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Gaddafi Jr and the London School of Economics

It’s as if the raft of state sponsored terrorist attacks, the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher and the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie  never happened:

The London School of Economics, one of the top-ranking universities in Europe, on Monday (21 February) acknowledged it had received a gift of €1.78 million from the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation, chaired by Saif al Islam, one of the Libyan dictator’s seven sons and a former graduate.

The university also admitted it had “delivered executive education programmes to Libyan officials”, but said it had now decided to sever all those links “in view of the highly distressing news” about hundreds of protesters killed by armed forces.

“The school intends to continue its work on democratisation in north Africa funded from other sources unrelated to the Libyan authorities,” it said in a statement published on its website.

Only now is the LSE severing links with the Libyan regime, as if the actions of the Gaddafi regime over the last 40 years haven’t given enough clues about its violent and repressive nature.

But then, what else could we expect from such a bastion of left wing radicalism that embraces climate alarmism’s chief media attack poodle Bob Ward as part of its extended team?  No doubt as more people trawl over this obnoxiously pungent relationship between the Gaddafis and the LSE, the college will employ the same kind of diversionary tactics as Ward does when trying to smear someone who tells the inconvenient truth.  Birds of a feather…

ConservativeHome examines major issue of the day

It is nice to know that as the effects of harmful government policies begin dawn on ordinary people the self proclaimed home of the Conservative grassroots is in scrutiny mode and directing some of its laser-like focus on the weighty issues that determine this nation’s present and future.

University tuition fees foolishness

If a nation wishes to compete in the world then it should invest in the education of its people. But it is not a black and white issue and there is a difference between investing in the nation’s needs and the blanket funding of everyone who wishes to go to university.

You only need to look at some of the degree courses that have been subsidised by the taxpayer in recent years to know we have not been getting value for money. Many of these courses have sprung up in response to the Labour government’s desire to get as many people through college as possible at huge cost to the taxpayer, irrespective of their career plans and probable value to the country. Here is a selection of degree courses being offered in 2011:

Fashion Accessories (BA)
Viking Studies (BA)
Sport & Exercise Studies and Third World Devt (BA/BSc)
Surf Science and Technology (BSc)
Dance & Movement Studies and Env Hazards (BA/BSc)
Peace Studies (BA)
Customised Award Scheme (BA/BSc)
Ecotourism (BSc)

Some people will argue graduation in these courses may enrich the cultural tapestry of our country. But these are not areas that will improve this country’s competitiveness against our rivals in the global marketplace, so why should taxpayers heavily subsidise students of these subjects when they will not realise a return for their money? Would it not be a better investment to subsidise students of mathematics, science, engineering, artificial intelligence, medicine, chemistry, etc? That way there are incentives for bright people to become experts in fields that have tangible benefits for this country’s trade and wealth.

All too often in this country we swing from one extreme to the other, from everything to nothing. Where is the common sense, ability to be more selective, targeting of limited resources into areas (including tuition fees and grants) where they will derive most benefit and therefore a strategic plan for this country’s future wellbeing? We should put the money where it reaps a benefit and let those who wish to indulge in an interest fund their own activities. It’s not rocket science but neither the students nor the politicians appear to get it. Both groups let down the country yesterday. As for the protests themselves, more on that in a post later today.

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