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EU-supporting Daily Mail tries to hold the line for Brussels

It’s very interesting to see the EU-supporting Daily Mail has on its online homepage, and several sidebar links, the following headline linking to a story…

But clicking on the link and opening the story reveals this…

The story does not contain even a single mention of the terms ‘European Union’, ‘EU’ or ‘Brussels’.  The EU-supporting Daily Mail has however done its work.  The millions of people who read the site will see the headline and accept it at face value, while only a proportion of them will click through for more detail and find no reference whatsoever to what the headline’s claims.

It seems that despite the silence of the main parties and UKIP about the EU’s involvement in degrading the UK’s flood prevention approach, the grassroots effort to bring the issue to the fore and expose the UK’s inability to control its own floods policy and environmental concerns being given priority over humans, homes and businesses,  has got some in Brussels and the UK media rattled.


Are you bored of the engineered Daily Mail – Ralph Miliband – Ed Miliband saga yet?

The media is masturbatory and therefore loves nothing more than satisfying itself through its fetish for stories about the media.  The major issues of real consequence are an irrelevance and ignored, presumably because they require application and journalistic rigour that is sadly obsolete within the UK media corps.

But this moronic spat does have some value – exposing as it does the hypocrisy of some of those directly involved and some of those who pontificate about it in their self appointed roles as ‘political commentators’.

First off we have the sick-inducing, BBC favourite ‘moderate Muslim’, Mehdi Hassan.  After his ‘commentary’ in the exploitative Huffington Post and his comments on BBC Question TIme that have attacked the Daily Mail, that paper has let it be known that just three years ago, Hassan was rent-seeking a regular pay cheque there with a gushing, arse licking letter asking to be given a column.  In return he promised to attack Labour from a leftist pespective.

Readers with an interest in these things will be aware that Hassan has been castigating the Mail since long before his begging letter asking to go on its payroll.  His scathing comments about the paper’s coverage of Ralph Miliband were not those of an honourable person suddenly realising the Mail could and would plumb the depths.  Hassan has always asserted such.  It was not the behaviour of a decent person who loves this country and its people, because we know what the Islamic supremacist bigot Hassan thinks of the British.  Below is a reminder…

Then there is Ed Miliband himself.  Wrapping himself in the cloak of decency in order to attack the Mail’s indecency in respect of his father’s views and opinions.  Miliband is playing the sympathy card ruthlessly.  Presenting himself as whiter than white, purer than pure, making a stand against character assassination and that indecency that so turns people off.

At least that is what he does when he is pursuing an agenda – in this instance, government regulation of the press.  But when he is in more private moments, among friends with his guard down, that veneer of respectability is cast off to reveal happy indulgence of those who revel in exhibiting hatred and distasteful sentiments, as Helen demonstrates with the sharing of this picture on her blog…


Ah, hypocrisy.  There’s nothing quite like it.

What is the Daily Mail complaining about?

This is one of the lead stories in the online version of the Wail today…

The Wail can’t have any complaints.  It doesn’t often publicise its love of the European Union as it tries to hold up its circulation by printing much of what its readers want to hear.  But when the Wail declares itself and pursues the non-existent ‘renegotiation’ line, it’s unequivocal…


You’re either an ‘inner’ or you’re an ‘outer’.  If you want to be in, like the Daily Mail, you can’t complain when the consequences of faux democracy and scandalous waste of public money bite.  That’s the way the unelected and unaccountable EU works.

Peter Hitchens, what about raw bias?

It is somewhat ironic that Peter Hitchens, so often a man who reminds us he can see what is going on where others are unaware, used his blog yesterday in the Daily Mail to say he has now discovered he is almost the only journalist who didn’t know that Jimmy Savile was a child molester.  He must be feeling quite left out among the media pack.

Hitchens goes on to ask, ‘If they all knew, why didn’t they tell you?’ before going on to declare most profoundly that:

Well, let them explain all that. What’s much, much more important is that you now know that there is a lot going on that nobody tells you.

They don’t tell you because they’re scared that very rich men can use the libel courts to ruin those who tell the truth about them.

Well there is something in that but it goes far deeper.  As Richard North observes, Hitchens is only partly right:

Hitchens suggests that the omerta owes much to our punitive libel laws, and there is some truth in that. But there is a great deal more to it than that, not least the sheep-like behaviour of the media pack, and the power of the narrative.

Too often, journalists (and their editors) want to stay in the comfort zone delineated by the herd. Once a “line” has been established (the narrative), they will not depart significantly from it. There is no need for censorship or libel laws here. This is what the media does to itself.

North is bang on the money and there is plenty of evidence to support it – including, amusingly, the behaviour of Hitchens’ paymaster itself, the Daily Mail.

For example, perhaps Hitchens would care to investigate why the Daily Mail, without any explanation, deleted a story it published about David Leigh of the Guardian in relation to his own phone hacking exploits?  The story was accurate, but nonetheless the Mail pulled it soon after publishing and deleted all reference to it.  That’s an instance of people not being told something the media decides to keep out of the public eye.  Leigh, unsurprisingly in the incestuous world of the print media, has friends at the Mail. Go figure.

Then there is the example of the Met Office being caught out lying about no longer doing seasonal weather forecasts, as uncovered by this blog.  We dug up documentary evidence in the form of Minutes from the Met Office board meeting where the decision was taken, at the suggestion of Chief Executive John Hirst, to ‘rename’ and ‘manage the presentation of these longer range forecasts’.  AM gave this completely free and without condition to a reporter at the Daily Mail and an editor at the Daily Express.  Neither paper chose to tell the story to their readers.

Neither of these stories were libellous.  There was nothing for the papers to be scared of.  Unless the Guardian is now a powerful commercial interest.  They just decided it wasn’t something the public should know about.  They self censored for their own purposes because of narratives they prefer to follow.  So if Peter Hitchens wants to play the ‘honest broker’ card, perhaps he should tell the whole truth about the reality of why there are things the media don’t tell us.  It’s not all because of fear of a consequence.

Daily Mail or the Hypocrisy Herald?

There are few things as darkly amusing as rank hypocrisy in the media.  It shouldn’t be amusing, it should be cause for annoyance and disdain.  But it’s hard not to laugh with incredulity when one media organisation tries to assume moral superiority over another for behaviour it is also guilty of.

Climbing on its high horse is the Daily Mail, which is attempting to lord it over Sky News because the channel removed a story about a deal between Bernie Ecclestone, F1’s chief executive, Red Bull and Ferrari.  The headline is unambiguous.

As the saying goes, those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

If there were sound effects accompanying the Daily Mail piece it would be the cacophany of window panes smashing to pieces under a barrage of rocks, for this blog recently caught the Daily Mail removing a significant story from its website without explanation.  What started out as a piece about Guardian journo David Leigh engaging in phone hacking (screenshot below)…

silently and quickly became this and remains such to this day…

The difference with the Sky News case is that the Mail has not explained from where the pressure came to spike the David Leigh story they removed.  One rule for friends and one for competitors?

Perhaps the Sky News website should reciprocate with a story titled, ‘How Dacre’s empire works: Unnamed Daily Mail editor orders David Leigh phone hacking story to be removed from Daily Mail website after upsetting Guardian journaist pal.’

More Daily Mail EU posturing

This is one of the headlines in today’s online edition of the Daily Mail. The article comes complete with boilerplate comment from Nigel Farage, the standard mention of Tony Blair giving up part of the UK’s budget rebate won by Margaret Thatcher and the usual reference to Eurosceptics’ hand supposedly being strengthened.

But what is the point?

What many Mail readers, and others, do not realise is that after October’s failed effort in the House of Commons to secure a Bill presenting the British people with a referendum on EU membership, the Mail published an editorial – ‘The country has had enough of deception. It’s time to close the yawning gap between the ruling and the ruled.’  Anyone who wants the UK to withdraw from the EU and thinks the Daily Mail is on their side should read this comment:

Let the Mail lay all its cards on the table. This paper has no desire for Britain to pull out of Europe — and particularly not at a time like this, when withdrawal would add immeasurably to the uncertainties threatening our recovery and rocking the confidence of the markets.

Remember that.  The Mail pumps out column inches bemoaning the EU, its cost, its power, all appealing to those who want us to leave.  Yet the Daily Mail is Europhile.  Like nearly all the media members of the establishment it is with the EUstices and Heaton-Harris’ of this world, who want to stay firmly in the EU and who believe in the renegotiation fairy at the bottom of the garden.

When you understand the Mail’s editorial position you start to understand their anti EU tirades are all piss and wind designed to humour readers whose views they do not even support.

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