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The Benefits of Smart Appliances

If you were worried this would be some geeky piece extolling the virtues of ‘smart’ fridge freezers, ovens, washing machines etc, then you can relax.  The benefits of smart appliances are not designed for consumers, instead they are designed for the convenience of the political class and corporate interests.  Richard puts it into context on EU Referendum.

Having long peddled the lie that renewable energy is the answer to this country’s energy needs, under a new order where the establishment has declared war on hydrocarbons as part of its deranged obsession with fighting climate change, the reality can no longer be contained.

The future of this advanced industrialised nation is not one of continuing progress – save for the corrupted definition of the word which means the diametric opposite – rather it is being structured to bring about the end of energy supplied on demand at the flick of a switch.  Under the new order control over how power is used is to be shifted to the corporations with power being rationed when the dangerously inadequate energy generating solution, pursued and implemented by the politicians, cannot deliver sufficient electricity to meet our needs.

America’s leaders are taking advantage of its shale gas to power its economy and drive down prices. China’s leaders are building a coal fired power station a week to power its economy and support its growth.  Germany’s leaders (inspite of EU strategy) is turning away from nuclear and building a raft of new coal fired power stations to power its economy and ensure adequate supply for the needs of its population.  Even Japan is starting a new dash for coal as part of its efforts to reduce reliance on nuclear power and still ensure affordable and adequate energy supply for its people and meet the needs of its people.

And the the UK?  Well, our political class, convinced within its self reverential bubble of its virtue and righteousness, is shutting down coal fired power stations despite there being no replacement for the lost generating capacity, is pursuing an approach that constrains exploration and exploitation of shale gas, is driving up prices through rising charges for carbon, and has a ludicrous strategy of building of inefficient and intermittant wind turbines at huge cost that cannot come close to meeting our energy needs or servicing industry.  To make this work they have a master plan.  Rationing power and controlling what energy private citizens can use in their homes by rolling out smart applicances and dressing these up as being of benefit – and charging us billions of pounds to make it happen.

Welcome to your progressive future.

Open letter to Vince Cable on tax avoidance

Dear Mr Cable,

Tax avoidance is an absolutely legal, reasonable and completely appropriate activity.

Tax evasion is an absolutely illegal, unreasonable and completely inappropriate activity.

Perhaps it’s time you learned the difference, or knowing the difference perfectly well stop rabble rousing the uninformed constituency of the general public with the suggestion legal activity is some form of wrongdoing.  Companies operate to make money for their owners and shareholders and the vast majority of them are not corporate giants, but small businesses trying to survive in a bureaucratic, dictatorial and interfering environment.

The real ‘appalling story of tax abuse’ is not the rot you spewed in the media today.  It is the government treating the profits of companies like the government’s own piggy bank, to raid and squander with each passing whim, while enriching your political friends and allies through lavish public subsidy for activities that cost taxpayers even more through their pay packet and higher bills. Companies are not charities that exist for the convenience of government. That is part of the reason so many companies look for every legal method to reduce their tax liability.

Government is responsibile for this state of affairs. Think about that before you run your mouth off in the media in an attempt to demonise companies for acting within the law.  While you are about it, please do us all a favour and get off the backs of those who create the jobs and wealth in this country; wealth that the establishment hoovers up to fund the bloated and wasteful public sector, and your troughing colleagues with their grotesque expensese and gold plated pensions.

Yours sincerely,


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