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More to it than meets the eye

When the likes of CBI Director-General, John Cridland, say of the UK’s membership of the EU that it is ‘essential that we stay at the table to bang the drum for businesses and defend our national interest’ there is always a vacuum where evidence of any successful defence of our national interest is concerned. The UK is expected to sacrifice for the greater good of the EU whole.

Similarly, when the likes of rabid europhile federalist Lib Dem MEP, Andrew Duff, argue that the UK should be offered ‘associate membership’ of the EU in a move that would see the UK lose all its MEPs, its commissioner in Brussels and its right to veto decisions in the European Council you can be sure the plan is designed to ensure the UK is even more seemlessly controlled by Brussels.

The effort to sow confusion and scare people in equal measure continues apace, given unquestioning column inches and an easy ride by our unthinking media.

As the media will not do it for us, because digging to deep may reveal facts that are unacceptable to the electorate and inconvenient to the europhile cause, we cannot take things at face value.  We must continue to ask ‘why’ these things are being promoted and work out ‘who’ stands to benefit.

EU scare stories now coming thick and fast

Earlier today Richard explained over at his EU Referendum dominion that:

A little while ago, we identified a three-legged europhile strategy – “renegotiation-reform-scare”. The three legs are intended to blunt calls for a referendum or blur and confuse the issues so that any result is indecisive. And Van Rompuy is doing the scare bit for us.

It’s not just Van Rompuy doing the scaring, now Viviane Reding has weighed in with a EUroscare of her own concerning a British opt-out from EU crime and policing laws, including the European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

La Reding says in an interview given to the Barclay Beano:

“Do you want criminals and paedophiles running around freely on the streets, is that really in the United Kingdom’s interest? It is crazy.”

The meme is clear, without the EU there will be no law and order in Britain, which therefore cannot survive without the EU. This laugh-out-loud fallacy is presented as a reality by a true believer who is desperate to see the EU become a United States of Europe. Reding clearly fails to recognise it is law from Europe incorporated into this country’s legal system that keeps criminals and paedophiles running around freely on our streets on the spurious basis of protecting their human rights.

The fact Reding cites British police forces as desperate to keep some of the EU’s proposed powers should be reason enough for us to be gravely suspicious of the package.  But the real issue here is that the EU crime and policing package dispenses with protections that are essential in a society where people must be considered innocent unless proven guilty.  The package does not require police in other EU states to present any evidence that there is a case to answer before this country’s citizens can be put into custody and shipped overseas without any recourse.

No doubt the BBC will faithfully report the EU viewpoint on this and perhaps pull in a EUphile Lib Dem to explain why we absolutely must opt-in to EU crime and policing laws, while doing the bare minimum to provide a platform for the opposing viewpoint.

If they were minded to impartial coverage they should give a platform to Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick, who have been convicted of fraud in Hungary only in the last month having been whisked off and detained for four months in a judicial process that began in 2009 with the processing of a questionable extradition under the terms of a European Arrest Warrant.

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