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New Year Honours farce

There’s no point even picking out individual examples to dissect.  You can see for yourself which honours have been doled out to people who in no way deserve them and frankly should have been sacked for their incompetence.

The honours system was there to serve a particular purpose, to reward those whose selfless work was not rewarded with great pay and perks.  Now it is just the establishment awarding gongs to their fellow chaps and gals simply for being part of the gang and because it’s their turn, while chucking in a few worthies they’ve never heard of on recommendation to maintain some veneer of respectability.

It’s now an expectation that if you manage to slide into a cushy, lavishly remunerated top rank role, make a name for yourself on the sports field while managing to secure acres of media coverage, or win a medal at the Olympics, a gong of some kind will follow.  If you’re just an ordinary, selfless, community minded individual your only hope for an honour is to be noticed by the establishment or its lackeys – but then, people like this don’t give of themselves in the hope of reward or award.

To say the honours system is wholly devalued is an understatement. Like the Nobel prize, it has been hijacked by establishment hooligans and left burned out by the side of the road.

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