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Cameron, tell the truth for once

From the Daily Mail we learn that:

David Cameron yesterday slammed the decision not to deport a failed asylum seeker who killed a 12-year-old girl, and called for the UK Border Agency to launch an urgent appeal.

The Prime Minister voiced ‘great anger’ at the ruling which prevents Iraqi hit-and-run killer Aso Mohammed Ibrahim from being sent home, saying it ‘flies in the face of common sense’.

It is hypocritical in the extreme for Cameron to complain about the way the Human Rights Act has been used to keep Ibrahim in Britain. The HRA is law, so of course it will be used in this way. It doesn’t have to be law, but Cameron chose to break one his many promises to scrap it because he puts our membership of the EU before the interests of the UK.

If Cameron wants to flap his gums let him come out and explain clearly why he has broken his promised to repeal the Human Rights Act. Let him justify his decision and explain why he is pretending to be helpless on this matter after all the times he said the act had to go. Let’s hear the truth for once from this craven charlatan and let him stand by one of his own quisling decisions made for EU benefit in front of the public.

What say you now Cameron, you lying hypocrite?

It is bad enough that a politician says what voters want to hear in an attempt to secure power for themselves, before reneging on that promise which in reality he had no intention of keeping.

It is quite another to go so far as sending a personal letter to the grieving father of child killed under the wheels of a car, promising to change the law so the illegal immigrant who had no right to be here and was already banned from driving in any case, could be deported – and break that pledge. That is cold, cynical and reprehensible.

But that is David Cameron for you.

Being bound by the Human Rights Act, which idiotically and uniquely in Europe incorporates all the case law from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg thanks to the morons in the previous Labour government, Britain is unable to expel from these shores repeat offenders who are here illegally.

Cameron promised to scrap the HRA and replace it with a Bill of Rights, but by January this year as this blog pointed out, Cameron had achieved his headline and started quietly executing a U-turn (link includes Cameron’s speech about the HRA and pledge to scrap it) to preserve the EU’s domination over this country. Then shortly after winning the General Election the Tories showed they were nothing but a lying bunch of useless handwringing charlatans when HRA was again used in the case of Abid Naseer and Theresa May said the government would not appeal. Read it and weep – or better still feel sheer hatred for these lying bastards.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim has no right to be in this country. It should not matter a damn that since arriving here his only achievement – apart from being a useless recidivist and leaching off the taxpayer – is having managed to produce two offspring that supposedly mean he has a ‘right’ to stay here for a family life. It is an perversion of justice that this criminal scum remains here offending against society. But Cameron knew that when he pledged to scrap the HRA and he knows it even now as he turns a blind eye to the injustice of the HRA and this appalling case and waits for Andy Coulson to spin him a plausible line to edge him out of trouble.

The comments of the bereaved father, Paul Houston, should make Cameron ashamed. Whether Cameron is capable of feeling shame is another matter altogether:

‘He needs to take a long, hard look at himself and make the right decision for this country because as it stands the Human Rights Act is on the side of criminals, terrorists and thieves against law-abiding citizens.

‘He wrote to me to say he would bring in the British Bill of Rights but that appears to have been put in the back burner because of the Coalition.

‘I don’t want to see this matter sidelined. I think it needs to be placed very firmly on the agenda again. If he has got the courage of his convictions that is what he will do.

‘The law does need to be changed so that it properly represents everyone – not just this awful minority who ruin people’s lives.’

So, what say you now Cameron, you two faced, lying hypocrite? What weasel words and excuses will you spew forth, or will you just hide like the craven, chinless wonder we know you to be?

The Howard League for Penal Eradication

That would be an appropriate name revision for the Howard League for Penal Reform. Over time the Howard League has shown its agenda to be not merely the reform of the penal system, but the eradication of effective and appropriate sentencing of criminals who have broken the law and thereby offended against society.

Note that description – offended against society. Someone who breaks the law is an offender. But to the aptly named Frances Crook, the head of Howard League, the word ‘offender’ is now considered to be an “insulting” term that demeans individuals and hinders their rehabilitation. You could not make this stuff up. She says:

“Someone who commits an offence is not an offender, they are someone who has done something [yes, committed an offence you idiotic dolt]. The action does not define the whole person. They may also do good things and they will certainly fit into other categories that can offer a different definition like parent or friend. By insisting that the offence overcomes all other parts of the person we are condemning them to a sub-human category for whom there is no hope.”

Offenders are not sent to prison for being a parent or a friend. They are sentenced for being an offender which is the only suitable and appropriate definition.  Frances Crook and her fellow travellers will not be content until there are no consequences or sanctions for offenders who commit crimes that mark them as part of a minority in society that refuses to conform to the law and feels entitled to cause harm and distress to other people.

The Howard League has become a parody of itself. Its permanent state of handwringing to minimise the punishment component of a sentence and focus exclusively on rehabilitation – which they believe should preferably be in the very society that needs to be protected from such offenders – demonstrates it has lost touch with reality.

Is there some kind of anarchist conspiracy in this country that is determined to undermine anything and everything?

Rarely does any form of interaction with the State achieve its required aim. There is always some antidote to common sense lurking ready to prevent people from rectifying a problem. There are always ‘rules’ and ‘procedures’ to follow that should take days and end up taking months. Then we have groups like the Howard League determined to stop any offender going to prison. We have groups determined to allow any migrant into this country who feels like pitching up here, regardless of the effect on infrastructure, services and required public spending to support them. We have organisations demanding the handout of every conceivable benefit and grant who don’t stop to think where the money to fund it will come from. We have groups that are determined to drag us back into the Georgian era in order to ‘fight climate change’ whose idea of a solution to this faux problem is to tax everyone to the hilt and if possible prevent the continuation of our species. There’s more besides. There is an insanity attending the bureacucracy that is destined to result in chaos. Is there any way out of it?

Copying the Swiss in deporting foreign criminals automatically

Writing in the Barclay Brother Beano, Alex Singleton observes that the independent and sovereign Swiss have voted to deport foreign criminals automatically.

‘Let’s copy them’ intones Singleton.  (Hat tip: 13th Spitfire). He goes on to rail against the ‘latte liberals at Amnesty International [who] are appalled and – revealing their utter contempt for democracy – are calling on Swiss politicians to ignore the will of the people’. But that takes us off the main point, for as Singleton explains:

The new Swiss policy is so obviously a sensible idea that we ought to copy it here. Having very high levels of immigration, and having allied ourselves with America in the fight against terrorism, we have an even bigger problem with foreign criminals. In Opposition, David Cameron promised to allow their deportation by abolishing the Human Rights Act, which makes British courts follow the European Convention on Human Rights. Now that he’s in office, he won’t do that, because it would involve leaving the European Union, which he isn’t prepared to do.

Perhaps we could if we had representatives sitting in a sovereign parliament (like the one pictured, which has far more power than Westminster) who would enact such legislation. But we don’t. Our government resides in Brussels despite the British people never having given a mandate to rule from abroad by an alien entity. Therefore Singleton’s suggestion is fatuous.  He knows we can’t copy the Swiss and won’t copy them because our political class bows down to the EU. The British people are not in control of Britain or its laws. Singleton then goes on to say:

That’s a mistake, because it leaves Britain in a wholly unsatisfactory position. We are a nation that acts as a magnet to immigrants from around the world, but we are not allowed to control which ones can remain within our borders, even when they threaten out way of life. Cameron, like Brown and Blair before him, will hope the problem of foreign criminals goes away. It won’t – and it’s the public who will be the victims.

It’s not a mistake. It is an outrage. An effective coup d’etat has been staged that David Cameron goes along with and is helping to cement. It’s all well and good saying the Swiss know how to stand up for themselves. But then, however much it frustrates them, Swiss politicians have to do what the Swiss people tell them to. That’s what is supposed to happen in a democracy. But as people are starting to realise, Britain is not a democracy. Therefore we must continue to play host to foreign criminals and extend to them all the services and support of the State at our expense.

It will remain thus until the mainstream political parties are defeated or a revolution sweeps the political class into the dustbin of history. Not that we can expect Singleton to spell it out so explicitly. The political class would not like that, and that would never do.


Rejoice! Forget the American Dream. Another country is the place to be. Oh yes.

  • Where else in the world can you pitch up in a distant country and ask for asylum and be provided with protection, accomodation and money completely free?
  • Where else in the world can you indulge in criminality unmolested, taking hard drugs and not having to contribute to the society which has afforded you protection from supposed oppression?
  • Where else in the world can you so hate your hosts’ values you can take yourself off from that bountiful sanctuary and travel to a country that supplies the majority of the world’s heroin, where camps operate to train people to slaughter innocent civilians and where terrorists are killing your host’s soliders, to play a part in the insurgency?
  • Where else in the world can you try to return to your host country using a forged passport to conceal your true identity and have that questionable criminal behaviour and your motives completely ignored because you complain that after your capture you claim to have been tortured?
  • Where else in the world can you then continue to avoid any examination of your own actions and motives for being around terror training camps in a warzone and trying to return to your host country in suspicious circumstances using a forged passport even though you are allowed to return legally using your own?
  • Where else in the world can you claim to have only gone to an opiate and terrorist haven only in order to get off drugs and still be believed without question by your hosts’ public service broadcaster and compensation chasing legal whores?
  • Where else in the world can you be encouraged to take legal action against your host’s government and secure a settlement payment believed to be in excess of £1 million?


Yes, move over America, it’s time to celebrate the British Dream!  Britain is the new land of opportunity. Britain is where anything can happen and pretty much does. Britain is the land where you can pull yourself up by your sand covered bootstraps and secure wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Britain is where you are not held to account for your criminal behaviour and desire to partake in atrocities against its people. Britain is where after all this the self loathing liberal elite will blame themselves for your actions and ensure you will continue to be coddled by the state for life at the expense of its people. Britain is where you can hit the jackpot for being nothing more than a parasitic ne’er do good. Congratulations! Welcome to our land of craven appeasment and moral inversion where, like Binyam Mohamed, all you need to get on is malice aforethought and a violent intent.

Ignore Special Immigration Appeals Commission – remove Abu Hamza’s passport

We’re stuck with him. That is the decision of the morons on the Special Immigration Appeals Commission – it would be more accurately described as the Special Immigration Abettor’s Commission – who say that Abu Hamza al-Masri cannot be stripped of his British passport and therefore deported.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the government to take decisive action to put this right. They will roll over as they always do at the first sound of the words ‘Rights, Directive, Judgement, European’.

Surprise, surprise, it is the Human Rights Act once again that comes leaping to the defence of another lawbreaking alien who hates this country and works actively to do it harm, yet cravenly seeks the protection its liberal laws provide. Despite there being no proof that Egypt has withdrawn Hamza’s citizenship, the Commission has decided it is so and said Hamza must keep the British citizenship he acquired through marriage, or else he would become stateless.

So bloody what?

Perhaps if we showed some guts and acted in our own interests the spiteful hate mongers who come to this country and are determined to attack it at every turn would learn there are consequences for their actions and stay away. This bleeding heart decision is a travesty and exposes how we have been weakened by the community of activists judges and campaigners who pontificate about moral superiority and are loathe to take action against those who mean us harm.

As it is Abu Hamza is still fighting a case in the European Court of Human Rights to prevent deportation to the United States for investigation into alleged terror offences. No doubt the left wing academics who make up that illegitimate kangaroo court will fall over themselves to rule that he must not face justice and must stay in Britain, taking up a prison cell or sponging off the welfare state.

Abu Hamza al-Masri and his ilk will be laughing like drains at the stupidity of these moronic commissioners whose hand wringing further undermines the interests of this nation. The man is Egyptian. His own country despises him and refused him a new passport, but it has never stated that his citizenship has been revoked. We should test it by putting his oversized, taxpayer subsidised arse on a plane to Cairo and permanently refusing him entry to this country again.

If the Egyptians don’t want Hamza, for a few hundred dollars they can strap him into seat on a plane bound for Washington where the Americans are very eager to play host to him. In fact, a phone call to the US Embassy would probably see a transport aircraft divert to Egypt to pick him up and save Egyptian taxpayers the trouble of sending him packing.

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