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The faux Conservative party continues its decline

If you are one of the increasing number of people who are sick to death of the Vichy Conservatives, cheer yourself up by reading this piece on ConservativeHome and many of the comments from ever more disaffected Tories who are waking up to the Cameroon coup of that party.

As more people come to realise Cameron is as much a conservative as Michael Foot ever was, they are severing their links with the party and turning their back on the Tories.

As you would expect, there are the usual cries of those fools who claim not sticking with Cameron’s social democracy will only let Labour back in. But they are among a shrinking band of people who haven’t realised the only difference between this coalition government and Labour are the faces of the people in Ministerial positions.

For the average voter it is now obvious that whether you vote Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem you still get the same political class consensus undermining this country, eroding our democracy and snatching more of our money to serve their own narrow interests rather than ours. Only embarrassment at being conned so well is preventing many conservatives from ditching Cameron’s quisling social democrats. But as the anger builds the ejection of the Cameroon cuckoo from the Conservative nest draws closer.

Pity those foolish trusting souls

Forgive them for they knew not what they did.  They were desperate for change and those cast-iron pledges were so plausible and made with such conviction. How could someone not honour such clear and unambiguous promises?

He just seemed so… sincere. The narrowed eyes, the tightened lips, the determined set of his jaw. The recognition of the urgent need to act to put right so much of what was wrong. He knew what we wanted, what the country needed, and he told us he would deliver it. His promises of change gave us hope.

Not letting matters rest there on the Lisbon Treaty.

Replacing the Human Rights Act.

Repatriating powers from the EU.

Not raising VAT.

Keeping universal child benefit.

Despite his promises, his commitment and his determination, none of them have been honoured. And now we add to the list another broken promise to reduce the exorbitant duty on fuel when prices rise to a high level. Another issue, but the same outcome.

He has overseen more U-turns than a driving instructor. Pity those foolish trusting souls who closed their ears as the warnings were sounded long before the election.  How could so many have been taken in?

They now ask themselves how could one man be so dishonourable.  They wonder why more people did not grasp that he would say anything we wanted to hear in order to reach Downing Street. The fog is clearing and revealing he always had his own agenda that did not include keeping any of these key promises. Reality has dawned on them.  The deception is complete.

Conservative. Labour. Liberal Democrat. It matters not. The faces and the colour scheme may change, but none will depart from their common path. Their route is constant, their destination a place we do not wish to go. That reality is now bathed in brilliant light. The view could not be more clear.

Soon will be the time for courage. How many will dare to tread new ground and reject the self serving consensus? How many will stop, remember the litany of lies and broken promises, recognise the three heads as belonging to a common body and reject all three? Will there be enough of them to put an end to the conspiracy of the political class and take back power so the servants no longer act as our masters?

Cameron to kill off the Conservative Party?

Could the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats merge to fight the next election as a single force? asks Paul Goodman on ConservativeHome.  Many people will immediately dismiss the idea as unworkable or unsuitable.  But if there is one thing that David Cameron and Nick Clegg have shown since negotiations commenced to create a coalition government, their hunger for power and authority trumps any manifesto promise and anything akin to ideology.

There is an irony in Cameron’s migration of the Conservatives away from the centre right of politics.  He has long argued that the Conservative Party had to change.  The subtext was that if it failed to do so it would die.  As he said:

“We know we have to change. I stood for the leadership because I’m fed up with hearing that this party is out of touch, backward-looking and lacks compassion”

Cameron rammed his personal vision of necessary changes through without any reference to the people who comprise the party and used it as the opportunity to tear up long held conservative principles, so the party reflected his social democratic mindset – a process that accelerated in stunning fashion in order for him to reach his personal goal of taking up residence in 10 Downing Street.

But now that change process has brought Cameron to the point where he is without doubt considering a merger with the Liberal Democrats, an act that by its very nature will kill the Conservative Party as we know it.  In a coalition electoral merger the centre right conservative policies and principles that have been jettisoned by Cameron, seemingly for convenience, will remain permanently consigned to the bin of history because he simply never believed them.  As Tim Montgomerie has previously argued, to keep the Lib Dems strong enough to play their part in keeping the coalition afloat the coalition will have to move further to the left.  It certainly won’t be allowed to fall apart because Cameron wants to cling to Number 10 at any cost.

For Cameron the Conservative Party was never anything more than a flag of convenience to be used to achieve his personal ambitions.  Now he has reached his desired destination Cameron is showing his true colours.  By openly revealing his barely concealed natural affinity with the centre left values of the Liberal Democrats, Cameron seems ready to cast off the Conservative vessel in favour of a new hulk created jointly with Clegg’s Liberals. He is on the verge of killing off the Conservative Party.

The losers in this – in the short term at least – will be the genuine conservatives who despite everything have clung to the party’s apron strings in the hope that in power Cameron would unveil a genuine conservatism.  It remains to be seen how long many of them will tolerate a government that is demonstrably devoid of conservative values before rediscovering the courage of their convictions.

While Cameron may have perpetrated a confidence trick on a large part of the electorate that thought it would get conservative government if it voted for his party, he perpetrated nothing less than a wholesale fraud on those who loyally trusted in him and campaigned to deliver him to Downing Street.  On both counts there will eventually be a reckoning.

Cameron achieves his Social Democrat-Liberal alliance

Today, not for the first time, we hear the entirely plausible (and extremely likely) story that David Cameron used the coalition talks with Nick Clegg as an excuse to ditch ‘daft’ Tory policies he secretly wanted to get rid of all along.  The Mail on Sunday says that Cameron took advantage of the coalition negotiations to shed policies such as  scrapping inheritance tax and getting rid of his pledge to rip up the Human Rights Act.

Cameron has long given the impression of being a political coward.  He shies away from conflict with rivals of the Conservatives, but is always willing to launch himself into any fight against the grassroots of the Conservative Party.  But it wasn’t cowardice, it was part of his long game.  He has always been a machine politician desperate to secure personal power and advantage that could not be achieved under the social democrat ideological banner he preferred.  So it is no surprise that:

The leader of Mr Clegg’s negotiating team, new Scottish Secretary Danny Alexander, said his Conservative counterparts, led by William Hague and George Osborne, produced a list of Mr Cameron’s manifesto pledges and invited the Lib Dems to strike them out.

And Mr Cameron’s controversial policy guru Steve Hilton was reportedly delighted that the coalition had enabled Mr Cameron to ‘bury the Tory Right-wing’.

Cameron never has been and never will be a conservative.  The Conservative Party was merely an instument of convenience that enabled him to realise his ambitions in a way being an open Social Democrat never could.  Cameron is a CINO – a conservative in name only

The SDP-Liberal Alliance died its death in 1988.  Cameron has effectively hijacked the Conservative Party and created a new alliance with the Liberals where the policies are becoming steadily more centre-left.  It is the most logical explanation for Cameron’s behaviour before the election and his actions since.

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