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Brown sums up the selfish political class

The headline in the Telegraph reads ‘Gordon Brown hits out at ‘broken promises’ of Tony Blair’ then goes on to explain that Gordon Brown issued a thinly veiled swipe at Tony Blair today as he hit out at politicians who fail to keep promises to step down from office after two terms.

This neatly sums up how detached and selfish our political class is. Here we have a former Prime Minister posturing in front of a Commons committee and making references to his former colleague who failed to step down after two terms and whining about ‘broken promises’. Yet not a moment’s thought is given by Gordon Brown to his broken promises.

What about Brown’s promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?
What about Brown’s promised end to boom and bust?
What about Brown’s promise when he became Prime Minister to:

…be strong in purpose, steadfast in will and resolute in action in the service of what matters most to the British people: meeting the concerns and aspirations of the whole country

No, all he wanted to do was make a point about how he had been let down, while ignoring the repeated broken promises he had made to the British people. Yet this is what passes for highbrow political reporting from a broadsheet newspaper. No doubt many people who saw the article will have uttered the same words I did… ‘so bloody what?’.

At last, Gordon Brown has gone

Considering his unique role in destroying our economy and undermining the fabric of this country, it’s not a moment too soon.

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Brown ‘mortified’ by bigot slur against Gillian Duffy

So booms the headline on the BBC News homepage.  Let’s be clear about something, Gordon Brown is not mortified that he had the arrogance and contempt to describe Gillian Duffy as a ‘bigoted woman’.  He is mortified because his public persona has been exposed as the sham we always knew it to be and his true nature and unpleasant personality has been exposed in such unambiguous fashion.

That is now being compounded by his pathetic and deceitful attempts to suggest he hadn’t understood Gillian Duffy’s comments properly, thus trying to excuse his slur against a woman who raised a perfectly reasonable point about immigration and the state of the economy.  His rambling and conditional apology is entirely self serving and frankly an insult to our intelligence.

Maybe the most appropriate response Mrs Duffy could make to Brown would be to turn his own alleged words to Tony Blair back on him and say:

“There is nothing that you could say to me now that I could ever believe.”

How deliciously apt that would be.

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Gillian Duffy’s ‘offence’ was not being bigoted

No, the problem in Rochdale earlier today was Mrs Gillian Duffy not knowing her place.

The offence was daring to penetrate the carefully controlled blanket wrapped around Gordon Brown, to ask him questions for which he had not been pre-prepared to deliver a bland, partisan, carefully phrased and repeatedly rehearsed response.

Her offence was not being arranged by ‘Sue’,  not being a patsy arranged by Labour aides to pose scripted questions that would ensure Brown could dodge the real issues that matter to people, the issues that have been buried in a deep hole on ground marked ‘off limits to voters’.

In dismissing the valid concerns of an ordinary voter with such blatant contempt, Gordon Brown has demonstrated today how empty and bogus his pledge to listen to people really is.  Brown thinks he knows best what is good for us.  He believes we need to know our place and leave everything to him.  What this incident does is expose and reinforce, for all to see, the veil of ignorance that shrouds the political class from ordinary people.  Unless the scene has been sanitised and is carefully stage managed, the mask will slip and the cat will be let out of the bag.  Feel free to add any other appropriate cliches.

People listening to Gordon Brown’s comments about Gillian Duffy will understand now why Peter Mandelson has gone to such extraordinary lengths to keep Brown away from ordinary people.  He is a liability, a nasty inidivudal who is completely unsuitable to be Prime Minister.  He is not just a hypocritical machine politician, he is, as Mandelson once famously spun to the media, psychologically flawed.  This son of the manse is incapable of relating to ordinary people and after leaving them with platitudes he is disparaging about them behind closed doors.

Brown’s subsequent apology was not genuine, it was an attempt at damage limitation.  The British people should take a leaf out of Brown’s book and engage in some damage limitation of their own by ensuring he is not Prime Minister come 7th May.

When it comes to Brown and his Labour stooges, any dissenter must be smeared or their views treated with contempt.  No doubt people in Labour HQ are, as I type this, trying to find whatever dirt they can on Gillian Duffy to leak to the media in the hope of undermining her and invalidating the concerns she raised that are shared by millions of British people.  Brown’s comments about Mrs Duffy do not insult just her, but all those ordinary people outside of the political bubble who suffer from Labour’s spiteful and damaging governance.

Update: If there is one thing that really sickens people about so many politicians, it is their blatant hypocrisy, spin and outright lies.  Here, Gordon Brown excels.  Directed by his public relations team and his aides, he has gone back to Rochdale to visit Gillian Duffy at her home to make a full apology – and then make the most of the opportunity, presenting himself to the media outside her home, complete with forced grin and repellant fake ‘charm’.  Then the lies just dripped from his lips as reported at 3.54pm in his typical pathetic and deceitful way…

“I’ve just been talking to Gillian. I’m mortified by what’s happened. I’ve given her my sincere apologies. I misunderstood what she said, and she has accepted there was a misunderstanding and has accepted my apology. If you like, I’m a repentant sinner. Sometimes you say things you don’t mean to say, sometimes you say things by mistake and sometimes you say things you want to correct very quickly.

“So I wanted to come here and say that I made a mistake but to also to say I understood the concerns she was bringing to me and I simply misunderstood some of the words she used. I made my apology.

“I’ve come here – it’s been a chance to talk to Gillian about her family, her relatives and her own history and what she has done, but most of all it’s been a chance to apologise and say sorry, and to say sometimes you do make mistakes and you use the wrong words and once you’ve used the wrong word and made a mistake you should withdraw it and say profound apologies and that’s what I’ve done.”

Brown understood all too well what Mrs Duffy was saying.  He didn’t make a mistake, he was being vindictive, as his recorded comments made all too clear.  He was not in control of the situation and forced to address issues in front of the media he has sought to avoid throughout the campaign.  The original spiteful comments were bad enough, but this attempt to spin his way out of trouble is even more disgraceful because of its calculated and deceitful nature.

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Review of the second Leaders’ Debate

Having decided to watch the Leaders’ Debate out of morbid curiosity a couple of things stood out…

Let’s start with the Lib Dems.  Nick Clegg doesn’t represent change, he’s a charlatan.  The measure of his hypocrisy was exposed by the discussion about his Trident policy when compared with the discussion about an immigration cap proposed by the Conservatives.

Clegg wants to scrap Trident but is incapable of saying what cheaper alternative he would deploy and how much it would cost, because a review would be needed to determine the appropriate system.  Yet he tried to score points off David Cameron for taking an identical approach about an immigration cap as Cameron would not provide an arbitrary cap figure, because a wide ranging review with a variety of services and bodies would need to be conducted each year.

So Clegg is saying that Lib Dem plans for reviews then decisions are a sound approach, but Conservative plans for reviews then decisions make a policy unworkable.  How is this new politics or any different from the ‘old’ two parties?  While on the subject of the ‘old’ two parties, it’s about time Clegg was reminded that the Liberal Party existed long before Labour and a few name changes have not made it a different party entity.  History and fact checking are clearly not his strong point.

Clegg spent so much time telling the audience about EU failings and mismanagement, it defies belief that he wants Britain to be more entwined in it.  He tries to make the EU sound like a well meaning club of kindly amateurs, stumbling along as best they can and making a few chuckle raising howlers as they go along.  It ain’t so.  The EU is an anti democratic, managerialist machine and its failures stem from its determination to eradicate national sovereignty and draw all power to itself.  Clegg was trained by the EU and nurtured in its ways and his claim that the EU can be reformed is a naked deception.

On to Labour.  Gordon Brown is an economic illiterate.  It is a terrifying thought that this man spent a decade as Chancellor. No wonder the economy is in the state it’s in today. This man has wrecked our nation’s finances.

Reducing the tax burden on businesses and individuals does not take money out of the economy.  By definition, if the money remains in our pockets and business bank accounts, it is still in the economy.  It doesn’t disappear into a hole never to be seen again – which it would if it was sequestrated by the Treasury.

As for Gordon Brown’s inability to tell the truth, being exposed as a bare faced liar in such a devastating manner just moments after the debate ended can only reduce his stock still further.  It was the moment of the night seeing Wee Alex Salmond – after Brown denied he has sanctions Labour leaflets carrying false claims about Conservative policy – holding up Brown’s personal election literature as distributed in Kirkcaldy.  It was a leaflet Brown had to have personally endorsed and it carried the claim Brown states he did not sanction that the Conservatives would get rid of the winter fuel allowances, free bus passes, free eye tests, etc.

Brown is also incapable of understanding the concept of net migration – or is deliberately deceiving the public.  Having one million Britons living in other EU states and one million EU member state citizens living in Britain does absolutely nothing to alter the horrendous net immigration figure.  A net inward migration figure of 200,000 is the figure over and above the number of people who have left the UK in the same time period.  If 150,000 people have left that means 350,000 migrants have come in.  Not only does this mean huge extra burden on services and infrastructure, it also means a massive change in the social fabric of this country.

Lastly, the Conservatives.  We know David Cameron is supposed to be a polished performer.  But he fails to inject spark into his speaking. With these debates he is on a hiding to nothing.

The more Cameron strives to emphasise difference between the three parties, the more it becomes clear they are trivialities rather than matters of great substance.

Europe (more precisely the EU) will remain a thorn in Cameron’s side because while he is happy to reel off a list of reasons for us to cooperate with our neighbours on the continent, not one example of a supposed benefit he, or Clegg or Brown provides to justify EU membership, requires a nation to sacrifice its political sovereignty.

Why will no one pin these main three parties down – and particularly the Conservatives who trade on a platform of supposed EU scepticism – with a simple question that exposes the weakness of their position on the EU?  Namely, ‘what benefit or advantage of EU membership and cooperation would be lost if we in the UK had complete political sovereignty, made all our own laws and ensured our own courts were the judicial venues of last resort?

Going beyond that, when will someone pin the Conservatives down, and the other two parties for that matter, by asking why they keep talking about the EU as a free trade area when it is nothing more than a customs union?  The EU is a hindrance to the UK being able to trade freely with countries around the world, so how can it be a benefit?  The debate is devoid of honesty and candour. It is characterised by subterfuge and fear and it shouldn’t be.

So, the final analysis.  Nothing any of the party leaders has been reported to have said in the first Leaders’  Debate, and nothing I saw them say in this Leaders’ Debate, has changed my view of the parties.  I have not been moved one inch towards voting for any of them.  The discussion about immigration was dumbed down to such an extent a five year old would have felt patronised.  There is a consensus stitch up where these three main parties will not tread onto ground the public needs them to.

From Clegg’s approach of giving up and granting a ludicrous amnesty that rewards people who have broken the law of this land to live here, to Brown’s tough talk and promises of action to contain immigration – despite documentary evidence that open door migration was deliberately implemented for political ideological purposes – to Cameron’s cap on non-EU immigration which will have no effect in reducing the number of unskilled EU migrants arriving here, the required action is not on offer.  And of course no alternative to EU membership and the loss of national sovereignty is on offer.

This means the debates remain an exercise in obfuscation and deception, satisfying only the media’s insatiable appetite for something to report, spin and hype.  How does that serve the interests of the nation and its people?  The new politics that was promised has not been delivered.  What is required is a genuine conservative alternative to the centre ground mish mash that dominates the discourse of the political class and its cowardice in tackling major issues.  Only when a sensible conservative alternative exists will mainstream politics be worthy of our engagement.

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Gordon Brown: Disconnected to the point of autism

‘I’m happy to answer questions at public meetings, but I was actually on my from one meeting to another.’

This, according to Gordon Brown, is justification for what you can see in the video above, as the Prime Minister completely ignoring a question put to him by a member of the public, Ben Butterworth, about the lack of decent schools in his area.

In the absence of a carefully spun sanitised answer and lacking the basic social skills to interact with anyone he cannot control, Brown demonstrates he is – to borrow the brilliant description used in political satire ‘The Thick Of It’ – disconnected to the point of autism.

Brown is incapable of speaking to anyone without the discussion being stage managed and the people being pre-screened by Labour’s spin doctors.  In any case, he treats Parliament with contempt, so it’s only to be expected that he will treat voters with contempt too.  He is without doubt the worst Prime Minister in modern times.

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