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The United Kingdom is a Banana Realm

Most of the media is focused on the political mating ritual being played out between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. However, Steven Swinford in the Sunday Times manages to drag some readers back to a more fundamental problem in the British democratic process, for the zero sum game of ‘how many of my stated principles can I get away with abandoning’ is far less important than the endemic problems at the heart of our voting system.

To underline just how flawed and prone to corruption our electoral process is, we have the embarrassment of being told by election monitors from the developing world that our electoral system is less secure than theirs.  As Swinford writes:

OFFICIAL election monitors from the developing world have warned that the British voting system is less secure than their own and possibly the most vulnerable to corruption in the world.

Observers from Kenya and war-torn Sierra Leone, who spent the past week in Britain, said the integrity of the general election was at risk because it was based on trust rather than proper identity checks.

They questioned the legitimacy of the result after thousands of voters were turned away from crowded polling stations. The observers were also shocked by allegations that the electoral roll was being filled out with “ghost” voters.

To cut to the chase, what this tells us is that the corruptible British electoral system, which enables non-existant people to be registered to vote by post and no checks made as to the identity of electors, denotes the United Kingdom as nothing more than a Banana Realm.  It didn’t take long for many in the media, with their tiny goldfishesque attention spans, to forget all about the postal vote scandal and focus on the political class theatre playing to a bemused population.  To cap the humiliation, just see the comments made by some of the observers.

“The allegations of fraud and of voters being turned away threaten the integrity of the vote, especially in marginal constituencies where candidates have a majority of less than 1,000.”
Ababu Namwamba, MP – Kenya

“Your system is a recipe for corruption; it was a massive shock when I saw you didn’t need any identification to vote. In Sierra Leone you need an identity card and also to give your fingerprint. Here you need nothing. In this respect, our own system is more secure than yours.”
Marie Marilyn Jalloh, MP – Sierra Leone

When the Cameron-Clegg tango is done and dusted and the UK is saddled with a principle-lite coalition of compromise and abandoned pledges, this realm will still be considered by the international community to be an example of electoral incompetence that is incapable of delivering fair and trustworthy elections.

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Electoral fraud focus intensifies

The developing story of investigations into alleged attempts to commit electoral fraud through disgracefully easy and avoidable abuse of the postal vote system, is gaining traction in the dead tree press.  Since the original revelations concerning a suspicious increase in the number of new voter registration were reported in the Independent, the Daily Mail and the Times among others have picked up the story.

The estimable Dr Richard North at EUReferendum has been tracking the story and making points that too many in the media seem happy to ignore, or haven’t the wit to grasp.  His latest piece today on the subject is titled ‘Vote early, vote often’.  It is a rather apt summation of the corruption of the electoral system.  But perhaps to really reflect what is happening among this country’s crumbling ruins of a democratic process, the phrase should be updated to read ‘vote early, vote often, vote as someone else’.

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Postal vote election fraud guaranteed

It’s election time in the United Kingdom, so Tammany Hall politics makes another return to this side of the pond.  It’s not as if the writing has not been on the wall in recent years.  A number of local elections have seen council candidates prosecuted for election fraud concerning the abuse of postal voting.

In 2007 suffered this country suffered the humiliation of watching as the Council of Europe initiated an investigation into whether there is a need for official election monitoring in the UK to combat election fraud.  So it was only going to be a matter of time until stories started to emerge yet again of bogus registrations and people being coerced into handing over their postal ballot as activists seek to rig the outcome of the election in a number of marginal seats. Labour has known about this problem for years and done nothing about it despite warning from the Electoral Commission.

Reports and warnings about the capacity to commit electoral fraud via postal voting have been ignored by a political elite that has nothing but contempt for honesty and accountability. The only solution is to put an end to widespread postal voting for the purpose of convenience. It should be reserved for people with mobility problems and those who will be away during an election until a way can be found to make postal voting secure.  And any thoughts of pressing ahead with online voting or voting be text message should be consigned to the dustbin.

Polling stations are open from 7.00am to 10.00pm, which is perfectly adequate for people to exercise their democratic franchise. The system cannot be left as it is. Until postal voting can be made secure it is time to restrict it.

This cradle of democracy, which has for years sent election monitors around the world to ensure free and fair elections in other countries, is now considered to conduct its own elections in a fashion that makes corruption and election fraud scandalously easy.

It is a disgrace and humiliation that has been brought upon us because Labour ignored calls to take precautions to ensure the security of postal votes. Incompetence, sleaze and corruption follow this Labour government like seagulls follow a trawler. On so many levels and in so many ways Labour has made this country into an international laughing stock.

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