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Want to get into Gold and Silver?


AM has written a short guide to Getting into Gold and Silver.

It is designed to help British small investors understand how and why gold and silver can be used to preserve some of your hard earned wealth in tangible stores of value and the different ways to achieve this.

The guide is not quite complete as we are working to get final permissions to use images of certain products in the guide for illustrative purposes.  But all the information is there if you want to know what options you have and where to get the best value for money.

If you want to make use of the guide straight away without some of the pretty pictures it is available to buy now as a PDF (via email, payment through PayPal) for £3.98.

The guide is 47 pages long and covers:

  • Why buy gold or silver?
  • Grading of gold and silver
  • Pricing, premiums and taxation
  • Your options – physical ownership, ETFs, Futures and Stocks
  • Gold and silver coins (including how to buy Silver VAT-free)
  • Gold and silver bars
  • Regular investment in gold
  • Where you can buy
  • Where you can sell

If you would like to buy the current version now to take advantage of current competitive bullion prices, rather than wait for the illustrated version, just email  We will send you a link to make your payment via PayPal, then email the guide to you.

Demand for physical gold and silver contradicts the market

The doom and gloom mongers who gaze upon the fantasy world that is a commodity market where people buy and sell fresh air in the form of heavily leveraged futures, have been out in force in the media, parroting the line that gold is finished as a safe haven / investment / store of wealth (* delete as appropriate).

There was an objective to last week’s raid… and a lot of people are making a convincing argument that it was designed to stop investors turning their back on the dollar and moving into wealth into such safe havens, while making millions on the side into the bargain.  If the bankers could scare people out of gold, the thinking went, the people would put their money where the Fed wants it, into the dollar.

Meanwhile in the real world, away from the investment banks who encouraged their sheep-like clients to dump their paper gold to force a dramatic drop in price that also, err, enabled investment banks to buy the real physical product more cheaply to squirrel away in their underground vaults, we see that people around the globe aren’t buying the establishment line that gold is over – indeed they are buying it as fast as they can.

From Zero Hedge:

We noted here that the plunge in the paper price of gold (and silver) had prompted considerable renewed demand for physical and now it seems the scramble among the “more stable investor base” is increasing. The shake out of ETFs and futures has left the Australian mint short of deliverables and Japanese and Chinese gold retailers seeing a “frenzied” surge in demand. The customers are not just the ‘rich’ or ‘elderly’; in China “they tend to wear water shoes and come directly from the market…;” in Australia, “the volume of business… is way in excess of double what we did last week,… there’s been people running through the gate,” and Japanese individual investors doubled gold purchases yesterday at Tokuriki Honten, the country’s second-largest retailer of the precious metal. The panic selling by a weaker ‘imminent inflation-based’ investor base has sparked physical shortages – “there’s been significant sales made as people see this as great value.” It seems our previous discussions of a rotation from paper to physical were correct and this physical demand will eventually leak back into the paper markets.

The piece goes on to give more specific reports of surging demand and buying activity from China, Australia and Japan.  These are the people who understand they are only in gold and silver if they own the physical metal, not pieces of paper that give title to a quantity of gold to multiple people.  With prices down significantly with the biggest single drop in decades, to sit their lowest level for three years, there is value to be had and the next few weeks look like an excellent time to invest a proportion of your money in gold and/or silver.

To help people, who have not invested in precious metals before, to understand their options, AM’s short guide to Getting into Gold and Silver is nearly finished and will soon be published.

The short guide is designed to provide a quick, simple launch pad that caters for British small investors who want to invest in gold and silver but don’t quite know where or how to start, by compiling some relevant and basic information in one single place so buyers can choose the right products for them and where to purchase them without paying over the odds.  It will pay for itself many times over with the money you will save.  The guide covers:

Why buy gold or silver?
Grading of gold and silver
Pricing, premiums and taxation
Your options – physical ownership, ETFs, Futures and Stocks
Gold and Silver Coins
Gold and Silver Bars
Regular investment in Gold
Where you can buy
Where you can sell

If you are interested in buying a copy of the guide, via Amazon or direct, just drop me an email to register your interest.

Take advantage of the corrupted market

The media has made much of the news that the price of gold has just experienced its biggest fall in over 30 years.  The price of silver has experienced a similarly dramatic decline, to which we can add falls in oil, copper and other commodities.

Talking heads have been emerging from the woodwork since gold and silver started turning south in recent weeks, spouting the establishment’s nonsense that gold is finished, it isn’t a safe haven, its collapse proves the government can print money without consequences for the wider economy etc, etc.

But what we have seen in recent days is a classic bankster raid as part of a governmental war on alternatives to the dollar.  Doing the Federal Reserve’s bidding, the investment banks and big institutions took advantage of a modest decline in gold and silver prices over recent months to attack the market. The dollar must be preserved at all costs, so the US government’s financial industry puppets have stepped up to use Fantasy Commodity paper to

After Goldman Sachs last week advised clients to close their gold positions (‘paper’ gold futures), on Friday the dealing team at Merrill Lynch apparently dumped a futures sell order of around 4 million ounces or 124.4 tonnes of gold, worth approximately $6bn.  Ironically this is the same Merrill Lynch that in September last year said it could see gold soaring in price to $2400 per troy ounce by the end of 2014.

You can be sure Merrill – and Goldman Sachs – still believes gold’s price will soar, which will explain their physical gold buying.  This market manipulation through worthless paper to drive down the price serves to enable the likes of Goldman and Merrill to buy up much larger quantities of gold in anticipation of the longer term price rise, while persuading their dozy investors to part with the illusion of owning gold and pump their money where the US government wants it – into equities and US bonds.

‘The scale of the selling was massive and again underlines how one or two large banks or hedge funds can completely distort the market by aggressive, concentrated leveraged short positions,’ wrote the Got Gold Report.  It’s clear the markets have become so badly corrupted it is now common to see billions of dollars wiped off the value of a commodity by way of a paper exercise.

Thankfully there are still people who have their wits about them and have been seizing the opportunity to buy gold and silver at a lower price.  They can see the unchanged financial fundamentals that make gold a safe haven, namely:

  • spiralling national debt becoming increasingly difficult to service
  • huge inflationary pressures waiting to burst into the open as a result of reckless printing of money
  • an overpriced stock market ripe for a crash where share prices have inflated because of the increase in the money supply
  • interest rates that will eventually break out from the efforts to hold them down
  • additional tax hikes to fill the gap between receipts and ever growing public spending
  • governments that have quietly changed the law to enable confiscation of bank deposits at arbitrary levels

When one sets aside the fantasy paper trading of the banksters that has given the media and uninformed people the idea that gold and silver have lost their value, and instead looks at the real, physical market, one will see quite a different story…

When the economic effects of government policy kick in – and they will despite the lengths to which they are going to suppress the consequences of their actions – all that ‘smart money’ that is diving out of worthless paper gold and silver at the current low price following the advice of Goldman and Merrill will be looking for a safe haven.  They will want to get into physical gold and they will find the price rising, low supply, and the people who advised them to get out of gold sitting atop of a huge pile of the real stuff in high security vaults, bought cheaply by way of a grotesque manipulation of the market.

My tuppence worth of advice is don’t wait for the lumpen herd, get in now and protect some of your wealth from the economic mess that is coming over the hill and set to hit all of us head on.

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