A knowingly untrue media narrative

Time to ease back into blogging after a bit of a rest.  The BBC is once again playing political agendas rather than simply reporting the news today, on the subject of banker bonuses.

Whether you like the Tories or not, the fact is the BBC is biased against them and will score cheap points at every opportunity.  This would be more acceptable if the BBC did the same with Labour and the Lib Dems, but they don’t.  The corporation is content to align itself with parties and causes it identifies as sharing the BBC’s ‘progressive’ worldview.  Hence the pathetic effort to ’embarrass’ George Osborne today.

Due, we are told, to EU rules, banker’s bonuses are capped at 100% of salary.  However, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is applying to UKFI as representatives of the majority shareholder (the taxpayer) to be allowed to set a bonus level for staff of 200% of salary.  The BBC this morning has described this action as ‘trying to get around the rules’.  However the reality is this is strictly within the EU rules.

Banks are allowed to set bonuses at 200% of salary with shareholder permission.  All RBS is doing is seeking that permission.  A guest speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme made this clear, and rebutted the claim by the BBC that RBS is trying to get around the rules and that George Osborne is being put in an embarrassing position by being asked to approve a 200% of salary bonus figure.

Yet in the news headlines at 8.00am, some time after the guest speaker had corrected the false assertion, the BBC once again reported the story as RBS trying to get around the rules.  The facts and the reality have been deliberately ignored by the public service broadcaster because the truth did not fit with the narrative it wanted to portray for political reasons.

The same has been true with the recent nonsense about EU reform and various ‘ideas’ being spouted that, despite completely setting aside what is possible and permissible within the EU, are given airtime as if they were genuine alternatives to leaving the EU.

This casual bias and partisan propagandising is not permitted as part of the BBC charter, but it continues without official challenge.  It does not serve the public, it manipulates the public and such blatant dishonesty demonstrates the contempt in which the public is held by the BBC.  It is another example of why we cannot trust the media in this country.

3 Responses to “A knowingly untrue media narrative”

  1. 1 Barrie Singleton 15/01/2014 at 9:51 am

    “Whether you like the Tories or not, the fact is the BBC is biased against them and will score cheap points at every opportunity.” WOULD THAT WERE SO! This Tory-led parliament was illegitimately installed, but BBC ignore my many protestations. Documentary proof is on my website. Media collude with party-politics. It is a game, like football; it fills air time.

  2. 2 Freedom Lover 15/01/2014 at 11:34 am

    Not just the other media – ie other than the BBC itself. Odd really, considering how the BBC’s bias is a clear sitting duck for the rest of the media in their efforts to sell papers & space. And especially so for the independent TV companies, so clearly disadvantaged by the BBC’s monopolistic TV licensing fee!

    No it’s not just the media. Both Houses of the the Westminster Parliament, & the 3 other provincial assemblies also. They all should be demanding BBC impartiality. But do they? No, not at all!

    The word “impeachment” keeps coming to mind!

  3. 3 Barrie Singleton 15/01/2014 at 1:11 pm

    Impeachment requires access to integrity. I have been dilligent in my quest for such, since May 2010. The ubiquity of British corruption is hard to believe unless it is experienced, and the Westminster-media-banking complex relies general disbelief. Don’t believe me; check the evidence on my website.

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