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The truth that EuroDave Cameron dare not speak

The BBC reports:

Of course, there is no mention by EuroDave or the BBC, replete with its alloted task and funding from the EU to spread the federalist word, that this sales push has limitations.  This is because the UK and China do not have a trade agreement.

The truth is the UK is not allowed to makes its own agreement with China.  The trade deal and the relationship is between the EU and China.  The UK therefore has to work within the confines of the EU-Sino agreement.  This trade delegation is nothing more than a sales team working within someone else’s rules.

The EU elephant is right there, standing proudly in the room.  But EuroDave and the BBC are desperately pointing away from it and inviting everyone to watch the birdie instead.   Rather than developing a truly Global Britain, EuroDave and his fellow EU cheerleaders are trying to keep this country wrapped in the suffocating straitjacket of Little Europe.

In the absence of candid honesty from the political class and the media, please help to spread word of the reality by sharing this information.

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