a press release; and bloggers increasingly embarrass the media by uncovering such an issue and probing at it until someone prominent adopts it as a problem in need of remedy – at which point the media arrives to present the story as their own exclusive.

Government vs Met Office forecast row heats up

The saga of the ‘private’ Met Office forecast to the Cabinet Office for early winter has taken a new twist.

Many people have submitted Freedom of Information requests concerning the Met Office forecast supplied to the Cabinet Office in October 2010, looking ahead to the winter, after the Met Office published temperature probability maps showing they believed the winter would be warmer than average. The Met Office, via Roger Harrabin, put out its side of the story just after New Year with Harrabin stating that:

In October the forecaster privately warned the Government – with whom it has a contract – that Britain was likely to face an extremely cold winter.

However, this claim seems overblown when compared with the Cabinet Office’s view of the forecast. The Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude, has responded to a Parliamentary question about the forecast with a written answer published on Friday. The question and answer read:

Chris Heaton-Harris: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office what account his Department took of the October 2010 Met Office forecast of a mild winter in preparations across Government for the winter of 2010.

Mr Maude: The Met Office provide the Government with regular updates throughout the year to inform short, medium and longer term planning. In late October, the Met Office advised that temperatures during November and December were likely to be average or colder. This information was shared with Departments as part of a wider review of winter preparedness.

‘…were likely to be average or colder.’  That in no way reflects the Harrabin claim that the Met Office predicted it was likely Britain would face ‘an extremely cold winter’.

The Freedom of Information responses to the public and the media are still pending. But the parliamentary answer shows the government and the Met Office are peddling different stories and that only the full release of the unredacted forecast will determine who is telling the truth.  In the meantime, get comfy and reach for the popcorn while the rats scuffle in their sack.

Germany is such a green and pleasant land

With apologies to King James for reworking St Mark’s chapter and verse 10:25… It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a coal fired power station to be built the United Kingdom.

There are bountiful supplies of coal in stable countries which could secure our power needs for decades years while new reliable and efficient energy sources are developed. But no. We have to put up with the gurning lhuhnatic ensconced at the Dept of Energy and Climate Change muttering that coal is dirty and nuclear is dangerous and lavishing billions of our tax pounds on unreliable and inefficient wind turbines that produce barely 22% of their installed capacity.

Germany is often cited by the eco lhuhnes as an example of a forward thinking, green nation. But while we are conned into aspiring to Germany’s passion for renewables the reality of Germany’s energy strategy is carefully airbrushed from the script and the windmills trump all. Then suddenly it dawns on some that the things don’t work when they are most needed. As EU Referendum observes:

Gradually, though, the media is getting the point, and as the facts leach out, even the warmists in The Guardian are not going to be able to hold the line. But what is going to sink the warmist ship, one suspects, is the fickleness of our EU colleagues, who might be talking the talk on greenery but, on the other hand, they are investing heavily in coal. The particular culprit here is Germany, and we have recent acquired a list of new coal projects in the pipeline – listed below:

The amount of power the new German plants will generate, shown on EU Referendum, dwarfs the amount of energy the Con-Dem’s windmills will produce while being many times more cost effective.

The folly of the government’s energy policy demonstrates how ill served we are by the braingreenwashed ideologues whose fantasies are condemning us to a future of excessively expensive and unreliable energy. And it is being done on the basis of an illusory climate change ‘crisis’ supposedly driven by a trace gas, CO2, of which barely 5% of the atmospheric volume comes from mankind’s emissions.

Immigration caps, idiocy, and highly skilled workers

Sometimes the sheer stupidity of the political class and the ignorance of the media combines to stoke the anger and frustration of people for whom common sense and intelligence are standard qualities, not optional extras. Here we have the moronic Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government wanting to appear tough on immigration. But in so doing demonstating their complete lack of suitability to govern, because the rules they have in place fuel unnecessary speculative migration of people without job offers and restrict the migration of people actually sought by employers.

The Observer reports this morning that big businesses are welcoming news from the government that some transfers of highly skilled workers will be excluded from immigration caps:

Just 50 people. That’s how many foreign workers PricewaterhouseCoopers, which employs 18,000 UK staff, will be allowed to bring into Britain this year. And the accountancy firm is not happy.

PwC is not alone. Across the UK, banks, law firms, carmakers and industrial companies have been agitating vigorously about the coalition’s draconian crackdown on the immigration of highly skilled staff.

This week, they thought they glimpsed a chink of light. The home secretary, Theresa May, announced on Friday that certain international transfers of existing employees within companies will be excluded from quotas placed on the number of overseas hires for big businesses. But the Observer has learned that this exemption on “intra-company” visas is likely to be tightly limited…

The government is restricting intra-company staff transfers into the UK and capping the number of migrants companies can offer jobs to under the points-based system Tier 2 (Skilled Worker) criteria, yet continuing to operate the Tier 1 (General) criteria where migrants do not need to have a job offer (only to hold particular qualifications or job titles) to be granted a visa. This is why we see highly skilled workers coming here (or remaining here from the previous Highly Skilled Migrant programme) without a skilled job or income and taking up menial work such as fruit and vegetable picking, waiting at tables and office cleaning.

Migrants coming to the UK under Tier 1 of the points-based system reduce the number of people that can come here under Tier 2 – yet Tier 2 migrants are the very people companies have identified as being beneficial to their operations and adding value to their business. Nowhere in the Observer piece is there any mention of this. Nor is there any mention of the impact this has when unskilled workers from acrosss the EU come here without restriction and find themselves competing not only with British nationals but with Tier 1 highly skilled migrants for casual work.

Not only have we lost control of our borders thanks to EU membership, our government is actually stoking the problem of migrants coming here without any job arrangements by maintaining Tier 1 of the points based system, which results in an oversupply in the labour market. Now let the coalition say again they are serious about reducing immigration. Their claim is fallacious. Thus are we ill served.

UK takes first step into EU Army

‘Anyone who thinks that Anglo-French military “co-operation” isn’t a Trojan Horse for the EU Army needs their brains examined.’

That is the simple fact reiterated on EU Referendum earlier today.  And it’s not like the discussions and the warnings of this huge step towards a federal superstate have not been there for years. The political class and the media have been teeing this up for a long time. Here’s just a random sample of reports on the subject:

2005 – The next step will be to form a Europe-wide foreign policy and merge the armed forces into a single EU army.
2006 – The President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, has proposed the creation of a 100,000-strong EU army designed to work with NATO.
2007 – “We need to get closer to a common army for Europe,” Merkel last week told German daily Bild.
2007 – David Miliband yesterday called for greater military cooperation between European countries – fuelling fears of a possible EU army to rival Nato.
2008 – In a little-reported speech on May 6, Germany’s Foreign Minister Steinmeier called for greater efforts to create a common EU army.
2008 – Slowly but surely, the hidden agenda of the European Union’s foreign policy elite, led by France, becomes clear. They want an EU ‘army’, ‘hard power’ and a grand new military headquarters.
2008 – The freshly appointed UK defence secretary has publicly supported on Monday the idea of a European army.

The problem seems to be ordinary people thought this was something that simply could never happen. They saw the reports of an EU Army, figured these were the pipe dreams of self important windbags, and returned to the more serious business of deciding who to vote for on X Factor and which EastEnders character would be next to be run over in Albert Square. Or perhaps some thought a Conservative like Cameron would be elected and stop it happening – not reckoning on the fact the man as heir to Blair and his ‘progressive’ ilk is fully signed up to selling the UK out.

In their distracted state what most people did not realise or did not care was that these windbags were working unchecked to award themselves the power to carry out their plans. The salami tactics of seizing power slice by slice did not register with many, but they have brought us to this defining moment in our history – a moment when the UK completes the surrender of itself to the bureaucracy.

Those who saw it coming shouted from the rooftops but were told to stop ‘banging on’ about Europe by the very man who will move the first piece on the board to make the dream a reality by signing a ‘cooperation’ agreement with the French that signals the end of British military independence. Perhaps this was what Cameron had in mind when he spoke of ‘letting sunshine win the day’.

There is a word that fits Cameron perfectly. Collaborateur.

The parable of the EU serfs

The EU arrived one day, took the key from under our plant pot, opened the front door and with the connivance of our idiot big brother it moved into our house… It has since gone on to take over the master bedroom, control access to the bathroom, decide what we can and cannot buy, chosen who we can have as friends, demands feeding at huge expense and won’t let anyone else use the TV remote. It has quietly raided our wallets for years… Now, increasingly emboldened, it is openly ordering us to re-decorate in its chosen scheme, disable the burglar alarm, turn out the money from our pockets and is taking from the piggy bank in our room. The EU has turned us into serfs, guests in our own home and ensures our big brother repeats ad nauseum that we cannot survive without it, despite dissent from our other serf siblings… Our paternal political class is craven, cowers in the EU’s presence and hasn’t got the balls to shove it out of the door. Someday though the siblings will be strong enough to overcome the big brother, reject the weakness of the parents and remove the EU from the house for good.

But for now the EU still holds sway, despite the spin and deception of the Cleggerons. A 2.9% increase in the EU budget is a victory for the EU and a defeat for the hard pressed British taxpayer.

The EU’s budget will increase at a time our own public expenditure is being swollen, despite the moronic rhetoric of cuts. We will pay more than £435m extra to that overseas entity per annum and the UK government will spend £43bn more of our money by 2015.

So much for a low tax economy that allows business to grow and flourish. The fatted calf is watching as the slaughterman’s van pulls into the farmyard.

How much longer will people tolerate this?

When are spending cuts not spending cuts?

When it comes to Government announcements concerning the economy, be it a statement, the budget or a comprehensive spending review, a good rule of thumb is to wait until the dust settles and the facts emerge before rushing to comment.

The mainstream media doesn’t have the luxury of time as they have copy deadlines, so reproducing press releases and soundbites about George Osborne’s spending review without analysis is the order of the day – not any different to any other day when you think about it. But some blogs, that look beyond the headlines to look at the detail, can be relied upon to give us the story straight.

So, step up the ever reliable and news-breaking EU Referendum.

As Dr Richard North makes clear, public spending is not being cut at all in this spending review. The ‘cuts’ are to nothing more than reductions to forecast spending. The top line figures are completely clear. Public sector spending in 2010-11 remains as forecast at £696.8 billion. In 2014-15 public sector spending is now forecast to be £739.8 billion. That is an increase in public spending between now and then on £43 billion. How is this a spending cut?

What we are seeing is a massive redistribution of spending. It is a smoke and mirrors exercise. As EU Referendum makes clear, money will be spent on servicing existing and additional debt and patching some of the massive blackhole in pensions.

Tax increases will account for much of the additional spending. But the fact remains the state will not be shrinking, it will be bigger. The question now is, when will the media and the markets realise this? When that is answered, perhaps this damnable coalition managerialist spin operation in Downing Street will be asked how an increase in public spending of £43 billion is a spending cut.

It seems clear the ‘new politics’ is no different from the old.

Britain is now the punchline for an international joke

  • Can you imagine, just for a second, the US Navy or Russian Navy putting an aircraft carrier to sea with no aircraft?
  • Can you imagine France scrapping the Charles de Gaulle without immediate replacement and giving up its strike capability for a whole decade?
  • Can you imagine India putting its forthcoming Vikrant class carrier to sea, but with Thai rather than Indian owned aicraft?

The questions should be seen as preposterous because they are. But these are the scenarios facing our senior service, the Royal Navy, thanks to a government that is determined to make much needed spending cuts, but refusing to make them in those areas that have been soaked in additional or wasteful spending by the profligate Labour administration.

Either the government is serious about the defence of the United Kingdom and its interests overseas, or it isn’t.

The threat to this country, while recognising there are homegrown terrorists eager to attack us, originates overseas. The people who wish to harm this country and its people train overseas. Therefore we need to be able to act to defend ourselves overseas and air power is an important element in such actions.

There is no middle ground here. The government must retain a maritime strike capability until HMS Queen Elizabeth II and HMS Prince of Wales are fully operational with the proper complement of strike/fighter aircraft. HMS Ark Royal should not be retired early. And it is ridiculous that we might only have an intermittent nuclear deterrent in future because the plans for reducing the submarine fleet mean at times we will not have an attack submarine at sea.

Billions of pounds have been swallowed in welfare overpayments and the errors have still not been fixed. Billions have disappeared into the black hole of PFI projects where the taxpayer has been fleeced. Billions have been wasted on idiotic defence procurement flights of fancy. The list continues. These things should be fixed instead of degrading our military capability. Perhaps we can copy the Russians and fill the flightdeck with inflatable decoy aircraft to give the impression we are serious about defence.

Hey, heard the one about the country that had a defence strategy that allowed it to build two supercarriers but didn’t budget for the planes they’re supposed to carry…?

Those ‘invisible’ Lib Dem ministers

The Sunday Telegraph is telling readers that its survey shows Liberal Democrat cabinet ministers are far less likely to be recognised by ordinary voters than their Conservative counterparts. The article goes on to say that “the findings will prompt renewed concern among both party activists and MPs who already fear that playing second fiddle to the Tories could rob the party of its distinct identity and lead to a loss of recognition.”

Big deal.  The real story here is that these ‘invisible’ ministers, such as Vince Cable (have you noticed how the BBC has reverted to calling him Dr Cable?) and Chris Huhne, are nevertheless having a corrosive effect on the country.

Cable wants a graduate tax where people who have worked hard for a degree could end up paying back much more than their degrees cost – just because they can and he thinks the state is entitled to everything we have.  He has ccontinued on a similar theme by loudly calling for greater redistribution of wealth, rather than grasping that people can become better off if they have the incentive of keeping more of what they earn.

Meanwhile Huhne is presiding over the disintegration of our energy generation capability.  He is firmly locked into an other-worldly fantasy where only wind turbines, inefficient and unreliable, are worthy of huge numbers of our tax pounds in subsidy, while proven and fundamentally essential nuclear power gets not one penny.

They may be invisible, but these MPs – hailing from an oddball party that is an electoral joke and was overwhelmingly rejected at the polls  – have a prominent and worrying role in government thanks to David Cameron.  They were needed on side in order for Cameron to achieve his personal ambition of becoming Prime Minister.  Cameron may have realised his goal, but it is we ordinary people who will suffer the consequences of the destructive idiocy of these Lib Dems.

Huhne’s disturbing energy doublespeak

He is sceptical about the economics of nuclear power, yet has unswerving faith in fantastically expensive and unreliable renewables.

He says there will be no public subsidy for nuclear because it is an old technology and that “The market will decide which low-carbon technologies will be used”; but pours our tax pounds into new wind turbines that produce only 20-25% of their capacity and stands by rules that force power companies to buy all electricity produced by wind turbines regardless of the cost.

He believes there are investors who will be investing in new nuclear, but can only find investors who will invest in renewables by throwing public money at them to subsidise to huge cost.

This is the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne.  This is the man whose vision of future electricity generation in this country is so divorced from reality even sci-fi fans would laugh it off as too far fetched.  If you’re not worried about how the lights will be kept on in years to come, you should be.  The stakes could not be higher.

Some people understand the nature of Huhne’s problem.  However we are powerless to stop the elected dictatorships in this country from doing what they want and playing politics with our energy supplies.  We are at the mercy of a dangerously out of touch ideologue who ignores evidence in the pursuit of realising his fantasy.

Con-Lib energy policy: Pay much more, get less

Welcome to Britain, a land being dragged back into the 19th Century by a political class determined to enact changes that reverse the progress made over many decades in order to appear virtuous. (Hat tip: EU Referendum).

Chris Huhne, for it is he, has again been talking energy in the Westminster bubble.  As the Telegraph reports, his vision of our future energy provision and energy use means households will see a rise in their annual energy bills of at least £300, while at the same time they will be put under pressure to reduce energy consumption.  The government wants us to change our lifestyles to make it possible for them to impelement their regressive vision of the future.

The lights are not going to go out on my watch…

Huhne told reporters.  He’s right about that.  By the time the lights start going out because of this ridiculous obsession with CO2 and wind turbines – and the nonsensical refusal to put public money into building essential nuclear capacity and resulting variable and unreliable nature of energy generation, Huhne and his fellow travellers will have long since been ejected from office for their incompetence.  Our friends at EU Referendum have suggested an alternative way of dealing with these idiots – while revealing just how high the cost of our energy could go.

When one considers that a substantial number of properties in this country cannot be insultated due to their design, what difference will a smart meter make to them?  While the Con-Lib cabal are eager to invest public money in expensive and inefficient technologies to increase the proportion of power coming from renewables from the current 5 per cent to at least 15 per cent, making our energy mix more unreliable, they refuse point blank to invest in nuclear. 

Investing in nuclear power stations today could bring forward the date when reactors could come on line to fill the gap left by retiring coal and gas fired plants.  While we tilt at windmills, many other countries who do recognise the need for nuclear and are booking up the limited number of specialists who can build the reactors.  We are missing a window of opportunity to look after our interests because our leaders are living out their eco fantasies at our expense.

Huhne, Cameron and the rest of the virtuous circle of millionaires have got it badly wrong.  But they are in good company because their Brokeback partner, Nick Clegg, also gets things badly wrong.  Given Huhne’s acceptance that we have a coming energy gap, let’s just take a moment to recall what Clegg said about warnings of the lights going out:

The Government has spooked everyone into thinking that we need nuclear by saying there’s going to be a terrible energy gap – the lights are going to go out in the middle of the next decade,” Mr Clegg said.

There’s actually no evidence that’s the case at all. They’ve raised the wrong problem in order to push the wrong solution.

The real problem is that our energy mix is not green enough and we’re over-dependent on oil and gas from parts of the world that aren’t very reliable.

And wind turbines that produce only about 25% of their potential generation capacity are reliable??  Such a wrongheaded mindset underlines the dangerous folly we are being sucked into.  Our leaders are doing too little, too late.  The immense cost of this inaction dating back many years are now being passed on to us.  And the best these idiots can come up with is to tell us to pay more and use less power while they look around for places to plant more windmills. 

If these people continue to hold sway, we may as well go out today and buy the new line of low energy, CO2 neutral washing machines shown in the picture above.  But count on it that uber-wealthy 7-home Huhne and his ilk will not have to resort to such measures themselves.

European Investigation Orders will erode national sovereignty

Remember all those Eurosceptic noises that were made by the Conservative Party in recent years?  Actions speak louder than words and that fact is about the brought into clear focus thanks to the planned forthcoming implementation of European Investigation Orders (EIO) reported in the dead tree press today.

For while the Conservatives chant their mantra about being ‘in Europe but not run by Europe’, they concede to every directive that emerges from Brussels that cement still further the EU’s control over the United Kingdom.  This is evident from the news that Theresa May, the Conservative Home Secretary, will announce she plans to sign up to the European Investigation Order (EIO) – a move that has been identified by Steve Peers, professor of Law at Essex University, as:

“… an attack on the national sovereignty of Member States, which would in effect lose their power to define what acts are in fact criminal if committed on the territory of their State.”

Not run by Europe?  The continuing Conservative deception concerning our relationship with the EU is exposed once again.  Many decent Tory backbenchers have again had the legs cut from under them by the self serving autocrats who hold the whip hand over party and policy.  Why these MPs remain in a party that lies repeatedly to the public passes understanding.

The EIO is an insipid instrument that builds upon the European Evidence Warrant (EEW), but crucially it sweeps away most of the grounds upon which states could refuse a request for mutual assistance in criminal investigations – thereby eroding protections that existed to ensure individuals were treated in a just and fair manner.  As Peers explains in the document linked above:

The combination of these changes [from EEW to EIO] would mean that a person who committed an act which is legal in the Member State where the act was carried out could be subject to body, house and business searches, financial investigations, some forms of covert surveillance, or any other investigative measures within the scope of the Directive as regards any ‘crime’ whatsoever which exists under the law of any other Member State, if that other Member State extends jurisdiction for that crime beyond its own territory. Note that there is nothing in EU law or any other set of rules in this area which restricts a State from extending its extraterritorial jurisdiction over criminal offences.

The effect of all this is to further erode national sovereignty and centralise power outside member states.  The systems of law and order in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland respectively, are being changed without reference to or sanction by the people who will be subjected to police action directed by a foreign power.

For all the fine rhetoric of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, pledging as they have to give people more power over their lives, the reality is people are being ever more tightly controlled by the organs of the state.  The political class has seen to it that we have no legal recourse to prevent this increase of state control and we are sleepwalking into a totalitarian nightmare.

Huhne signals extension of Con-Lib energy policy folly

The Sunday Telegraph is among a number of media outlets carrying the frustrating and worrying news that Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, will this week pave the way for a controversial increase in wind turbines – wait or it – in a bid to protect Britain from a looming energy crisis!

If there is one thing guaranteed to precipitate an energy crisis for this country, it is the determination to squander taxpayers’ money on subsidies for wind powered electricity generation, despite evidence showing that carefully selected onshore windy areas where turbines have been put up, barely achieve 20% of the generation capacity they were built to deliver.  It is delusional of Huhne to suggest that Britain can be protected from a looming energy crisis by putting up even more wind turbines that have proved incredibly inefficient at generating power when it’s needed.

Due to its intermittent and variable nature and the propensity for the wind not to blow during times of peak demand (think back to the lack of wind during the bitingly cold winter), wind turbine generated power can never form the energy baseload required to underpin Britain’s electricity needs.  Yet it is the baseload capacity that requires replacement due to the age of the fossil fuel driven power stations and the government’s half baked, EU-driven Low Carbon Transition Plan.

The only stable and therefore reliable form of generating baseload electricity that isn’t fossil fuel based is nuclear power.  It should be a no brainer that this is where government should be devoting its financial resources.  But in a demonstration of ignorance and stunning arrogance in his Sunday Telegraph interview, Chris Huhne has declared that there will be “no money” for state subsidies for a new generation of nuclear power plants.  One can only question the mental state of man because such an approach could be catastrophic for this country.

To compound his idiocy, Huhne went on to praise electric cars, claiming that models such as the Tesla sports car, which goes from 0-60mph in under four seconds, showed that energy saving needs not hamper on-road performance.  Just where the extra electricity to meet the new and additional demand for power for such vehicles will come from, Huhne doesn’t say.  But you can guarantee his beloved wind turbines will fall well short of delivering the required capacity.

The fact is Huhne is a liar. He is just another political charlatan.  For him to declare that onshore wind turbines were “incredibly competitive” in producing electricity is an outright deception.  The generation figures show wind turbines are inefficient.  Added to that the cost to electricity consumers to support the wind turbine feed onto the grid make wind power far more expensive than coal or gas.  Renewables cost more.  When Huhne says:

“We have a tremendous natural resource in the Dogger Bank, which is an enormous shallow area of the North Sea, the same size as Wales.

“It’s relatively cheap to put wind turbines in that shallow area. It’s beautifully windy so it does actually produce a lot of electricity – that is a really important natural resource for us.”

he also omits to mention that offshore turbines are suffering from subsidence and sinking into the seabed and the cost of fixing the problem runs into tens of millions of pounds that will also be met through electricity bills.  So much for relatively cheap. Relative to what, exactly? If there is no government subsidy of nuclear energy then the costs of electricity consumers could more than double in a short space of time.  The investment required to keep the lights on, raised by energy companies on the markets alone, will prove astronomically expensive and be passed on in our energy bills.  Many millions more Britons will be consigned to real fuel poverty as a direct result of Lib Dem intransigence, climate change obsession and fantasy politics.

Huhne, like his boss Nick Clegg, is guilty of ignoring the reality of our situation and using energy policy as a poster boy for their greenwashing of society.  After all, Clegg says there is no looming energy gap in the first place and argues our energy problem is a lack of renewables in our energy mix.  Yet his and Huhne’s policy is to preside over a policy that will reduce the proportion of reliable energy sources in that mix.  It is truly the politics of insanity and we are about to become its victims – and all under a Conservative dominated government.

Update: EU Referendum has more on this supposed ‘march of progress’.

Cameron to kill off the Conservative Party?

Could the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats merge to fight the next election as a single force? asks Paul Goodman on ConservativeHome.  Many people will immediately dismiss the idea as unworkable or unsuitable.  But if there is one thing that David Cameron and Nick Clegg have shown since negotiations commenced to create a coalition government, their hunger for power and authority trumps any manifesto promise and anything akin to ideology.

There is an irony in Cameron’s migration of the Conservatives away from the centre right of politics.  He has long argued that the Conservative Party had to change.  The subtext was that if it failed to do so it would die.  As he said:

“We know we have to change. I stood for the leadership because I’m fed up with hearing that this party is out of touch, backward-looking and lacks compassion”

Cameron rammed his personal vision of necessary changes through without any reference to the people who comprise the party and used it as the opportunity to tear up long held conservative principles, so the party reflected his social democratic mindset – a process that accelerated in stunning fashion in order for him to reach his personal goal of taking up residence in 10 Downing Street.

But now that change process has brought Cameron to the point where he is without doubt considering a merger with the Liberal Democrats, an act that by its very nature will kill the Conservative Party as we know it.  In a coalition electoral merger the centre right conservative policies and principles that have been jettisoned by Cameron, seemingly for convenience, will remain permanently consigned to the bin of history because he simply never believed them.  As Tim Montgomerie has previously argued, to keep the Lib Dems strong enough to play their part in keeping the coalition afloat the coalition will have to move further to the left.  It certainly won’t be allowed to fall apart because Cameron wants to cling to Number 10 at any cost.

For Cameron the Conservative Party was never anything more than a flag of convenience to be used to achieve his personal ambitions.  Now he has reached his desired destination Cameron is showing his true colours.  By openly revealing his barely concealed natural affinity with the centre left values of the Liberal Democrats, Cameron seems ready to cast off the Conservative vessel in favour of a new hulk created jointly with Clegg’s Liberals. He is on the verge of killing off the Conservative Party.

The losers in this – in the short term at least – will be the genuine conservatives who despite everything have clung to the party’s apron strings in the hope that in power Cameron would unveil a genuine conservatism.  It remains to be seen how long many of them will tolerate a government that is demonstrably devoid of conservative values before rediscovering the courage of their convictions.

While Cameron may have perpetrated a confidence trick on a large part of the electorate that thought it would get conservative government if it voted for his party, he perpetrated nothing less than a wholesale fraud on those who loyally trusted in him and campaigned to deliver him to Downing Street.  On both counts there will eventually be a reckoning.

Cameron and Clegg’s power give away is a sham

There is a joint communique today in the Telegraph from Cleggeron command, designed to soothe the masses with promises to devolve power from the centre into the hands of the people.

Amidst the reference to the fixing the economy,  improving education, having a first class NHS, law and order and ‘strong communities’, Call me Dave and Little Nick paint this picture of their vision for giving away power to the people:

Whatever the differences that exist between us and our parties, we both passionately believe in giving people more power over their lives. It has become increasingly clear to us that we can be a strong, reforming government if we build outwards from the instincts we share.

But our commitment to give power away isn’t just born of instinct; it has been strengthened by the evidence of the past. For decades, governments have assumed that the only way to make things better is to centralise. Of course, central government has a crucial role to play, but it cannot and should not try to do everything. It’s time for the central state to allow the genius of grassroots innovation, diversity and experimentation to take off.

The whole thing is, of course, a sham.  The Cleggeron tells us that for decades government have assumed the only way to make things better is to centralise.  Despite their fine words, Cameron and Clegg are intent on continuing along the same path.  For the fact is it ‘s impossible to truly devolve power from the centre when you follow a course that centralises power in the EU. 

 The joint speech from the two men was notable for the absence of any reference whatsoever to the EU or Europe in general.  One could be forgiven for thinking that they are somewhat divorced from reality, but they know very well what they are saying is patronising cant.  Their words are carefully calculating and designed to give the illusion of control where very little exists.  They are offering what is not theirs to give, and will remain such until a British government has the sense and conviction to take back political control over the affairs of this nation.

Say one thing, do another.  It is the Cameron and Clegg way.  This is just one of many shams being ‘sold’ to the public.  Thankfully it seems in the comments section of the Telegraph article enough people can see through this shallow promise to expose it for what it is and challenge the notion.  But as we have come to expect from the political class, such observations will be ignored and the politicians will carry on doing what suits them in spite of the wishes of the electorate.

Talent is the new immunity in politics

Never mind that you have taken taxpayers’ money that you’re not entitled to.

Never mind that you have lied for years about your circumstances to Parliamentary authorities.

Never mind that your self serving actions have required you to resign from the government benches in disgrace.

David Laws, as you are considered to be more talented than most others in the shallow pool of talent in the Westminster bubble inhabited by those of us in the political class, not a difficult feat in all honesty, take comfort from the pledge of this country’s leadership that the wrongs you have committed against the public will be set aside shortly and there is every expectation that you will be able to resume your government career before too long.

You’re concerned about public anger?  Pah, forget about that, David.  The public do not matter.  We are the political class and we will do what suits us best, a bit like you did actually.  We make the rules.  Notice how we pointedly diverted attention from what you did and talked you up with lavish messages of support?  We look after our own.  Our political needs are more important than the views of a few uppity voters who still think this is a democracy.  It’s rather quaint actually.  But it’s the order of things, you see?  Once you’re in the club, the committee will take care of you and the members will see you right.  Outsiders are of no relevance here.

If you’ve got talent then you are immune from being banished to the backbenches for the rest of your Parliamentary career.  We’ll just say bringing you back is in the national interest and the minions will fall into line.  Dave will see to it.

Chin up old chap.  See you back at Cabinet soon!

David Laws resigns and panic replacement arrives

David Laws didn’t have a leg to stand on regarding his expenses claims and he has done the right thing in the circumstances, resigning as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.  The first episode of Con-Lib coalition sleaze is now on the record, confirming the political class is far from rehabilitated.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

As if to show how disconnected these people are, just consider for a moment these two paragraphs taken from Laws’ resignation letter to David Cameron:

‘Secondly, while my recent problems were caused by my desire to keep my sexuality secret, the public is entitled to expect politicians to act with a sense of responsibility.

‘I cannot now escape the conclusion that what I have done was in some way wrong, even though I did not gain any financial benefit from keeping my relationship secret in this way.’

Was in some way wrong?  Damn right it was wrong.  Describing this man as in denial doesn’t come close to underlining his delusion.  This man used public funds for the sole purpose of trying to cover up the relationship between himself and his partner.  The payment of rent was a scam to hide the fact he was cohabiting with his lover.  Sure, he didn’t make a profit from it, but he was wrongly claiming taxpayers’ money.  How is that in any way right?  It is a pathetic mitigation.  Perhaps someone will be kind enough to send David Laws a moral compass.

It seems as if Danny Alexander, the recently appointed Secretary of State for Scotland, is replacing Laws.  It’s an interesting choice given Alexander’s main qualification, apart from being a good mate of Nick Clegg, is that he was Director of Communications for Britain in Europe (previously the European Movement).  The economy is in safe hands then…

David Laws: very sad, very wrong, completely unacceptable >>>

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EU: Dave the liar lets matters rest there, completely

You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel some pity for those Conservatives who clung hopefully to the belief that once in office David Cameron would suddenly reveal a cunningly hidden Euroscepticism.  Having promised the British people the final say on the Lisbon Treaty with his ‘cast-iron’ pledge, he backed down when it was ratified saying that it was now law and it was too late to stop Lisbon taking effect.

However, Cameron did say that he ‘would not let matters rest there’.  People had hope.  He was still the man with a plan.  Would he go to the people and ask them if they were content to remain bound by the measures wrapped up in the Lisbon Treaty?  Er, no.  Instead he would bravely ‘negotiate’ with the EU for the repatriation of ‘some powers’ that should, by any measure, reside with our elected representatives in Parliament.

‘Don’t worry, wait until after the election. Dave will show what he’s made of and get our powers back’ was the paraphrased sentiment uttered by some of the regulars on ConservativeHome.  ‘He’s just playing the EU down until after the election’ claimed a number of commentators.  ‘He is very Eurosceptic really’ opined others.  All clutched at straws and prayed for a Cameron victory so the UK could assert its primacy again and take back – with EU consent, natch – some of the key powers that a sovereign nation should possess for itself.

Today, however, David Cameron completed his multi-stage retreat from his crowd pleasing comments to his personally favoured position – keeping Britain firmly under the control of the EU bureaucracy in Brussels.

The publication of the full coalition agreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, aka ‘power at any cost’, has revealed that the manifesto promise to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU – the very measure designed to make up for conceding defeat over the Lisbon Treaty – has been abandoned.  Completely.  It is dead.  Despite multiple promises, each less robust than the previous one, David Cameron has completed his journey from supposed Eurosceptic to paid-up Europhile, thus cementing his position as just another lying politician.  The promise to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU has been replaced with this meaningless pledge :

‘We will examine the balance of the EU’s existing competences.’

A substantial number of people – opposed to the provisions of Lisbon but prepared to suspend their disbelief and give Cameron the benefit of the doubt because of the pledge to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU – voted Conservative in good faith.  They are just about to discover they have been conned, tricked, lied to, by a self serving and sleazy control freak who will abandon any principle or promise as long as it results in power or personal gain.

Believe me, because of the impact of this deception on the governance of this country, it is without any sense of triumphalism that I say, ‘I told you so’.  Now everyone can see for themselves the true nature of David Cameron.  But it is too late now because Cameron, having hijacked the Conservative Party to bring about his Social Democrat agenda, has achieved what he wanted for himself and taken control of Downing Street.  Now he will stick two fingers up at the country and do exactly as he pleases, aided and abetted by his fellow travellers from the rampantly Europhile Liberal Democrats.

Welcome to the new politics, where people supposedly hold the power over the state.  Where despite Conservative promise after promise, Europe has been confirmed as your country not just your continent.  Welcome to the Age of Deceitful Dave and Sidekick Nick.

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