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Resolutions open thread

Happy New Year everyone.  Have you made an interesting New Year resolution?  Is there something you are going to focus on in 2012?  Why not share it and discuss?  The thread is open for you…

Over to you

Due to the pressure of work I don’t have the time to give these people the ‘good news’.  So, dear reader, please do read the email below and go forth to tell the burghers of Debating Europe what you think!

Do feel free to comment here about the debate and the comments you find over there.  The floor is yours.



Dear Autonomous Mind,

I would like to draw your attention to a debate on the role of the European Central Bank in the Eurozone crisis, which is currently starting on Debating Europe, a platform for discussion supported by the European Parliament. We interviewed Peter Praet, a member of the six-person Executive Board of the ECB, and asked him what he thought about the ECB buying up government bonds in Italy: is it overstepping its mandate or does it have no choice?

We would very much like you to participate in the debate, and have your opinion on the topic. Please do not hesitate to contribute your thoughts (there is a “reply” button just after people’s comments), and share the following link amongst your network:

Best regards,


Alessandra Baldissin

Debating Europe
Bibliothèque Solvay, Parc Léopold
rue Belliard 137, B – 1040 Brussels

Open Thread

Some stories that are worth a look include this Spectator piece on shameful BBC bias by Melanie Phillips, and this spot by Bishop Hill of the impact of climate change brainwashing on school children. Richard did the media’s job for them again in highlighting Parliament’s nodding through of significant changes the EU Treaty, meanwhile Longrider observes how conditioned we have become to doing whatever someone seemingly in a position of ‘authority’ asks of us without question.

What do you think about these subjects, or what other stories caught your eye this week?  The thread is open…

Open Thread

The idea of an open thread hasn’t been tried on this blog before.  The weekends tend to be quieter on AM, so it’s over to you dear reader.  Feel free to discuss or share your views on any subject that interests you – or throw out any questions for people to answer.  If it works well we will do this again.

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