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Self confessed murderer of Lee Rigby attacked in prison

Reports in the media claim that the self confessed murderer of Lee Rigby, Michael Adebolajo has been ‘attacked in prison’ at HMP Belmarsh, with sources saying he has had two of his teeth knocked out.  It’s a start, I suppose.

Clearly he is not so tough when he can’t run someone over to incapacitate them without warning then, with an accomplice, butcher them with knives and meat cleavers while they are unable to defend themselves.

May this be only the first such retaliation directed at that feral beast, and may the rest of Adebolajo’s life be filled with fear, pain and suffering.

BBC’s omission bias: No, you were not imagining it

With prescient timing only yesterday this blog was highlighting another example of BBC omission bias, as it pointedly refused to identify as Muslim the inmates at Full Sutton prison who beat and stabbed an officer while holding him hostage for more than four hours.  The Daily Wail is giving column inches today to a report into just this behaviour.

When it comes to matters Islamic or immigration related, many people have long argued the BBC’s coverage is outrageously slanted, deliberately taking an editorial line that plays down negatives while heaping focus on any perceived positives.  This bias has now been quantified in a report written by Ed West for the New Culture Forum, which concludes that:

In its coverage of the topic of immigration, the BBC has given overwhelmingly greater weight to pro-migration voices, even though they represent a minority – even elitist – viewpoint. And in its coverage of the economic arguments for and against immigration, it has devoted somewhat more space to pro-migration voices. In terms of the social costs, the BBC has almost totally ignored certain areas.

Sure, there’s nothing new under the sun here, it only confirms what we knew. But it does provide evidence from a detailed analysis of the corporations output that will be impossible to deny.  Let’s see if the BBC, supposedly its own greatest critic, deigns to report about this.

BBC News: All the news that we are willing to report

bbc_logo_3The BBC has graciously deigned to report on the vicious assault of a prison officer after he was held hostage by ‘three inmates’ at Full Sutton Prison in Yorkshire.

The BBC News website goes on to tell readers that:

‘The North East Counter Terrorism Unit, which is investigating, said two of the suspects were aged 25 and the other 26.

‘The men are not in prison for terror-related offences, a spokeswoman said.’


Reading through the rest of the report there is no indication as to why this incident inside a prison is, in a highly unusual step, being investigated by counter terrorist police, and no explanation as to why a spokesman said the inmates were not in jail for terror-related offences.  It’s all very curious.  Well, curious until one casts their eye across other news media…

The Sun

Daily Mail

The Express

The Mirror

Even the Guardian refers to the reports that the hostage takers were Muslims but that the claim was unsubstantiated because the prison PR team had not said as much – despite the flood of information coming out of the prison via unofficial channels.

It is truly pathetic to see the BBC twisting itself into contortions without ‘outing’ Muslim extremists or Islamists when they stand accused a violent incident.  It is worse than disingenuous to self censor and do everything possible to keep viewers, listeners and readers in ignorance of what is being reported everywhere else, simply because of the ‘sensitivity’ of identifying perpetrators of violent and criminal acts as Muslim – ironically the way they proudly identify themselves.

It is hard to feel anything other than contempt for the BBC.

Woolwich murder: A litany of risible excuses

Running second only to my revulsion and anger at the cowardly, savage and inhuman slaughter of Lee Rigby from 2 Bn RRF, is my disgust and contempt at the flood of pathetic excuses and aggressive self justification that surround this barbaric murder.

Primarily this concerns the poisonous alleged killer, Michael Adebolajo, who chose to call himself ‘Mujahid’, when he became a Muslim for reasons I will attempt to explain.

No one who has read or listened to the accounts of this vile animal’s rant and heard details of his background could fail to miss the inconsistencies, contradictions and pathological hatred he exhibits.  Adebolajo has sought to draw equivalence between his brutal and gutless attack on an unarmed young man and British forces engaged in conflict, rightly or wrongly against a fanatical armed group that visits similar brutal and gutless attacks on men, women and children as part of a campaign to intimidate people into abiding by their twisted worldview.

I apologise that women had to see this today but in our lands [this is a man born and brought up in the UK] our women have to see the same. You people [although British he refers to Britons as if foreign] will never be safe. Remove your governments. [he tries to kid himself our government is somehow not his] They don’t care about you. Do you think David Cameron is gonna get caught in the street when we start busting our guns? Do you think the politicians are gonna die? No, it’s gonna be the average guy – like you, and your children. So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back [suddenly they are ‘our’ troops, bloody moron] so you can all live in peace. Leave our lands and you will live in peace. That’s all I have to say. Allah’s peace [after he has just waged cowardly violence he speaks of peace] and blessings be upon you. Salaam alaikum.

All these words follow information that Adebolajo was stopped by the security services from going to Somalia to wage jihad.  Was he going to fight against British troops? No, the fight in Somalia is between Muslims!  And Muslim witnesses to Adebolajo’s recent rants elsewhere reveal he was also speaking of going to Syria to fight.  And what is happening in the civil war there?  Yes of course, Muslims are killing other Muslims.

No, this all shows us that Michael Adebolajo isn’t some self appointed defender of fellow Muslims.  He didn’t take the spineless decision to run over an unarmed and unaware young man walking along the street to incapacitate him, so he could be easily overpowered and butchered with an array of weapons, as revenge or retaliation for the involvement of British troops in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else.  It’s just an pathetic excuse.  He did it to indulge his bloodlust and his hateful urges to do murderous violence on other people.

Make no mistake, if it hadn’t been this sickening murder Adebolajo would have committed a different one, citing some other spurious justification.  We can be sure of this because if he is so devoted to the protection of Islamic life, why has he separately attempted and spoken of going to conflict zones to fight where Muslims are waging violence on other Muslims and his violence would result in Muslim deaths?

Adebolajo is nothing more than a dangerous psychopath with a superiority complex, twisted by hate and a desire to do harm.  He was motivated by a wish to intimidate people and wreak violence and mayhem on them, and therefore sought out an avenue that would satisfy his violent urges and give him what he perceived as an excuse to kill other humans, and that is why he latched on to the worldview of similarly hateful cowards like Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Mohammed, piggybacking onto their particular interpretation of Islam that sanctions the violence and murder he has long craved to achieve its warped ends.  So he converted to Islam to fulfill his wet dream.

I would prefer not to give any more thought to Michael Adebolajo or his chickenshit sidekick, but it will be impossible to cast from my mind what has happened.

Drummer Lee Rigby was a Fusilier.  When I was serving (1987-1992) I spent a lot of time with the RRF lads.  My old regiment, the Queen’s Regiment, was part of the Queen’s Division along with the Fusiliers, Royal Anglians and a motley crew of Assault Pioneers, until we were merged with the Royal Hampshires to become the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment (aka Squidgy’s Own).  Fusiliers and Anglians have suffered an appalling toll of deaths and maimings on active service, which is bad enough, but now one of my old Division’s number has been murdered by hatemongers on the streets of London.  That’s difficult to accept.

It’s just as well I will never get anywhere near Adebolajo or his boyfriend.  The overwhelming urge to tear them apart with my bare hands would be too difficult to control.  At least, unlike them, I wouldn’t be making up contrived excuses for my actions.

Rest in Peace and God bless you, Drummer Rigby. My thoughts and prayers are with your baby son and family.

Rocket attacks on Gaza – school and house hit, civilians injured

If you keep a close eye on reports from the Middle East you might be wondering why you haven’t seen news broadcasts and pages of coverage on the BBC and CNN and in the Guardian and New York Times about these attacks that are harming Palestinians.

Perhaps this insightful blog post will explain why there has been no coverage about this outrageous onslaught.  It is food for thought about the media and its agendas.

You asked why – here is the answer

Following the revelation that the mass murders in Norway were carried out by a white Nordic man rather than Islamists, hours of radio time and a good amount of TV broadcast time were devoted to trying to make a number of people feel stupid for having initally suggested the attack had been perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

Plenty of bloggers and media talking heads, whose worldview favours the notion of mass immigration, seized on the news that an Anders and not an Ahmed had carried out the atrocities in Oslo and on Utoya and posed effectively the same question in a range of variations:

Why do we always assume Muslims are behind every terrorist outrage?

The idea for this was to make people feel stupid and guilty for having made an incorrect assumption, to make them feel bigoted and prejudiced for jumping to conclusions.

But the fact of the matter is the reason so many people rushed to the Islamist terrorist conclusion is that in recent years so many attacks and foiled attacks have been carried out by people citing passages from the Qur’an as justification for their attempts to kill people they view as infidels. Whether it is exploding themselves on tube trains and buses, engaging in a concerted copycat effort two weeks later, plotting to blow up shopping centres, trying to kill people outside nightclubs with car bombs, attempting to denotate explosives in shoes or ignite underpants over the Atlantic, drive a car bomb into an airport terminal building or plotting to mix liquid chemicals together in coordinated fashion on a number of jets simultaneously, the common theme of this incredibly disproportionate number of attacks and attackers is Islamism.

This has been re-emphasised today with the updated news that the two German nationals arrested at Dover and charged at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court with collecting or possessing data likely to be useful in a terrorist act, Christian Emde, 28, and Robert Baum, 23, are fanatical Muslim converts.

So it should come as no surprise that suddenly all those ‘right on’ voices determined to apply the labels of racist, xenophobe and bigot to people less ‘internationalist’ than themselves seem to have gone rather quiet again. And they will remain so until there is another rare non-Islamist assault on civilians.  It is a safe bet that the phone ins on Five Live, LBC and other stations will not be editorially re-focused to ask why so many fanatical Muslims are hell bent on attacking western countries and killing as many people as possible. It doesn’t fit in with their narrative of telling us how wrong we are to rightly point out the Islamist threat dwarfs all others.

There are a number of threats this country faces, foreign and domestic, and it is not racist or bigoted to state the fact that the biggest and most determined of those threats comes from fanatical Muslims who subscribe to the Islamist mindset.  The evidence supports it.

Osama Bin Laden killed

Osama Bin Laden has been killed in a US military operation.

At least that is what President Obama has announced.  The narrative goes that US Special Forces attacked a compound in Abbottabad, in the far north of the country, less than half a mile from Pakistan’s military academy.  Several people were killed and a helicopter was blown up after ‘technical failure’.

The bottom line is that Bin Laden was allegedly killed during the firefight and that ‘US forces took possession of Bin Laden’s body’.  There then followed exactly the kind of media frenzy that sows confusion and question what they are being told, which is strange considering the US military were given the go signal to attack the compound as long ago as the day of the Royal Wedding and have had plenty of time to plan their media operation to ensure there was no confusion…

At 5:38am Reuters was reporting that a

US official says Bin Laden’s body is being handled according to Islamic practice and tradition

At 6:38am this morning CBS tweeted that:

“Aljazeera correspondent in Kabul says Osama Bin Laden’s body taken to Bagram base. Journalists could be called in to inspect it .”

At 7:52am US General Jack Keane told the BBC’s Today programme that it was

“appropriate” that Bin Laden was killed by US forces. “I’m glad we’re bringing a body back [to the US] as to opposed to him walking back.”

By 8:45am Associated Press in Washington was

‘quoting a US official as saying Osama Bin Laden’s body has been buried at sea.’

What is clear is that until there is an independent post mortem and we have independent corroboration of the information coming from the White House along with a more clear view of the body than the image below being retailed by Associated Press (a Photoshopped image), there will always be a suspicion that we are not being told the whole truth about what has apparently been done in our name.

This rapid story and swift conclusion before all the questions have been answered would be seen by many as just a bit too convenient for a struggling President. Previously many Democrats had been claiming President Bush would do exactly this, and roll out Bin Laden’s body just before an election campaign got into gear.  How ironic that it has happened on Obama’s watch. EU Referendum makes a similar point about the paucity of hard evidence, as Dr Richard North surmises:

Nevertheless, in the absence of anything in the way of independently verifiable evidence, all we seem to have is an unsupported claim by a tarnished president. However, since US presidents never lie, and have never been mistaken about anything, we can safely believe everything we are told.

The EU could make north Africa’s ills worse

A piece in yesterday’s Economist is noteworthy for that magaine’s continuing blinkered assessments of the reach and influence of the European Union.

The Charlemagne column offers us what its author probably thinks is an insightful article titled ‘No time for doubters’, which argues that Europe must do more to support Arab democracy, out of self-respect and self-interest.  As always, whenever there is a crisis the Euroweenies always emerge and declare that ‘Europe’ must do something.  We are told that:

WHEN people took to the streets of Tunis, France offered to help President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali’s security forces. When they filled the squares of Cairo, Italy praised Hosni Mubarak as the wisest of men. And when they were slaughtered in Tripoli, the Czech Republic said catastrophe would follow the fall of Muammar Qaddafi, Malta defended Libya’s sovereignty and Italy predicted that the protests would lead to an Islamic emirate.

With every new Arab uprising, some European country has placed itself on the wrong side of history. So it is no surprise that the European Union has been slow to tell regimes to listen to demands for democracy and to condemn violent suppression.

Well, what do you expect?  The European Union has as much place lecturing others on democracy as the Taliban has lecturing others on the wonders of Hinduism.

When are people like the author of the Charlemagne column going to get it through their thick heads that the EU is not democratic?  If anything the EU acts in much the same way as Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi, selecting its own leaders and imposing laws and regulations on the people of member states through entities that are unelected and unaccountable.  Too many EU leaders have respected the autocrats of north Africa and have coveted the kind of power they have wielded until now.

So when Charlemagne’s author pens comments such as the one below, it is clear he either doesn’t ‘get it’ or is simply helping to hold the EU’s anti democratic line:

Yet it is hard to avoid the suspicion that too many European countries are still more worried about stability in the Middle East than about democracy.

For sure EU leaders love globe trotting and telling the world about the wonder of democracy. But they sure as hell don’t practice what they preach. Out of all the member states only Ireland held a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty’s package of measures to dramatically increase the power of the EU at the expense of national sovereignty. That’s democratic?  The cosy stitch up by the political class serves no one’s interest but theirs, but they believe their own bullshit and think they are some kind of model democratic structure.

In truth the EU is only a model for a modernised version of the totalitarian autocracy being thrown off by the people in north Africa.  The only difference being the illusion of democracy where in truth none exists.  Which is why comments such as the one below are worthy of such contempt:

A better test of European diplomacy will be whether, in the longer term, the EU can help north African countries establish lasting democracies. Europe has a wealth of experience in helping to reform former totalitarian states.

Reform them into what, precisely?  There is a risk here that if north Africans listen to such garbage they will soon be engaging in yet more violent actions.  The erosion of democracy across the EU member states has been a gradual process, where each night a few extra bricks have quietly been laid on a steadily growing wall separating us from self determination. If the north Africans implemented an EU model as it currently stands, people would soon realise they have been conned. Charlemagne almost gets it right when he writes:

So far the revolts of 2011 have been strikingly free of Islamist, anti-imperial and even anti-Israeli ideology. Such sentiments could yet be stirred if Europe appears to be colluding with hated rulers.

Or if the people realise that the European method simply replaces one set of hated rulers with another outside the reach of democratic accountability.  What then? From the tender shoots of a desire for democracy we will see grow a thorny bush of Islamist fervour as the corruption of democracy becomes all too apparent – and the only available outlet for rebellion is offered by the Islamists, who will say only embracing their godly ways can satisfy the wishes of those who risked their lives to throw off dictatorship.

Indirectly, Europe’s slow burn coup d’etat could in the future have the effect of driving people into the arms of the extremists. Which is a pity, not least because it should be having the effect of making people in the member states rise up and take control back from those who have stolen it.

Mehdi Hasan – what an unpleasant piece of work

Watching Mehdi Hasan on television has long given me a sense of the man’s intolerance for anyone who disagrees with him.

But that intolerance has previously manifested itself in a different way, something I was unaware of.  The clip below demonstrates Hasan’s casual bigotry and disdain for non Muslims, and his misplaced sense of moral superiority.  What a thoroughly unpleasant individual.

He may use his frequent BBC appearances spout the usual buzz words such as ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, ‘multi-culturalism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ but we can now see what exists behind the carefully moderated public face. No wonder he is the pride of the New Stateman.

(Hat tip: commenter in another thread)

Richard Falk finally goes too far even for the UN

A tireless effort by campaign group UN Watch has led to what is being described as the unprecedented international condemation of Richard Falk, who has consistently exploited his position as a special rapporteur at the UN’s Human Rights Council to justify and deny Hamas and Al Qaeda terrorism.

As the UN Human Rights Council’s permanent investigator of alleged Israeli violations in the Palestinian territories, Falk has had a largely unscrutinised position from which to satisfy his unquestioning vilification of the Israelis.  As his target was Israel he was indulged by the left wing media as his outbursts fitted their narrative.

But it now seems that after years of Falk’s rampant Israel bashing and partisan bias towards Hamas, spreading slurs and distortions and the asserting as fact claims that have later been debunked, the penny has finally dropped among his UN colleagues and the media that he is a deluded and unreliable propagandist.  It follows his promotion of 9/11 conspiracy theories and attempts to exonerate Al Qaeda of any involvement in the terrorist atrocity, instead claiming the US government was responsible for the attack.

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

A guest post by Clive Francis

Dear Mr Cameron

How Conservatives Now Help Jihad

Better than anybody you must know just how earnest and intent are the jihadists on indiscriminate mass murder in this country. They fundraise, plot, recruit and want nothing better than to die for their cause, taking with them as many innocent Britons as possible. They are plainly at war with us and you recognise this in the frequent changing of your Security Alerts.

For jihadists, Britain is one of the very best places in the world to be and they recognise just how utterly constrained and impotent Britain is in the way it currently tries to deal with them. What a haven for terror this country has created and indeed, nurtures.

Whilst our police and security services do a marvellous job they operate under completely unworkable constraints. Time and again, judicial decisions have demonstrated that the European Convention frustrates and prevents any sensible security framework being developed to deal with this novel and undeclared form of war on our country. Britain is only in this mess because of the European Convention.

Before taking office you recognised this and undertook in your manifesto to introduce a Bill of Rights that would take precedence over anything pronounced in Strasbourg.

The Tory manifesto for the last election said:

  1. “A Conservative government will negotiate for three specific guarantees – on the Charter of fundamental rights, on criminal justice, and on social and employment legislation – with our European partners to return powers that we believe should reside with the UK, not the EU. We seek a mandate to negotiate the return of these powers from the EU to the UK.”
  2. “We will replace the Human Rights Act 1998 with a UK bill of rights.”

You now have the required mandate from the country to negotiate the return of these powers and honour your manifesto pledges.

However there is no noticeable sign that any progress on these promises is being made. Consequently our security services are being put under a huge and demoralising strain which can do nothing but hamper and negate their efforts.

In short many lives are currently and constantly being put at risk because of the apparent inaction of this government. Why? Is this the way to safeguard the people who trust you?

It is one thing for the Lib Dems, for the sake of the Coalition, to incur political opprobrium by breaking their manifesto pledges but is quite another matter for the Conservatives to hazard British lives and limbs by breaking theirs.

Yours sincerely

Clive Francis
(With Acknowledgements to The Spectator)

They want to bring us chaos?

Leg Iron at Underdogs Bite Upwards is in fine form today. The ‘news’ that Islamist terrorists have plans to attack us this Christmas inspires some wry observations. Instead of being frightened, he suggests, try some derision:

They plan to cause chaos at Christmas. Have they looked at this place over Christmas? Chaos starts in November and we don’t sober up until March. Well, okay, that might just be me and a few friends. The West is obsessed with a) global warming and b) deciding whether winter tyres should be made compulsory in view of the persistently cold weather.

We have windmills where there’s no wind, solar panels in a country where it’s dark for half the year and cloudy for the other half, a government that spends its time calling each other names when it’s not engaging in fraud, spying or illicit sex. We have students protesting about fees they aren’t really ever going to pay and we have people telling us that eating is bad for us. We have people turning up at hospitals with the Winter Squits in case they become dehydrated, because they don’t have taps at home. They are admitted to hospital, thus spreading the Winter Squits all over the hospitals and to every place that patients are discharged to, while claiming smokers and fat people are crippling the NHS. Banks have no money, shops have no food, the post office can’t deliver because of a little bit of snow and murderers sue their employers when they get fired after conviction.

They want to bring us chaos? The old saying ‘ like taking coal to Newcastle’ comes to mind.

There’s a lot more besides. Take a look at the whole thing.

One for Lauren Booth to consider

The journalist sister-in-law of Tony Blair, Lauren Booth, recently revealed she had converted to Islam. It’s her choice. But in response to questions raised asking how she could square her new Islamic faith and the subjugation of women with her views on women’s rights, Booth wrote:

So let’s all just take a deep breath and I’ll give you a glimpse into the other world of Islam in the 21st century. Of course, we cannot discount the appalling way women are mistreated by men in many cities and cultures, both with and without an Islamic population. Women who are being abused by male relatives are being abused by men, not God. Much of the practices and laws in “Islamic” countries have deviated from (or are totally unrelated) to the origins of Islam. Instead practices are based on cultural or traditional (and yes, male-orientated) customs that have been injected into these societies.

Booth readily admits to not having read the Qur’an so her knowledge of Islam is negligable. But on the basis of her fanatical fondness for and relationships with some Palestinians she offered the comment above.

Now watch the video below. Just to be clear, as the reporter says before the clip is played, the Governor of Khartoum said this woman had been punished under Sharia Law – not a cultural or traditional custom, but a tenet of the Islamic faith. There is no justification for this kind of barbarism, certainly not the ‘crime’ of wearing trousers under one’s proscribed garments.

What the Stockholm bombings tell us

The double bomb attack in Stockholm yesterday provides us with yet more evidence that appeasement of those determined to harm us doesn’t work. Across Scandinavia there are radicalised Muslims who feel nothing but hatred and contempt for their hosts and the west in general.

This has been exhibited by reports of Islamist youths wearing t-shirts declaring that in ‘2030 Sweden is ours’, which demonstrates that integration is not the aim of those granted residence in that country.

In addition, Sweden’s intelligence service (SÄPO) has also reported that Islamist immigrants have been engaging in terrorism and attending terrorist training camps back in Somalia. SÄPO was warning as recently as the summer that young Swedes in Somalia could take part in terrorist attacks ‘in the near future.’ We shall know soon enough if that prediction came true this weekend.

Western countries have been too free and too easy doling out passports and residency permits to people claiming to be in need of asylum.  Part of the thinking is that if we show how kind and generous we are we’re less likely to come under attack from Islamists. Supposedly we are setting an example. But all the evidence shows this approach is scoffed at by the Islamists and they say it shows we are weak and deserving of attack. The only thing that gives these religio-political lunatics any pause for thought is strength, resolve and a determination to defeat the threat they pose.

All too often the intelligence services discover that many people granted asylum then pitch up in their countries of origin, from where they have supposedly fled in fear of their lives, and are engaged in fighting, terrorism or radicalisation. Instead of immediately blacklisting these people to prevent their return, thanks to the self loathing liberal elite they are still permitted freedom of movement in the countries they intend to turn into theatre of terror. So is it any wonder we end up with a fifth column within our countries that are hell bent on killing as many innocent people as possible?

If we do not wise up and change our approach in order to deal with these people in uncompromising fashion then we can expect more of the same in weeks, months and years to come.

Update: Depressingly yet unsurprisingly reports now suggest the bomber previously lived in the UK, in Luton, and studied at the University of Bedfordshire. It will be interesting to see if taxpayers subsidised his study. Thanks to our utterly useless political class, their idiotic immigration policies and their sucking up to extremist preachers of hate, this country is the rallying point for every homocidal Islamist in western Europe. Whenever an Islamist carries out an act of terror anywhere in the west it must now be par for the course to look through his history to see where in the UK he lived, studied or attended a mosque run by hatemongers, in order to piece his story and connections together.


Rejoice! Forget the American Dream. Another country is the place to be. Oh yes.

  • Where else in the world can you pitch up in a distant country and ask for asylum and be provided with protection, accomodation and money completely free?
  • Where else in the world can you indulge in criminality unmolested, taking hard drugs and not having to contribute to the society which has afforded you protection from supposed oppression?
  • Where else in the world can you so hate your hosts’ values you can take yourself off from that bountiful sanctuary and travel to a country that supplies the majority of the world’s heroin, where camps operate to train people to slaughter innocent civilians and where terrorists are killing your host’s soliders, to play a part in the insurgency?
  • Where else in the world can you try to return to your host country using a forged passport to conceal your true identity and have that questionable criminal behaviour and your motives completely ignored because you complain that after your capture you claim to have been tortured?
  • Where else in the world can you then continue to avoid any examination of your own actions and motives for being around terror training camps in a warzone and trying to return to your host country in suspicious circumstances using a forged passport even though you are allowed to return legally using your own?
  • Where else in the world can you claim to have only gone to an opiate and terrorist haven only in order to get off drugs and still be believed without question by your hosts’ public service broadcaster and compensation chasing legal whores?
  • Where else in the world can you be encouraged to take legal action against your host’s government and secure a settlement payment believed to be in excess of £1 million?


Yes, move over America, it’s time to celebrate the British Dream!  Britain is the new land of opportunity. Britain is where anything can happen and pretty much does. Britain is the land where you can pull yourself up by your sand covered bootstraps and secure wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Britain is where you are not held to account for your criminal behaviour and desire to partake in atrocities against its people. Britain is where after all this the self loathing liberal elite will blame themselves for your actions and ensure you will continue to be coddled by the state for life at the expense of its people. Britain is where you can hit the jackpot for being nothing more than a parasitic ne’er do good. Congratulations! Welcome to our land of craven appeasment and moral inversion where, like Binyam Mohamed, all you need to get on is malice aforethought and a violent intent.

Fighting the Islamist onslaught

A healthy dose of realism from the head of our rapidly dwindling and increasingly ineffective armed forces. General Sir David Richards has said that the West cannot defeat al-Qaeda and militant Islam. Well, yes and no.

Fighting a conventional campaign against an opponent that by necessity uses unconventional methods will result in the failure we are seeing. And it is pointless talking about defeating militant Islam when the politicians and judiciary in this country indulge their agents, and kid themselves that by appeasing them or showing benevolence we can convince them to turn their attentions away from us to something else.

The Islamists sneer at such weakness and draw strength from it because it convinces their warped minds that their aims are righteous and favoured by Allah. The only thing they understand is strength. Anything else spawns their contempt. As such we must be uncompromising in our fight against them. Our politicians do not understand this enemy. They do not understand that there can be negotiation because the only thing the Islamists want is our defeat and fealty to a global Islamic state.

We are engaged in asymmetric warfare with this aggressor. Until the politicians accept the reality and stop trying to fight symmetric battles against them, even mere containment cannot be assured. Our politicians seem incapable of learning the lessons of the past, therefore condemning us to repeat the mistakes of yesteryear. We cannot buy these Islamists off. All we can do is keep killing them so their capability is limited.

‘Dad, I hate Muslims’

That was the comment a youngster in front of me made to her father earlier this evening. She could not have been any older than 12 or 13 years old. But she was clearly so angered by the behaviour of a group of thugs calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades, who burnt a large poppy and protested against British troops during the two-minute silence, she decided she felt hatred for Muslims.

I did not hear the father’s response. Having returned home and seen the reports and images of these so called protesters, their faces contorted into hate filled expressesions, it is easy to understand why that little girl said what she did.

Why should people in this country have to tolerate the poisonous presence of Islamist extremists who take what this country has to offer but despise it in return? People who select a solemn occasion dating back decades that now marks the sacrifice of altogether too many young men and women who lost their lives in wars to defeat tyranny, and use it to slander young men and women who serve their country today.

It is they, not the men and women of our armed forces, who are the terrorists. It is they who engaged in fighting with police. It is they who sought to offend people with their ignorant protest deliberately aimed to spark a reaction. It is they who demand Britain conforms to their warped medieval vision of an Islamic caliphate. It is they who conveniently ignore the fact that the majority of people who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan have died at the hands of similarly aggressive and hate filled Muslims.

Who was it blowing up hundreds of innocent people at a time in markets and bazaars around Baghdad and other towns and cities? It wasn’t our armed forces. It was Sunni slaughtering Shia and Shia slaughtering Sunni. In Afghanistan who was it cutting the throats of people for having educational qualifications or bringing medical aid to civilians? Who murdered people for playing music or supporting the idea of girls attending school? Muslim terror writ large. It was the product of intolerance, hatred and a view that their form of the Islamic faith was somehow more correct than any other.

Where were these London based poppy burning pieces of scum when that was happening? Most likely they were talking big behind closed doors while shitting themselves at the idea of standing up to their ‘brothers’. Too terrified to stand against the real terrorists in their supposed Muslim homelands, they chose the coward’s way and picked a disciplined target that is trained to operate within the rule of law and would not represent a threat to them. Men and women who helped tidy up after the carnage dispensed by the adherents of the laughably self titled ‘religion of peace’.

The real victims of these hypocritical zealots will be those Muslims who have no truck with extremism and just want to live their lives here in peace, but who will be tarred with the same brush. Yet more Muslim casualties of Muslim violence. Ironic, no? Perhaps they need to put a whole lot of distance between themselves and these vile parasites in our midst.

Gaza truth emerges as Hamas admits lies

It was only ever going to be a matter of time before the truth emerged. Hamas has confirmed for the first time today that between 200 and 300 members of the organization’s military wing (fighters, terrorists) were killed during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead offensive in the Gaza Strip in 2008. (Hat tip: Media Backspin)

Hamas previously denied those figures which were consistent with the numbers initially reported by the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit immediately following the operation. The terrorists turned dictators claimed at the time that less than 50 of its fighters had been killed and labelled all other deaths as civilian, claims that were accepted without question by the flawed and biased Goldstone Report commissioned by the United Nations.

If the first casualty of war is truth then Hamas is the go-to group for lies, distortions and fabrications. Even when finally conceding that Israel was not only targeting armed fighters but doing so much more effectively than previously admitted, Hamas’ Interior Minister, Fathi Hamad couldn’t stop himself from spouting yet another big porky. In response to a question about Al Qadea involvement in Gaza he trotted out this little gem:

“We are moderate people, and we don’t like extremists or fanatics,”

Beyond parody. Presumably the photograph above is of one of their peace campaigners, taken in between throwing Fatah members from rooftops and then sending death squads after their Fatah rivals. But perhaps Hamad became more truthful as he added:

“We don’t need weapons or Jihad fighters – anyone who wants to help us can send money.”

Indeed, Hamas is doing altogether rather too well when it comes to smuggling rockets and explosives into Gaza in readiness for yet more attacks on Israel. They just need to keep paying for them to be supplied.

Britain’s slow self destruction – Binyam Mohamed allowed to live in UK

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed, a cause célèbre of the BBC because of his story of torture under interrogation, has been granted permanent residency in Britain.

Despite possessing a story about his movements so full of holes a colander is watertight in comparison, and despite trying to return to Britain (where he was already seeking asylum) from an extended trip to the heroin and jihadist training capital of the world (Afghanistan and Pakistan) supposedly in order to get off drugs (stop laughing a the back) he attempted to use a forged passport (although allowed into Britain with his own). Now despite this questionable activity this Ethiopian Islamist has been granted permission to remain permanently in the UK.

But for a tiny molecule of common sense from a judge, we would not even know about this decision as Binyam Mohamed’s legally aided team of lawyers sought an injunction to keep the decision secret from the British public.

What kind of insane desire to self destruct leads a country to give people, who offer nothing but a threat to its citizens, the right to live among them?

Committing a criminal act as serious as using a false passport to enter Britain should have instantly excluded Binyam Mohamed’s existing asylum claim. It raises serious questions about what his intentions were, something that has never been explained. With Afghanistan already being in a state of sustained conflict in 2o02, Mohamed’s reasoning for going there in the first place doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The media focus on his claims of UK complicity in his alleged torture while in US custody has ensured Mohamed’s own actions have largely been ignored.

In just about every civilised country the first responsibility and priority of a government is the protection of its citizens. In Britain the protection of the citizenry comes some way down the priority list. Instead in Britain the slavish adherence to nonsensical human rights laws and the pervasive influence of the sopping wet liberal bleeding heart guilt mongers, who feel they must atone daily for our history of colonialism and further their desire to sweep away national borders, sees decisions such as this handed down on a regular basis.

Make no mistake, these decisions are made by an out of touch elite that can afford to live well insulated from the effects of those decisions. An out of touch elite that views Britain as a small, insignificant country with delusions of power and influence that is crass and insulting to their supposedly enlightened and internationalist worldview.

So it is that Britain continues to self destruct. So it is that the Britain of just two generations ago, where the population was bound by common values and identity, is transformed into a haven for the world’s flotsam and jetsom – many of whom despise our values and have no interest in sharing our identity. So it is that Britain leaves itself wide open to attack from those extremists who seek to speed our destruction, while the authorities sweep away the privacy and rights of the host population.

Such insanity cannot be allowed to continue. But our political class is not interested in addressing these concerns because what matters to us does not matter to them. As such we will continue to be exposed to avoidable risks. So we can expect to see more examples of this insanity as Britain slowly unspools and loses all vestiges of what defined it as a sovereign nation.

BBC ignores another rocket attack on Israel

Just to reinforce the point made in the last posting here.  Another night in Ashkelon, another rocket attack launched by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, another story of terrorist aggression against Israel that is ignored by the BBC.  The largest news gathering organisation in the world has decided this isn’t news, so we have to rely on local sources to find out what’s really going on.

Many people demand that Israel turn the other cheek.  They say that retaliating against such attacks only escalates the violence.  The problem is a failure to strike back tells the terrorists that they can act with impunity and without consequence.  Hamas will not act against those perpetrating the rocket attacks – it actually encourages them.

What of the international community?  The United Nations is utterly useless, a point rammed home by the fact Hezbollah in southern Lebanon has not only rearmed after its last conflict with Israel, under UN supervision and against UN resolutions, it now has a larger and more lethal arsenal than it had before. Predictions of an Israeli spring offensive this year, faithfully trotted out by the media as part of the Israel aggression narrative, proved to be false.  Incidentally, the piece also reminds us why Israeli troops boarded ships heading for Gaza, after previous inspections turned up weapons caches en route to the terrorists.

As a backdrop to all this, Iran continues to develop a nuclear weapons capability and issues threats that it will raze Tel Aviv to the ground if Israel acts to stop the nuclear proliferation.  The UN Security Council which said it would stop Iran developing such a weapons capability talks, talks then talks some more while the centrifuges continue to spin.

Then there is Syria, once again engaging in a customary round of sabre rattling where the talk is of war, not peace.  Its President, Bashar Assad, also tries to stop the facts about the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister being revealed by threatening to side with Hezbollah if they are found to be responsible. The absence of this kind of context keeps people in ignorance about Israel’s side of the story.

We may very well ask the BBC why it makes such partial editorial decisions, but we will not be furnished with an explanation.  We will just continue to be told to fork out £142.50 per annum to be informed, educated and entertained in the manner the BBC sees fit – and take their word for it that they are impartial, even though they use our money to fight in court to suppress publication of the Balen Report we paid for, into their Middle East coverage that has been called into question for bias against Israel.  Go figure.

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