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SciTech committee – who was pulling the newbies’ strings?

Bishop Hill explains the ‘findings’ of the Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into the reviews into the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit’s (CRU) e-mails, a key part of the Climategate scandal.

To describe this latest report as another bucket of whitewash is an understatement.  Andrew Montford, the author of the Bishop Hill blog, covers some of the assertions of the Committee members and sums it up thus:

The best that can be said of the report is that it is marginally better than expected. This, I suppose, is the great advantage of low expectations. My impression is of a group of people who know they are raising two fingers to the general public, and feel forced at least to admit that there is something amiss, but the overwhelming need to hold the line on global warming gets the better of them and leaves them looking at best foolish and at worst outright criminal.

Once you have read Montford’s post on this, do take a few moments to absorb his follow up post that shows a proposed amendment to be included in the report.  Despite this amendment being proposed by the only MP on the committee with a scientific qualification and understanding of scientific rigour, Graham Stringer, it was voted down by the other three MPs present, all of whom are wet behind the ears having been elected for the first time at the 2010 General Election:

There are proposals to increase worldwide taxation by up to a trillion dollars on the basis of climate science predictions. This is an area where strong and opposing views are held. The release of the e-mails from CRU at the University of East Anglia and the accusations that followed demanded independent and objective scrutiny by independent panels. This has not happened. The composition of the two panels hasbeen criticised for having members who were over identified with the views of CRU. Lord Oxburgh as President of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and Chairman of Falck Renewable appeared to have a conflict of interest. Lord Oxburgh himself was aware that this might lead to criticism. Similarly Professor Boulton as an ex colleague of CRU seemed wholly inappropriate to be a member of the Russell panel. No reputable scientist who was critical of CRU’s work was on the panel, and prominent and distinguished critics were not interviewed. The Oxburgh panel did not do as our predecessor committee had been promised, investigate the science, but only looked at the integrity of the researchers. With the exception of Professor Kelly’s notes other notes taken by members of the panel have not been published. This leaves a question mark against whether CRU science is reliable. The Oxburgh panel also did not look at CRU’s controversial work on the IPPC which is what has attracted most [serious] allegations. Russell did not investigate the deletion of e-mails. We are now left after three investigations without a clear understanding of whether or not the CRU science is compromised.

This paragraph should not be forgotten, it is a damning indictment that should be trailed as widely as possible.

What possible reason could the three MPs, Gregg McClymont, Stephen Metcalfe and Stephen Mosley have for rejecting this paragraph proposed by an experienced scientist and parliamentarian?  We seem to have moved on from ‘hide the decline’ to ‘cover up the truth’.

Government not taking immigration seriously

One of my pet loathings of parliamentarians is the techniques some of them use to avoid answering a question that could cause them embarrassment and stir anger among voters.

The latest example of this can be seen in a written answer to a question asked about the use of the European Convention on Human Rights to avoid legal removal from the UK.

Mr Stewart Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many deportations from the UK did not proceed as a consequence of the application of the provisions of (a) Article 3 and (b) Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights in each year since 2005; and if she will make a statement.

Damian Green: In responding to this question, we have assumed ‘deportations’ to mean ‘removals’.

The UK Border Agency does not record this information centrally. Providing a breakdown of specific reasons for removals not to be pursued, either at initial decision stage or following a successful appeal, can only be determined by investigating individual case files which would incur a disproportionate cost.

If this country takes immigration matters seriously then this is exactly the kind of information the Home Office Department should be recording centrally. Perhaps there was a conscious decision made not to record this information centrally because it would highlight the systemic failures within the Home Department and the reveal the true extent of ECHR interference in Britain’s ability to determine who may reside here.

What is also interesting is the call for a statement has been completely ignored. Despite immigration being one of the top three issues for voters at the last election, the government has no interest in upholding our laws, dealing with offenders correctly or being held to account on the subject.

The Labour opposition do not care about this issue. After all, it was they who deliberately opened up this country’s borders in the first place to make the UK more multicultural and diverse.  The Lib Dems want a world without borders run by the UN so they don’t care.  So that leaves the mainstream media, who are now permanently asleep at the wheel and would not look at this issue unless it landed on their desk in the form of a press release; and bloggers increasingly embarrass the media by uncovering such an issue and probing at it until someone prominent adopts it as a problem in need of remedy – at which point the media arrives to present the story as their own exclusive.

Cameron shows his inner chameleon

This is what it all boils down to. This is what matters to David Cameron and in turn what he thinks matters to MPs. Everything those of us who have tried to explain what Cameron is really like has been made clear in two sentences from his own mouth.

Cameron had no interest in politics when he was at Oxford University, it just became a good route to power and success later on.  He was never a conservative, had no political ideology or principle, but in order to achieve selection to fight a parliamentary election he knew it was the Conservative party he had to join.

Cameron knew what act he had to put on to appeal to the mainstream conservative grassroots, hence the narrative about being a tax cutting, EUsceptic, law and order Tory.  Consequently Cameron believes every other MP has the same self serving, unprincipled, belief-free motives for being in parliament.  Experience has shown him to be largely correct and that is why his chosen method of threatening and intimidating new MPs into voting for his deceitful, utterly meaningless, sham European Union Bill centred on power:

‘You are making a bloody terrible mistake, Chris, it will do your career and reputation no good at all.

‘And you can bloody well forget about being a Minister.’

Anyone who still believes Cameron to be some kind of secret EUsceptic should have those words burned into their consciousness, because this demonstrates his EUphilia. It underlines the deception and the lies. It shows the sheer determination he possesses to create a piece of legislation that furthers the aim of transferring power to the EU while dishonestly spinning to the public that the Act will arrest the flow of competences to Brussels.

We live in an electoral dictatorship run by a cabal of EU enthusiasts who are determined to further the interests of Brussels in spite of the wishes of the people. No matter whether they wear Conservative blue, Labour red or Lib Dem yellow, underneath they don the gold stars of the European Union. They are determined to do everything in their power to prevent the majority of people in the UK from deciding if we want to be part of this anti democratic suprastate or not.

Cameron is the current head of the enemy within. It could just as easily be Miliband or Clegg. The effect would be identical.  Despite the acts of partisan posturing for the cameras in parliament, they are all friends and all in this together, united by a common goal to overcome the wishes of the British people and serve their own interests instead. This is the head of the fifth column.

First steps taken towards global information censorship

How best can we keep information to ourselves and prevent ordinary people exchanging it?

That is the question being asked by the global political class as the United Nations, now confirmed as an entity committed to global control, considers setting up an intergovernmental working group to ‘harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the internet’.

Regulation. Censorship. Control. Repression.

As iTnews reports:

At a meeting in New York on Wednesday, representatives from Brazil called for an international body made up of Government representatives that would to attempt to create global standards for policing the internet – specifically in reaction to challenges such as WikiLeaks.

The Brazilian delegate stressed, however, that this should not be seen as a call for an “takeover” of the internet.

Of course they don’t want it to be seen as that, but that’s what it is. The political class has seen how the information age has brought with it the ability of ordinary people to scrutinise their behaviour and expose their actions. Politicians around the globe cannot stand any examination of what they do and resent the opportunity that has been provided for ordinary people to spread awareness and share information around the world in seconds at the click of a mouse, without state control or sanction.

Because states have different rules ordinary people have been able to shop around for locations in which to host data where freedom of speech is protected. The only way to exert control over what people can say, write, watch, listen to and read online is to have harmonised regulation that facilitates global control over what will be permitted to be shared around the ether and what will be censored because it is inconvenient to the politicians.

So here we are, just days after global climate change conference in Cancun where plans were being made for centralised UN control over the redistribution of money, learning that plans are being made for centralised UN control over internet content.

Is there anyone who still scoffs at the notion of a developing world order? One that is committed to eradicating democracy and using regional supranational entities, like the EU, as the local branches of its governance structure with power in the hands of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

If I had read this post elsewhere a couple of years ago I would have laughed at it and had visions of conspiracy theorists and foil hats. But the fact is the evidence is being presented openly like pieces of a jigsaw. On their own the pieces seem fairly inconsequential, but when put together to complete the picture you can see what is happening. Even then many people would tell themselves ‘oh that’s just ludicrous, don’t be so stupid’. It is not ludicrous, it is real and those of us who live in nominal democracies risk experiencing what it’s like living under complete state control.

This isn’t about the aims of secret societies, Freemasons, Illuminati or shadowy organisations. It is simply the aim of the self selecting political class and their well known financial backers and beneficiaries. It is happening openly in plain sight.

Cameron’s lies on the EU and Human Rights Act

An excerpt from a speech on Fixing Broken Politics delivered in May 2009 as reproduced on this blog in January 2010.


But the tragic truth today is that no matter how much we strengthen Parliament or hold government to account…

…there will still be forces at work in our country that are completely unaccountable to the people of Britain.

People and organisations that have huge power and control over our daily lives and yet which no citizen can actually get at.

Almost half of all the regulations affecting our businesses come from the EU.

And since the advent of the Human Rights Act, judges are increasingly making our laws.

The EU and the judges – neither of them accountable to British citizens – have taken too much power over issues that are contested aspects of public policy…

…and which should therefore be settled in the realm of democratic politics.

It’s no wonder people feel so disillusioned with politics and Parliament when they see so many big decisions that affect their lives being made somewhere else.

So a progressive reform agenda demands that we redistribute power from the EU to Britain and from judges to the people.

We will therefore hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, pass a law requiring a referendum to approve any further transfers of power to the EU, negotiate the return of powers, and require far more detailed scrutiny in Parliament of EU legislation, regulation and spending.

And we will introduce a British Bill of Rights to strengthen our liberties, spell out the extent and limit of rights more clearly, and ensure proper democratic accountability over the creation of any new rights.

These are the words and promises of David Cameron when in opposition. In government Cameron has:

To quote Cameron:

‘It’s no wonder people feel so disillusioned with politics and Parliament when they see so many big decisions that affect their lives being made somewhere else.’

Too true. And also when they are lied to by a deceitful, two faced hypocrite like him, who will say anything to achieve personal power then break those cast iron promises because he had no intention of ever honouring them. Quisling bastard.

Cameron’s slippery weasel words on people power

From the august pages of the Telegraph we are provided with yet more fiction masquerading as news. The readers are told that David Cameron promises to transfer power away from Whitehall, that he has promised a shift in power from government to the people as Whitehall departments publish business plans setting out what they intend to do and how voters can hold them accountable for it.

Presumably the ‘people’ he is referring to are the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats of the EU in Brussels. Or perhaps this only relates to the 20% or so of laws and regulations that are conceived in the United Kingdom. As always with Cameron the devil is in the detail or conspicuous by what he leaves out. So it is only by examining his comments in detail we find he is restricting this decentralisation to matters of public services. Spin, bluster, deceit and weasel words. In reality this big dramatic fanfare will amount to diddly squat for the average put upon taxpayer.

If Cameron is going to transfer power from Whitehall to the people and make departments accountable then for starters he would abide by the wishes of the people and:

  • refuse to meet any demand from the EU for increased funding for its budget
  • refuse to implement votes for prison inmates that the ECHR imposed on us
  • refuse to continue with the renewables obligation that is driving our energy prices up
  • stop acting like a tin pot dictator and give us a binding referendum on EU membership

We know Cameron will not abide by the wishes of the people on any of these issues. We know his social democrat coalition will not be held accountable for acting in their interests rather than our interests. Therefore we know this exercise is nothing more than a cynical fraud. It is a piece of fantasy politics designed to give the illusion of people power while increasingly denying us a say on the major issues that go to the very heart of who governs us and how.

Cameron claims he is ‘shining a bright light of transparency on everything government does’. His words immediately brought to mind this scene from Douglas Adams’ brilliant Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy:

“But the plans were on display …”

“On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”

“That’s the display department.”

“With a flashlight.”

“Ah, well the lights had probably gone.”

“So had the stairs.”

“But look, you found the notice didn’t you?”

“Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.”

That will be much closer to reality than people might imagine. Cameron is taking us for fools and treating us with undisguised contempt. We should treat him the same way.

Update: Having just seen a news clip of the odious slime merchant talking about this issue, it is now clear Cameron is saying this initiative is to ensure ‘we do what we said we would do’. Therefore it has nothing at all to do with the wishes of the people or devolving power to them. It is just an extension of the navel gazing of the political class that will continue uninterrupted as their fingers remain stuck firmly in their ears.

Do you feel empowered now?

Cameron confirms UK is an electoral dictatorship

This afternoon the House of Commons received a Prime Ministerial Statement by David Cameron about last week’s meeting of the European Council. The statements are followed by questions from MPs, and because these are not scripted and responses rehearsed the answers tend to be quite revealing.

So it proved today when Labour’s Kate Hoey, a genuine EUsceptic unlike Cameron, asked a question about what CCHQ must consider the dreaded ‘R’ word in her last sentence (in italics):

Kate Hoey (Vauxhall) (Lab): Did the Prime Minister get a chance to discuss with any of the leaders privately or publicly the ludicrous European Union embassies being set up all over the world at huge expense? Does he realise that the public do not want that, but want well-staffed British embassies? Can we do anything about it, and is there any chance of a referendum in the next five years on whether we stay in or go out?

Cameron’s answer in reproduced in full below, but it is the first 21 words (also in italics) that show the British public just how much of an arrogant and anti-democratic control freak their Prime Minister is:

The Prime Minister: I do not believe in an in-out referendum for many reasons. I think we are better off in the European Union—we have to fight our corner very hard—but I would grant a referendum if there were any proposed transfer of powers from Westminster to Brussels. On the European External Action Service, the hon. Lady knows that we opposed the Lisbon treaty, that we thought the creation of the EEAS was a mistake and that we have pushed as hard as we can within Europe to keep its costs under control. There is an argument that because of the combination of the previous High Representative and Foreign Minister roles, the posts and the budget should cost less, and we push that case as hard as we can.

Those 21 words can be used in isolation because the words that follow do not alter the context of what Cameron said. The message is crystal clear… Cameron thinks we are better off in the EU and therefore, like it or not, the British people have to lump it. All hail Dave!

Cameron does not want we mere proles to rock his apple cart and he is putting his own personal wishes before those of the people he was elected to represent. The political class fears and loathes the public it rules over and will deny us any opportunity to determine for ourselves whether we are better off in or out of the EU. Perhaps they believe they can ‘change the way citizens think’ by ‘offering incentives, by “priming” us with subliminal messaging, by changing the “choice architecture” of our daily lives so that we are influenced, sometimes unconsciously, to behave in what the government considers to be the right way.’

Cameron’s control freakery and the public’s lack of recourse to challenge him is another example of the disturbing and self referential electoral dictatorship that exists in the United Kingdom, which is supposedly a representative democracy. Today Cameron confirmed the reality for us. The New Politics is infuriatingly identical to the old.

PRWeek Communicator of the Year – Nick Clegg!

It’s no joke. The PRWeek magazine judging panel comprising 62 senior PR professionals:

…praised Clegg for his smart general election communications campaign that positioned him as a fresh alternative to the other political parties.

You really could not make this stuff up.  The falling reputation of PR professionals is taking them into the same bottom division as politicians and estate agents. When senior members of a discipline such as PR confer accolades upon a man who blatantly lied, distorted and misrepresented their way through an election campaign the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they themselves are not honourable. Perhaps there is a political element to the decision as the write up of the award goes on to add:

In fewer than 12 months, Clegg has gone from leading a party frustrated by a lack of media attention to the full glare of the world’s media, as he walked side by side with Prime Minister David Cameron into 10 Downing Street on 11 May.

His greatest achievement was his performance at the General Election’s three inaugural leaders’ debates. At the time, PRWeek’s survey of 3,000 members of the UK public found 62 per cent said Clegg was the leader who came out the strongest, compared with 21 per cent for David Cameron and only 16 per cent for Gordon Brown.

As PRWeek editor Danny Rogers said: ‘Clegg’s comms prowess won over viewers and ultimately led him to Downing Street.’

Communication is not just about cascading messages, it is also about listening to people. Nick Clegg has shamelessly ignored the wishes of the voters he courted and served his own interests, yet he is being lauded by leading lights in the Public Relations industry. Professionals who work in the field of Communications and PR should be feeling very uncomfortable today.

Charles Moore’s adoration of Cameron continues

It is hard to know whether one should feel compassion or contempt for the Telegraph’s Charles Moore. Moore used his column in yesterday’s paper to pose the following rhetorical question: ‘Heir to Blair and Thatcher – can David Cameron really be both?’

What follows is the kind of lightweight puff piece one would only expect to see drafted in the corridors of CCHQ. The kind of pseudo-intellectual babble that meanders across the newsprint like a slow running river winding through empty countryside. As you can see, for a moment there I engaged in the kind of tosh Moore revels in. Did you enjoy the irony? No matter, near the end of his filler piece he presents us with this:

Today, Mr Cameron finds himself the heir both to Blair and to Thatcher. To Blair, because he has had to take his party away from its preferred territory and pay attention instead to what actual voters worry about. To Thatcher, because he confronts a crisis of the public finances even more severe than the one she faced. He also leads a coalition. So, unlike Mrs Thatcher, he wants to woo and to warn, please and prophesy at the same time.

What a load of utter bollocks.

Moore is clearly living in a parallel universe characterised by an alternative reality. Moore seems to be kidding himself that a genuinely conservative Conservative Party is in power and is diligently representing the wishes of the electorate. If only that was the case. David Cameron has most certainly moved his Cameron Conservatives away from centre-right. Cameron has morphed it into a centre-left reincarnation of the Social Democrat Party. But only a fool could think the Cameroon project goes anywhere near to paying attention to what the voters worry about.

Just two examples off the bat. When the voters are worrying about winter fuel bills in the coming weeks, Cameron will be dreaming of expensive wind turbines pitted across our countryside that sit idle on the coldest days when the wind does not blow. When voters are worrying about their disposable income in the New Year with VAT at 20%, income tax thresholds falling for those with big outgoing but only median salaries and food prices rising, Cameron will be dreaming of another Mediterranean holiday with his young, financially secure family.

The only thing that makes Cameron the self professed heir to Blair is that he believes in nothing but power for its own sake and will say and do anything to attain it for his own ends. Like Blair, Cameron is all spin and no substance. He could read from a Janet and John book with his faux sincerity and make it sound like a work of detailed gravitas. But it is only when you remove the presentation and read the actual content that you see how empty Cameron’s speeches are. Classic Blair.

As for describing Cameron as an heir to Thatcher, that must rank as one of the biggest of political insults. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Margaret Thatcher, she had vision for the country and an ideological backbone. Cameron has neither. Look through Thatcher’s eyes and you would see a nation where people worked for their rewards and kept more of them. Look through Cameron’s and all you see is a number 10 on a shiny black door of a house located in central London.

But what can we expect from journalists like Charles Moore? After all the view of the world for those cocooned inside the Westminster bubble is very different from those of us who actually live in that world.

A plague on all their houses

Over on Guido Fawkes’ blog there is a photo from the Once-Were-Conservatives party conference, reproduced here…

Oh how my sides split. Sure, it’s a harmless piece of in-house humour for the drones who run CCHQ. But I couldn’t help thinking, if only the Conservative MPs put so much effort and attention to detail into listening to what the British public want and actually representing our views in the House of Commons, instead of getting elected then doing whatever they are told in the hope of securing a government job from David Cameron.

The joke is on us. It is the very people who are betrayed by the self serving political elite in all three parties, who ignore reality that what matters to us doesn’t matter to the political class and will therefore be ignored, yet still go out to vote and elect these troughing swine. Once in the House the MPs’ ears are turned off and their eyes focus on personal ambitions.

This is why we are promised referenda that are then withdrawn. This is why we are promised change that never materialises. This is why, despite the majority wanting the UK to be politically and legally sovereign again this insipid coalition of social democrats continues to agree to continuing offshoring of law making power and political control to the EU.

Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems – they are all the same. We are all left dissatisfied with them but still allow them to play their power games at the expense of our freedoms and our very sovereignty. When will this mass sleepwalk end and people wake up to the reality that our democracy is an illusion? A plague on all their houses.

Zakir Naik: Cameron needs to grow a pair

He talked a great game in opposition but when it comes to walking the walk, David Cameron is to be found sitting with his legs firmly crossed.  And while he is striking that pose his team at the Home Office are sat down with their arms firmly crossed.

Barely two weeks ago the kitten heeled, tough talking, Tory Home Secretary, Theresa May was explaining to a confused nation why two men considered terrorist risks to the United Kingdom, Abid Naseer and Ahmed Faraz Khan, were to be allowed to remain in this country.  It was their human rights you see.  Being sent back to Pakistan apparently risked their well-being, despite other members of Naseer’s gang happily trapsing back to Islamabad without a care in the world.

Theresa May said she was disappointed, but had no plans to appeal the decision of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission to halt their deportation.

Fast forward to this week and there is a sense of deja vu in the air.  In opposition, David Cameron and other senior Tories led criticism of the Labour government for allowing radical preachers into Britain to stir up hatred on lecture tours.  Yet one of the worst of the lot, Zakir Naik, is being allowed to enter Britain and do the self same thing by the Home Office.  He is guilty of inciting hatred against the United States and while praising Osama bin Laden said that: ‘if he is terrorising America the terrorist… I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist’.

The response of the Home Office?  It has indicated that it was not planning to ban Naik from entering Britain.

How can it be that the Home Office – albeit under the control of Labour – sought desperately to ban a democratic Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, from entering this country because he intended to show a film that purportedly linked verses from the Qur’an to terrorism; yet seeks to take no action to prevent the arrival of Zakir Naik, a twisted Islamist who lauds terrorism and seeks to whip up hatred against non-Muslims with language designed to incite people?  The Home Office, like the police, is only capable of taking on the soft targets and shies away from the tackling the real troublemakers.  It is pathetic.

Perhaps given this evidence we should take it as given that Cameron is just another mouthpiece politician.  Having strutted around with his chest stuck out like a gooney bird, berating the Labour government for its ludicrous decision making, he is following suit in typically hypocritical fashion.

Remember how we were implored to vote for change?  Do you see much difference on display?  For all his showbiz style grandstanding Cameron is showing that he has no intention of protecting this country’s interests from people who seek to harm us.  Maybe it’s ideological, but maybe it’s because he needs to grow a pair.

Talent is the new immunity in politics

Never mind that you have taken taxpayers’ money that you’re not entitled to.

Never mind that you have lied for years about your circumstances to Parliamentary authorities.

Never mind that your self serving actions have required you to resign from the government benches in disgrace.

David Laws, as you are considered to be more talented than most others in the shallow pool of talent in the Westminster bubble inhabited by those of us in the political class, not a difficult feat in all honesty, take comfort from the pledge of this country’s leadership that the wrongs you have committed against the public will be set aside shortly and there is every expectation that you will be able to resume your government career before too long.

You’re concerned about public anger?  Pah, forget about that, David.  The public do not matter.  We are the political class and we will do what suits us best, a bit like you did actually.  We make the rules.  Notice how we pointedly diverted attention from what you did and talked you up with lavish messages of support?  We look after our own.  Our political needs are more important than the views of a few uppity voters who still think this is a democracy.  It’s rather quaint actually.  But it’s the order of things, you see?  Once you’re in the club, the committee will take care of you and the members will see you right.  Outsiders are of no relevance here.

If you’ve got talent then you are immune from being banished to the backbenches for the rest of your Parliamentary career.  We’ll just say bringing you back is in the national interest and the minions will fall into line.  Dave will see to it.

Chin up old chap.  See you back at Cabinet soon!

David Laws resigns and panic replacement arrives

David Laws didn’t have a leg to stand on regarding his expenses claims and he has done the right thing in the circumstances, resigning as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.  The first episode of Con-Lib coalition sleaze is now on the record, confirming the political class is far from rehabilitated.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

As if to show how disconnected these people are, just consider for a moment these two paragraphs taken from Laws’ resignation letter to David Cameron:

‘Secondly, while my recent problems were caused by my desire to keep my sexuality secret, the public is entitled to expect politicians to act with a sense of responsibility.

‘I cannot now escape the conclusion that what I have done was in some way wrong, even though I did not gain any financial benefit from keeping my relationship secret in this way.’

Was in some way wrong?  Damn right it was wrong.  Describing this man as in denial doesn’t come close to underlining his delusion.  This man used public funds for the sole purpose of trying to cover up the relationship between himself and his partner.  The payment of rent was a scam to hide the fact he was cohabiting with his lover.  Sure, he didn’t make a profit from it, but he was wrongly claiming taxpayers’ money.  How is that in any way right?  It is a pathetic mitigation.  Perhaps someone will be kind enough to send David Laws a moral compass.

It seems as if Danny Alexander, the recently appointed Secretary of State for Scotland, is replacing Laws.  It’s an interesting choice given Alexander’s main qualification, apart from being a good mate of Nick Clegg, is that he was Director of Communications for Britain in Europe (previously the European Movement).  The economy is in safe hands then…

David Laws: very sad, very wrong, completely unacceptable >>>

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EU: Dave the liar lets matters rest there, completely

You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel some pity for those Conservatives who clung hopefully to the belief that once in office David Cameron would suddenly reveal a cunningly hidden Euroscepticism.  Having promised the British people the final say on the Lisbon Treaty with his ‘cast-iron’ pledge, he backed down when it was ratified saying that it was now law and it was too late to stop Lisbon taking effect.

However, Cameron did say that he ‘would not let matters rest there’.  People had hope.  He was still the man with a plan.  Would he go to the people and ask them if they were content to remain bound by the measures wrapped up in the Lisbon Treaty?  Er, no.  Instead he would bravely ‘negotiate’ with the EU for the repatriation of ‘some powers’ that should, by any measure, reside with our elected representatives in Parliament.

‘Don’t worry, wait until after the election. Dave will show what he’s made of and get our powers back’ was the paraphrased sentiment uttered by some of the regulars on ConservativeHome.  ‘He’s just playing the EU down until after the election’ claimed a number of commentators.  ‘He is very Eurosceptic really’ opined others.  All clutched at straws and prayed for a Cameron victory so the UK could assert its primacy again and take back – with EU consent, natch – some of the key powers that a sovereign nation should possess for itself.

Today, however, David Cameron completed his multi-stage retreat from his crowd pleasing comments to his personally favoured position – keeping Britain firmly under the control of the EU bureaucracy in Brussels.

The publication of the full coalition agreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, aka ‘power at any cost’, has revealed that the manifesto promise to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU – the very measure designed to make up for conceding defeat over the Lisbon Treaty – has been abandoned.  Completely.  It is dead.  Despite multiple promises, each less robust than the previous one, David Cameron has completed his journey from supposed Eurosceptic to paid-up Europhile, thus cementing his position as just another lying politician.  The promise to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU has been replaced with this meaningless pledge :

‘We will examine the balance of the EU’s existing competences.’

A substantial number of people – opposed to the provisions of Lisbon but prepared to suspend their disbelief and give Cameron the benefit of the doubt because of the pledge to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU – voted Conservative in good faith.  They are just about to discover they have been conned, tricked, lied to, by a self serving and sleazy control freak who will abandon any principle or promise as long as it results in power or personal gain.

Believe me, because of the impact of this deception on the governance of this country, it is without any sense of triumphalism that I say, ‘I told you so’.  Now everyone can see for themselves the true nature of David Cameron.  But it is too late now because Cameron, having hijacked the Conservative Party to bring about his Social Democrat agenda, has achieved what he wanted for himself and taken control of Downing Street.  Now he will stick two fingers up at the country and do exactly as he pleases, aided and abetted by his fellow travellers from the rampantly Europhile Liberal Democrats.

Welcome to the new politics, where people supposedly hold the power over the state.  Where despite Conservative promise after promise, Europe has been confirmed as your country not just your continent.  Welcome to the Age of Deceitful Dave and Sidekick Nick.

Democracy breaking out all over Parliament

MPs have sensationally voted out the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.  A vote was called when a number of MPs challenged Bercow’s re-election as Speaker.  Rather than pressing on with other business, the new Father of the House, Sir Peter Tapsell, set in motion a division enabling members to decide democratically to remove Bercow and set in train the election of a new Speaker.  Sir Malcolm Rifkind hailed the vote as a triumph of the new politics, signalling and new openness and transparency in the Mother of Parliaments.

Yeah, right.

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